Friday, May 8, 2009


If you were ever a young teenage girl going through your wonderful adolescent years then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. It was the game you played when you got together with your girlfriends and figured out what your future was going to look like…all in good fun of course. Would you live in a mansion? Would Luke Perry be the love of your life? How many kids would you end up having? All of this vital information rested on the number of swirl rotations drawn by your friend until you yelled STOP!. Your happiness rested in her hands.

The last time I checked my future in this manner was probably about 15 years ago. But it turns out that even if you’re almost 30, the game is still as relevant and informative as ever if you haven’t reached those milestones in life just yet. So, in our effort to kill a good 30 minutes of our 11 hour plane ride, my training partner Grace and I took a page out of our childhood playbook and figured out the lives we are meant to lead according to M.A.S.H.

We added a few categories to reflect our mature position in life, but other than that we kept the game the same. Different categories all with four possible outcomes listed, count the swirl rotations, and then eliminate away until your future is right before your eyes. In case you are all as eager as I was to see what awaits me, here is what I have to look forward to!

I get t spend the rest of my life gazing longingly into the eyes of this man. I'm so excited that my Caucasian persuasion hottie won out. We are going to make beautiful babies together. 2 of them to be exact...

Channing and I will reside in New York, but since I picked "M", we will be living in a Mansion. I don't recall seeing too many mansions in the city so I guess we will have to live a little further out in the country. It'll be worth it though.

During the summer we will be vacationing in Mykonos. If you've never been, this place is beautiful. It will be a wonderful departure from life stateside.

My future career is that of a sports agent...a la Jerry Mcguire. Although somehow I must not be very good because the game told me I will also be poor. I'm not sure how this happened...perhaps I paid too much money to live in a mansion and vacation in Mykonos.

I will drive around town in my environmentally friendly car, a Prius. It definitely wasn't my first choice, but it makes perfect sense when I learned that I also will use my free time volunteering for GreenPeace.

Perhaps most surprising of all is to know that later on in life I will need liposuction to keep my body looking good. You're right in thinking that plastic surgery was not part of M.A.S.H originally, but this is the new and improved version...the version that was hopefully going to bless me with a bigger rack. No such luck. I'm going to assume this is due to the two rugrats I'll be having and blame them for the extra unwanted curves I'll be dealing with.

So there you have future in a nutshell.


Bianca said...

Hahahahahahahhahahaha! This was hilarious. Let's play this when you get back in town.

Who knows? I may just end up with Wentworth Miller afterall ;)

Jackie E. said...

Sorry Bianca, he's all!

Kiajeen said...

There was obviously some mistake Bri. There were a couple actually. The first being the need for liposuction...I just don't think that's genetically possible for you?! The second, and I'm sure you'll find this most disappointing, is that Channing and I are to be married. It's okay, it's not always dead on. At least you'll get the mansion and the prius! Seriously though, I'm about to do this right now!

Brianna said...

Bi and Jackie... seems like you guys will be fighting it out for a guy who just may bat for the other team!! sorry for ya.

Kia... will you let the most single lady in the universe get a piece of the happiness pie too!!! geez.