Saturday, May 9, 2009

Numbers Don't Lie

I competed in Osaka, Japan yesterday and came out on top in the Long Jump. It was a good start to my outdoor campaign in that event even though I wished the jump would have been about 7 cm further. (more on that later). But a win is a win, and in a meet where they pay you cold hard cash based on how you finish, I am happy and grateful to have been able to finish first amongst a great field of jumpers.

In case you weren’t aware, the 100 meters was also part of the program for me yesterday. I know plenty of family and friends, track fans, and competitors, will rely on the good ol’ World Wide Web to uncover that result as well. And it’s not pretty. The thing about track and field is that the numbers don’t lie. Your time is what it is and the place you finish is nobody’s subjective opinion. Numbers don’t lie…they just don’t always tell the whole story. Understandably so, the rest of the story really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. There are no brownie points awarded for unnecessary hardship or unfortunate circumstances. I understand that completely. But I have a blog and I get the chance to paint a more complete picture for those who care to hear about it. So lucky me and lucky you!

If there are any folks out there that remember watching me compete in high school or college, you will vividly recall that you saw me everywhere. I would run from event to event, without proper time to catch my breath or change my shoes. I’ve competed at an Indoor meet and broke 3 school records in a time span of 20 minutes. I ran a 200 at Pac-10 Championships in my long jump spikes…no time to change them. I’ve left the final of the Long Jump at NCAA’s to run a preliminary round, then came back and finished jumping my way to NCAA champion. This is the life I led as a spry 21-year-old athlete. I am not that athlete anymore and the energy it takes to compete at this level, against this level of competition, is a little different.

I knew the two events would be close together, but I was hoping to have a little time. By the time I landed in the sand for my last jump, the official raced over to walk me over to the start line where my competitors were already waiting and told me I had two minutes. TWO. I asked for five but was denied. The Japanese stay on time no matter what. So I set my blocks and continued to take deep breaths, hoping I could find the energy to make it down the track. I made it down the track but it wasn’t pretty…nor was it easy. That has got to be the hardest 100 meters I have ever run! My time was pedestrian, I got beat by two local athletes (no disrespect), and I was on the ground panting as if I just ran the 400 meters.

But I had my priorities and I stuck to them. Hindsight is 20/20 and had I known my first jump was going to be my furthest, I could have sat back and relaxed and been prepared to run. But seeing into the future is not one of my gifts so I simply did the best I could. After it’s all said and done, I’m happy with my meet overall and I know that if I stay on course my season will be a successful one.


Brianna said...

If you are wondering what I'm wearing, it's a little getup I put together myself...and I thought the Japanese would appreciate it if anyone would!!! haha.

brit brat said...

Well if you ran in those socks, thats what happened. UGLY slows you down!

p.s. like I said before, great job Bri!

Jon Lustig said...

Looking at this board tells me that you were the only one in that race who was doing more than one event period. When I heard two minutes I laughed, that's madness! Anyone who could be disappointed, in circumstances like that, has a serious problem. Great job!

homegirl said...

LOL @ your sister's comment. You two remind me so much of me and my little sis' because she soooooooo would've said something like that to me. :)

See?! This is why I admire you. You still ran even after being told you weren't getting the five minutes you were expecting and only two minutes. You ran the race and that's what matters.
Me?! I would've been sitting down somewhere, even if they told me they were going to give me TEN minutes!! LOL! But no... I understand that this is what you do for a living and you should be very proud of yourself.

Erin Michell said...

Congrats on the long jump win....and as far as your 100 meter race, think of it as a good workout that focused on quick recovery, and preparation for another race. :-)

Marcus said...

So, my question is, in a situation like that does it benefit you in some way to run the 100, or would it be better just to bow out? It seems like you could be risking an injury by running two sprints at 100% so close together, and if you're too tired to be competitive anyway then what's the point? Is it a training thing?

J Buck said...

In Long Jump, you would have come in 7'th place in the 2008 Olympics finals! Not bad baby! Maybe with Olympic adrenaline you could have pulled out the gold. Perhaps if you weren't always thinking about me, you'd do better! Ain't infatuation a bitch. :)! Last night was amazing!

In the 100, excuses are like A holes. Everyone has one and they all stink! Suck it up and get the job done.

Show me the money, sugar momma!

Brianna said...

brit thank you for being so predictable!

@ jon...yes i was the only one doubling.

@ homegirl..thanks that is sweet of you

@ erin...definitely a good workout!

@ marcus... If someone flies you from the U.S. to japan to run an event, it's not a good idea to back out at the last minute. they pay for you to fill a lane and at the end of the day it's my job to run. I wouldn't risk injury for it, but this basically boiled down to something I would do in a workout. And I still get something for 4th place, so it was beneficial in that respect too.

t.v. said...

Wait a minute...

You came in 4th after only having two minute of recovery time and you're beating yourself up.

Here I am thinking you came in last. smh. Ok, I know time/numbers are important, but apparently ranking is too, because like you said you still get something for 4th place.

You are your worse critic. lol.

Anyhow, congrats on your win in the LJ category.:)

Roxie said...

Without a doubt, I know you will have a successful season. Great job thus far!

wilt said...

Where did you pick up the socks? Would be a great gift for someone.

Marcus said...


brit brat said...

Um, who is J Buck? I don't like his sounds....flirtatious.

Bianca said...

Cash is cash and the bottom line is: you won!

See, my prayers worked :) I'm going to start charging you to use the red-line to God. Who knows? Maybe I'll ask God to show me your future so we'll know how to pace your events :) But that's an extra charge!

J Buck said...

BritBrat ---

Bri's secret boyfriend....she sneaks me around, and has her way with me, as if I'm her personal boy toy.

I don't mind, someday she will reveal my existence. Until then, its back doors and darkly lit restaurants.

Hitman said...

Hello Brianna,

I was at work when I came across your blog; I use to see you run against USC back in the day. Well its good to still see you are running, I have a question what was your time in the 100meter? Well you might not respond to this comment because this blog is old I was just wondering. Oh yeah before I go love the soaks in the picture.