Monday, July 5, 2010


I have been a very unpleasant person the last couple of days. I just walk around in a perpetual funk, with a feeling that everything possible that could go wrong, will. By doing that, I probably just think it in to existence. Nevertheless, life as Brianna Glenn has been one disappointment after another. Some examples:

On my train trip from France to Germany the lady took me to the wrong train station, causing me to miss my train. Of course, I had bought the completely non-refundable version in order to save myself $3 DOLLARS!!! and so the first part of my journey had to be re-bought. Then, when I arrived in Paris, I realized I had to switch train stations. No worries, they are close by. They are also separated by the world’s largest staircase known to man. Did I mention that I had two months worth of luggage with me? I was a sweaty, smelly French woman after that experience.

By the time I actually arrive in Germany, find my way to my apartment, and walk up three more flights of stairs (they DO NOT believe in elevators in Europe), I am greeted by the hottest attic apartment I have ever been in. There is something of a heat wave going on out here and in addition to a dislike for elevators, there is also a disdain for air conditioning. It’s nowhere. So, of course I sat down on the couch and cried. Then, I left the apartment to find a fan. I made my way to the main street and turned left. I walked about a mile until I decided to cross the street and walk back the other way, and walk the other way for an additional mile past where my starting point was. No. Fans. Anywhere. Then, as I approached my street and have made up my mind that the whole world is conspiring against me, I see a store of hodgepodge items right on the corner of my street with a neat little pile of fans in the window. It’s literally less than 100 meters from my apartment. And I laugh. Out loud. (one of those cynical laughs, of course)

It takes me an hour and a half to assemble the fan. Don’t ask me why…I’d feel even dumber for explaining it. I then try to get on the internet that was supposed to be available in the apartment. It was the one request I made when searching for a place. But of course, nothing. I turned on the T.V. in hopes of getting lucky and catching some re-runs of Friends in English or something. Nope. So, I just sat in utter silence 2 inches in front of my working fan and moped until I fell asleep.

The next day was not much better. I had a friend of a friend who was going to take me to see a doctor out here in Germany but I HAD to be there by a certain time. So what do I do? I get on the subway going the wrong direction. 6 stops later I finally realize it but by then of course I miss the appointment. I really could go on and on with stories about my unfortunate luck but I think you get the picture. I can’t catch a break.

It was after the 3rd day of one thing after another when I finally realized I needed an attitude adjustment. I was not doing myself any favors by thinking the world was conspiring against me to make life a living hell. I am out here in Germany with no friends, no connection to the outside world, no real ability to train, and my apartment didn’t even have a coffee maker! But I was making it worse than it really needed to be.

So I bought myself a coffee machine, found a Starbucks about 20 min away with free wifi and skyped with my best friend, then went out and did a warm up at the track to see how my leg felt. And wouldn’t you know…life is no longer as miserable! The best part is that my leg feels a ton better and cannot be possibly as bad as I was lead to believe.

Life gets a whole lot better when you have a better attitude about things!


Anonymous said...

Well...attitude adjustment works miracles, doesn't it? It won't heal your leg, but I hope you do get better and get your backside dirty in the sand soon:). Did you finally get to see the doctor?

btw,that "bad attitude" photo of yours is one of your cutest ever.


Jasmine said...

This probably makes me a terrible friend, but I laughed through this entire story!!! ;)
I love you. I can hear you talking in this post. I want to hug you. I miss you.
I'm on Skype, so let's plan a date. Soon!!!!

Harmony said...

Thanks for your post, I've been in the same crap mood for a couple of days now, but for much more stupid reasons (except unabilty to sleep properly, it's the worst), your words make me think over the situation and just let go. Everything will be fine!
Hope your leg gets better very soon! Take care!

Grace said...

Oh Sweet Bri!! I feel for you as i've also had some of those experiences! Are you staying in cologne again? I'm guessing not since I think we were both pretty dialed into that city last year..Thinking of you! I see your name on the start list for Lausanne.. Good luck! Take great care of that body of yours!!

