Sunday, April 6, 2008

Did you know...

I totally bit this off Jackie. I admit it…I’m not ashamed…I just had nothing on the brain right now that I felt like writing about. Well, I did but they were things that required thought and I just wasn’t willing to go there.

I will sit at home with the T.V. on mute while my favorite shows are on for the first 20 minutes so I can watch without commercials.

---I always order a non-fat cappuccino with only one shot of vanilla from Starbucks because it takes away from the burnt taste their coffee seems to have but it doesn’t make it too sweet.

The first half of my warm-up music before I compete is Gospel.

…I almost elected to play softball in high school instead of Track but I was going to be on J.V. so I changed my mind.

…I didn’t really play with dolls or barbies or many toys growing up that I can remember. I don’t even recall too many cartoons that I watched. I just liked to read. Duh. Such an old soul…

I read really fast. I don’t know if it’s actually considered “speed reading” but I will get through books faster than most people. This might be due to the fact that in 3rd grade I was Reader of the Year at my elementary school.

…My best event coming out of high school was the Triple Jump…something I never practiced once I got to college.

…I used to think I was too skinny so I would wear leggings or sweats underneath my jeans.

My friends and I called ourselves the “Bomb Squad” in high school. We even made shirts, had a hand signal and everything.

…I used to get all A’s in high school so my first semester of my Sophomore year in college I decided to see if I could do it in college too. I could…but after I realized that I went back to letting a couple of B’s slide in so that I could continue on with my active social life.

…I told my Coach in college that I needed to weigh at least 130 so my jeans would fit right…and now if I weigh 130 I freak out.

When I eat French fries I bite off the end and make a pile of ‘nubs’. I only do it with the end that is in my fingers, the other one I have no problem eating.

…I have an absolutely horrible memory. But the one thing I will never forget is losing the district spelling bee in 4th grade to a kid named Tommy Wahlquist on the word ‘leukemia.’

I was a cheerleader in high school. Yup. A captain and everything.

…I have moved once a year for the past 5 years.

…I’ve never actually changed a poopy diaper on my own. I’m not looking forward to it either. Hopefully I’ll have a nanny.

My Dad used to dance on Soul Train. I even have a picture with him and Don Cornelius that was featured for the 25 year anniversary of the show.

…It drives me crazy when people eat their pancakes by cutting one bite at a time instead of cutting all of them beforehand.

…I love to people watch, but I’m really bad at being discreet about it. Oftentimes I have to be reminded that I’m in fact STARING and it’s obvious that I’m eavesdropping.

…When I was being recruited by UCLA they said I couldn’t get a full scholarship because as a sprinter I was a ‘dime a dozen’. During my college career I never lost to a Bruin.

My best friends have been on American Idol, Celebrity Apprentice, and that old show ‘Becoming’ on MTV. (my love don’t cost a thing…)

…I am a terrible singer. Horrible. But when I was younger I would always ask for solos in church musicals and talent shows at school. I loved being the center of attention.

when I was younger, I wasn’t allowed to listen to “secular” music…so I liked oldies as a kid.

...I am obsessed with rationing things. I don't like it when people eat all the candy at the beginning of the movie, I'd rather space it out. I like when my fries last as long as my burger does. I try to run out of staple things at the same time...i.e. bread, eggs, milk, etc. oh yea, and capri suns (inside joke)

So I’m sure you feel even more connected to me now that you’ve heard these little known facts. How many did you already know? How many were surprising?


Anonymous said...

The nubs when eating french fries. What's that about??

LOL @ being a horrible singer but wanting to sing solos. I've seen many people like that, especially in church.

Now you can't people watch and evesdrop if folks can tell. Too funny!

eclectik said...

The Nubs got me.

I wanna see the bomb hand signal

LOL@ Tommy...he served you!

"secular music" ...funny now our oldies ARE the secular music lol

I dont wanna change a poopy diaper with or without someone lol


David Oliver said...

Sorry Bri, he's dating Eva Pigford, but if anything happens, I will put you down. LOL

Bianca said...

Why do you have to bring up AI, Apprentice, and Becoming?! Boo.

I'm proud to boast that I knew all but one of those stats, thankyouverymuch.

Nikkie T said...

Boo to having a nanny

Mihailo said...

I enojed reading...except that part about pan cakes;-) I do the opposite of course, but I hope I will not burn in hell;-)
PS. Never seen anybody to eat that as you do...or we are just snobbish Europeans hehe

Eb the Celeb said...

I do feel closer to you... are you sad that you have to move around so much or do you enjoy it?

Oh, and your dad is my idol... lol The scar on my forehead is because of Soul Train... long

anonymousnupe said...

Tommy Wahlquist is dating Eva Pigfoot?! Dang. Nerds do rule.

melanie said...

haha. bomb squad 4 life!
you should have included a few more fun facts:

in high school you dated a footballer who went on to become a gay stripper in vegas (or so people say)

your first car was a hunter green z with a tan roof and a racing stripe

you often buy your breakfast oatmeal in the 4 flavor variety pack, but never eat the "bananas and cream"

your favorite thing to take pictures of is you--extended arm, self-portrait style

you always make your friends order eggs if you're ordering waffles or french toast, so you can take half and satisfy your cravings for both salty and sweet--but they're never allowed to order the omelets if they have mushrooms or exotic cheeses that you don't recognize

you have an entire closet JUST FOR SHOES

not even half of your half-siblings are half- like you are

you place food on your fork with your fingers and then eat it off your fork

you have a grillion skymiles on like, all the airlines, and not one of your bf's hasn't been the beneficiary of a free flight courtesy of you (thanks ;o)

melanie is your best friend in the www, cuz the two of you dominate when you play 1/2 blacks vs browns on game nights, and OBVIOUSLY, she knows you the best of all! ;o)

just a little bonus info. how ya like me now?!

Brianna said...

LOL....mel, I am cracking up.

ktizzle said...

wow. half info, half dirt.

rollin' @ "you place food on your fork with your fingers and then eat it off your fork" and "...when you play 1/2 blacks vs browns on game nights..."