Sunday, April 13, 2008

Opening Day

My season started today and instead of me blasting out of the gates with an explosion of fireworks behind me, it was if my nephew had lit a sparkler and waved it in the middle of Times Square. Not impressive. I suppose it wasn’t terrible, or something I should lock myself in a room for and deprive myself of dinner, but I guess I was just expecting more. I’ve had some really great practices, the weather was absolutely perfect, and the track is supposed to be lightning fast, but I just couldn’t seem to find my rhythm.

I ran the 200 meters. Not necessarily my premier event, even though back when Dinosaurs roamed the earth it could have arguably been considered my best event, something I wish didn’t need to be brought up in races like today. In lane 4, former NCAA champion in this event, Brianna Glenn. Well after the girl that won worked me so bad, I was wishing I had entered under an alias. My time was 23.32. I’m putting that up just to save you the time and effort it will take to find it online. Yes, it’s a bit lackluster but I suppose it seems even moreso to me because of how big of a margin there was between the winner and I.

Regardless, it was still the first race and I believe that I got the cobwebs swept out for the most part. I haven’t raced the 200 competitively in so long that I felt a little out of my element and it showed. But there always needs to be a starting point and this was mine. Next up will be Mt. Sac out in Southern California. I will be running on a relay and long jumping. If you are in the area this meet is a great one to come watch. Hope to see you there!!!


eclectik said...

There's nowhere to go but up and get better.

The first will always be the toughest...what if you woulda went out and smoked dem all out

then you woulda had to do that every time and the next time you went out and did not so great you woulda killed yourself to see what was wrong

Now you knock the kinks out and then for the rest of the season you show'em that you're BG Hall of famer....and next time you see this chick kick sand in her face.

AND you're gonna do Long Jump...who can see you in that?

It's like someone tryin to be me in Scrabble and Scattergories

Not. Gonna. Happen.

You're the most.


Cara said...

The first meet is always a dust buster. I can't wait to see what you do at Mt.Sac

Teej said...

Dont sweat it kiddo. Cobwebs indeed. If anything let it serve as motivation for Mt. Sac as Im sure it will.

creolejoe said...

ballers ball gamers game pimps pimp writers write runners run jumpers jump--channel the fourth dimension-ur still in 3d! I wish you the best and ask the universe and mother earth to lift and push your center to another rift and space in time--i sound crazy this i know more than anyone else--however i truly believe in the theory of quantum physics--see it be it do it-it's that simple--ur the best cause you've been the best that time & place does exsist that moment will be there again just let it come out shawty!

anonymousnupe said...

That's one of the things that has always intrigued me about track and field v. other sports. There's no target to hit such as in basketball, archery, or football (kicking and passing); and there's no defense being played (unless you count hurdles as defenders); you don't have to perform other "external" tasks while you're running as fast as you can or jumping, typically, for instance dribbling a basketball; but yet you can still have a "bad day." How does that happen in the 200, for instance? Is it all--or mostly-- mental, injuries notwithstanding? What's your PR or usual time in the 2? Why isn't it that your body just goes out and runs your PR time each and every race? (Some of these are rhetorical questions, of course.)


Anonymous said...

Looking at the attached picture from your collegiate years made me think of just how subjective the whole concept of “beauty” is. I was thinking of the huge difference between heavily set-up (and altered, lol) imagery verses the raw, unadulterated photo of you racing for Arizona. That’s simply the best picture of you! Why? Because there is no hiding who a girl is, as far as physical aspects, when she’s layin’ it all out there racing, setting up in the start blocks, or for the distance girls, finishing all sweaty and exhausted; it’s what they REALLY look like.
I like that. Cuz’ it’s real.
And don’t worry; first races are so often not up to personal expectations. Trust your training, talent and drive.

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt worry about it... it was your first in a long time and you have so many more to come this season. keep up the good work as you always do and im sure it'll pay out.

ktizzle said...

well i can't really say anything that anyone hasn't already said other than to piggy back on what's eclectik said. use this as motivation.

I was talking with Whitney Evans a month or so back when she was out here in seattle for an indoor meet. she got beat by this girl that she always beats in bigger meets and seems to lose to her in the meets that don't really count for much. she was extra irritated that she doesn't beat her all the time. my thoughts are as long as you hold it down in the big meets don't sweat the small stuff. but then again who am i kidding, anybody that is serious about a sport hates to lose even once. coming in second in your first meet in an event you haven't done since the "stone ages" isn't all that bad. besides competition always keeps you on your toes... =]