Kimra said...

Brianna, your positive attitude is why we're cyber friends. I think people often make the mistake of glamorizing those in the limelight, conveniently ignoring the possibility of any such luck.

You do a lot of good sharing these kinds of experiences and the process of getting through them.

I, like your self-proclaimed bad friend, love your angry pic! Lol. Stay strong...stay you.


Anonymous said...

I'm as "bad" as Jasmine. I giggled while I read this. Things could be worse for could be me and not have the slightest clue what "skype" is! Now...don't you feel better already?! I see you laughing, shaking your head, and wondering how you came from the same gene pool as me. Love you Bri!
Aunt Sharon

Anonymous2 said...

Believe it or not, it really is a cute photo. It's one that just says "LIFE"

MJ said...

I understand what you went through and I am totally admiring your strength right now...

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
I was going to actually read the post, but ...
that photo ...

I got distracted.

You know how much ... uh, ... er,
"boobie" you showin' off?

(I'll read your words later ...)

Allen W said...

Just when I thought I had problems and challenges, I read about all yours. Many of us have been through this type if thing, and when it was over you were able to laugh. Attitude can fix up anything, and a little advice: We have to be able to laugh at ourselves. All that walking may have really helped you out. Good Luck and Take Care.

Los Angelista said...

Skyping with a friend can cure MANY ills! I wish I was having your adventures, that's for sure! ;)

Lashawn said...

I thank you for this post. As well as your previous four posts. I mean, really, THANK YOU. I've been reading them on the regular, and as an athlete TRYING to make a comeback with the help of a coach here with me, I've had some serious trying times. I admire your genuineness. You share with us your joys, pains, and ranging levels of "pissivity" (lol). I'm also sure that blogging helps you vent. I hope you recover fully, fast. Praying for you all the way in North Carolina!

Lashawn said...

Oh, smile and POSITIVE thoughts!

Bianca said...

Am I a horrible friend for laughing too? If you're on Skype right now, holler at me!

Daniel said...

Actually, a bad attitude is refreshing. Well the thought process is that it should be. Type A personalities, seem to always find themselves in a funk, the “world is against me”, nothing is going right” and all hope is lost. However, the refreshing process starts to evolve just as you discovered that things were not as bad as you originally thought. Sure, poor translations and misguided directions is a foreign country would send anyone spinning out of control. Yet, there is always a silver lining and refreshing prospective in looking at things differently. Stay stuff out there, and know that God is your Banner of strength, your “Jehovah Nissi” .

Daniel said...

Spelling Error; Should read,
"Stay tough out there” instead of “Stay stuff”. LOL!

I promise next time to properly check for grammatical errors.

Daniel (the Real one, lol) said...

Ms. Glenn,
WTH? You got TWO "Daniel's" in your blog life? Here I thought I was special, LOL!!!
Your Comment section has been messing up on me (or is it me?) and some have been dropped (or your Deleting me now, lol).

Anyway, it was great to see your big smile gracing pages of the latest Track & Field News. It's that nice picture of you in front of and leaning on the Diamond League sign (NYC!) that you used a few posts ago.
Way to go!

Rob said...

Hi Brianna,

i live in Germany, Berlin. If you need any help with whatever, let me know. I'd be happy to help.

Rob ( ilovedvds(at] ]

brit brat said...

I dunno what's wrong with your friends, but I didnt laugh. Infact, I sunk a little cuz I wish you could call me in times like those and I could make you laugh or something....
maybe you should just read my status' :)

p.s. I have skype too!! Tristin is hilarious on it.

AnonyMiss said...

If you ever fall back into a funk just think about me. I know that you don't know me at all but basically, I'm stuck in a Southern state, this guy I've liked for quite some time now is in love with YOU, I don't have any real/close friends and some ppl forgot my birthday this past Wednesday. All of that it only a smidge of badly my life sux.

You are highly favored by God. I'd give almost anything to have your life.

brit brat said... this last post a joke or?