Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quick Recap

(A packed stadium and some enthusiastic was great!)

For those of you who are not true friends or track enthusiasts and chose to NOT tune in to NBC today...shame on you! For those of you who did though, even if it wasn't just for me, thank you. It makes my day when you remember that I actually compete for a living and don't just spend my time modeling bathing suits. :) I am also relieved that I got a little bit of air time without having to bribe the cameraman. I don't know about you...but I think it was the socks!

I don't normally do post-competition analysis or delve into my performances too deeply, because lets face's really not that interesting and you can look up those stats just as easily on your own...but I am making a slight exception this time around. For starters, I jumped a personal best today. 6.72 meters, which translates to 22'3/4. Yes, it was by one measly centimeter, but that measly centimeter means the world to me. I now have the A standard for World Championships, which was something I desperately needed to get out of the way and achieve. So...I did it and that makes me happy! I am also jumping very consistently which is a huge confidence booster for me and helps me believe that I am right on the brink of doing some big things. Also, if you happened to be at the meet and could reaffirm to me how ridiculously far my 4th jump was that was barely a foul, I sure wouldn't mind!

Thanks again for all the encouragement and well wishes because it truly means a lot to me. Now it's time to get ready for Pre next weekend!


Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
I hope I'm the first that gets to say ...
"Way To Go!!!"
(On your blog, I mean, lol)
Who cares if it's a centimeter, it's a PR!
And it was 2nd Place MONEY!
And an "A" Standard!

OK. That means I'm standing, clapping, cheering (screaming?) for a Uno Numerero something-or-other ...uh ...1st Place at Pre! I want to see you inciting that crowd.
Can't wait for the 7th!

1st Place at Pre.

Anonymous said...

to the valley of despair to the mountain of hope to the plains of possibilities to the self consciousness of confidence & questions of greatness-i am honored to be a simple fan of yours-i know i have said some crazy things over the past 2 years and i wish i had known you longer but its the here & now that matters most--congrats & continued rise of the phoenix within you brianna. What lies ahead i don't know--well i do-but whats most important here on out-is to have fun-you will be in Berlin as an athlete you will jump a lil further please accept it live it and love it--go-bri-go-it's yours to have you are now at the table and today was just an appitizer!-joep. d.c/vegas

Jon Lustig said...

I only have about a minute to do this, so it may score pretty high on the babble metre.
And here I had it in my head for some reason that your PR was 6.79, so I mean what I was going to say even more.
I can remember back in January, when you were wondering about this change you were making, that you had to make. And I remember telling you things would work themselves out, that I was just absolutely sure that you could do it. And here you stand barely 4 months later, and it has all happened that way. Today you jumped better than you ever have, off your left leg, and everyone who cares got to see it. I am so proud and so happy for you!!

jumperkerry said...

I sat at the computer listening to that punk dwight stones talk looking all around for a chance to see you somewhere standing on top of something so the camera's can catch you. Then all of a sudden there's your regal self exploding of the board in a parabolic flight to the long sought after "A" standard. Now dig this, a pr is a pr. Thats champagne and cavior time! The best part of it all when you pr in May that mean's the training is going well and there gas in the tank and there's more work to be done because you've just opened the door to another level. Ohhh weeee, do your thang girl! P.s. i know you don't like honey nor sweety, is "girl" ok?

j buck said...

Just so I understand since I'm now starting to follow this a little bit.....

The "A Standard" is 6.72 meters, which is a required distance for a womens long jumper to jump, set by some committee of track and field and allows an athlete to do what? It seems to me you are already attending the largest events and competing against, (and doing very well), the so called best (thus re-confirming yourself as one of the best in the world). Thanks to me, I might add! An "I love j buck" into the camera might be nice once in awhile! Ha!

And I'm a little confused about the whole point system thing too. On NBC they were going over who's in the lead with the Visa point system and it was all runners. But there is another point system? Not all of the girls attend the same events and not the same number of events.

The whole thing is very confusing!

No matter. Cute socks! Will get you air time all the time!

anonymousnupe said...

Sorry I missed it! (I was at an all-day track meet, coincidentally.) This was good news to come home to. Nice work, BG!

I'm going to go to the Grand Prix site--and scour the 'Net--to see if they have footage of you, since I keep hearing about these raucous socks!

Onward and upward…or outward, I should say.

kiemei said...

Girl, That 4th jump was close to 7 meters. I was near the finish line acting a fool! Way to go and good luck at Pre!

Erin Michell said...

Congrats on the "A" standard and PR!!!!

anonymousnupe said...

Oh yeah. I'm most definitely feelin' the leggings.

Brianna said...

wow, you guys have such nice and inspiring things to say! and to think we've never even had the chance to meet in person...that's awesome--you're awesome!

some quick explaining...they have an A standard for World championships/Olympics that you have to achieve in order to go. The U.S. sends the top three finishers at nationals, but as was the case with myself in years past, I would get top 3, not have the A standard, and not go to World championships. So that is why it's important to have that monkey off my back.

@nupe...yay for finding a picture of my infamous socks!!!

Bianca said...

I'm almost crying. I'm SO proud of you. I'm SO proud of you. I'm SO proud of you!!!

Extraodinary on me!

silva said...

Hey Brianna,

Congrats again on the PR. Btw, that 4th round jump was huge!--a shame you fouled it. I watched from the backstretch.

-'Volunteer Dude' at Reebok (i hope u remember Good luck at Pre

Jennie Finch said...

So happy for you! Way to go!
Lots of love!

Cormac said...

Congratulations. I hope all goes well for you at the trials, and you can come to Cork the week after and jump another PR!

Slim Jackson said...

Clearly I'm a few days off, but congrats on the PR! I also know the joys of fouling monstrous It's a great confidence booster knowing that the potential is there though. Why is it that people always foul the big ones?