Monday, May 4, 2009

Everyone else is doing it...

I’ve been holding off for a while now. Even when I hear it’s the next best thing…even when it makes the prime time news…even when everyone around me seems to be jumping off this proverbial bridge--I’ve resisted. I’ve held my ground, and convinced myself that I didn’t need yet another social networking tool to add to my already overwhelming presence on the net.

I have a website

I have a blog

I have a facebook

What else do I possibly have to add that hasn’t been said or shown somewhere else? Well, the simple answer is probably not much. But why should that stop me? TWITTER HERE I AM! If there is a reason to have more of ME out there for public consumption, chances are I wouldn’t be able to stay away forever. I really am surprised I’ve stayed away this long…it must be the introvert in me that you didn’t know about.

Anyway, I think it might be an interesting way to keep people more up to date and tuned in to what I’m up to as I start traveling and competing more. But…if I’m being honest, I’m more interested in sharing all the nothingness that goes on in my life. It allows my witty sense of humor to shine through! The difference with this channel of communication though is less words and, more importantly, less pictures…so if I find that I have no followers, I guess I’ll know not too many people like me for what’s between my ears.

So if you're interested...


Jon Lustig said...

Bri, that is the best bio line I've ever seen! BRAVO!
If you're wondering how to sync your updates together, might help, but since I'm not on facebook I'm not sure. And looks like it'll help you post pictures pretty easily. If you want to link somewhere, has been around for a while, but will let you both make a link and post it in a tweet from one page.
I planned to hold out on twittering until I was able to do it from something mobile, I didn't figure it on taking so long to find something I actually liked using though.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA...witty sense of humor shining are the funniest ;o)

t.v. said...

It's about time... "grinning"

Twitter is cool and I've been there a while.

I usually tell my friends to "twitter me" and they laugh at me, because they think I should be saying "follow me on twitter", but "twitter me" is so much cooler, and shorter, and fashionable. lol..

It should be interesting to hear your verdict after you've been using it for a while.

t.v. said...

One more thing.

This app.
TweetDecK will link your Tweets, and your FB updates, and your Twitpic updates with one easy click.

Try it...

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
All I ever wonder about all this stuff is … where the heck does the time/interest for the time taken come from? I must seriously be “way outta the loop” on this stuff. Between a ever more demanding professional career (“mind if we fire more people around you and you do their job too?”), raising some knothead teenagers on my lonesome and their activities, cleaning/shopping/cooking/laundry/home financial crap/etc, without even mentioning it is nice to get out for a run once in awhile now, I’m trying to figure out all this time to “social network” in it’s glorious electronic form, lol.

Heck, I’d like a small break for a real Date once in a blue moon. Anybody up for keeping an eye on the kids for a night, they aren’t too trustworthy, lol?
Oh, yeah, I need a date first don’t I?
Screwed again.

Think I’ll just myFace and Twit instead, lol.

brit brat said...

you're my TWITTA now Bri! or my TWISTA! hahaha
I crack myself up!
anywho...I'm not having much luck linking mine...but I'm so technologically retarded it doesn't surprise me.

Brianna said...

@ daniel... i'm not sure how many blogs you follow or if mine happens to be the only one, but you are probably one of the most frequent and lengthiest commenters I if you have time to do that, you most certainly have time to twitter...or facebook...or whatever. the question is more about if it's up your alley. it's not for everyone. i facebook when i watch t.v. i can twitter from's as simple as sending a text message. and i always have something to say so it's easy. but there are people in this world who do the sharing and people who do the consumption of what's being shared...seems like you're the latter.

Too-Much Commenting Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Since you asked,lol, I'll answer.
Blogs: About 3. Yours the most regular. 3 websites max. SPORTS sites, OK, lol.
Time Invested: Takes all of what, 5minutes on a quick check to read and type out something.

It wasn't a personal attack ya know, lol.

Non-Sharing Daniel said...

"but you are probably one of the most frequent and lengthiest commenters I have..."

"and people who do the consumption of what's being shared...seems like you're the latter."

Maybe my comments are "sharing"?
(Said in a nice, pleasant, friendly way. Really. I am like that).

Brianna said...

ok...and nobody was personally attacking you. seems like you are a bit sensitive.

I'm off to japan y'all! I meant to blog but I didn't have time so I'll do it when I get there. Until then...I'll be twittering!

Sensitive Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Have a good trip!
And, nah, just a different perspective, that's all.