Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not Good News

I struggle with how to start this blog because I fear that it might make me look like a bit of an idiot. Just a few days ago I called myself tenacious. When I visited the doctor here in France today though, he didn’t quite agree with me. Basically, he let me know in his broken English that “maybe if you don’t do anything after you first feel it, it would take less time to heal. You should have stop right away. Hmm. Well that’s not really what I wanted to hear.

I wanted to explain to him that in my quick diagnosis of the situation, because I eventually could still run and then proceeded to jump pretty darn far on my first attempt, I had decided it probably wasn’t that serious. Maybe just a bad cramp caused by dehydration or something. And since I’m such a tough cookie, I push through pain and discomfort. It’s simple really, I just tell myself to ignore it and immediately it doesn’t feel so bad. It seems this time, however, I might have failed as a sports injury specialist. There is an actual tear in my adductor (which I’ve just been referring to as the side of my hamstring – that’s my anatomy expertise for you) that is about 5cm by 2cm in size.

He simply told me “Do not run. Rest.” And then he gave me an approximate time frame that really sounded like it was trying to infringe on the great season I was about to have. But I do realize those time frame’s given by doctors are definitely on the conservative side and meant more for civilians who should take are in returning too quickly to their flag football league. I’m not saying I won’t be smart. I will. But I will also seek out some darn good Germans who help people heal incredibly fast. I have heard there are tips and tricks for that.

In the meantime though, if you could remember me and my right adductor in your prayers, I would appreciate it. If it’s one thing I do believe, it’s that God has craaazy healing abilities. It shocks doctors all the time actually.


Dust said...

Sorry to hear about the injury. You might want to look into platelet-rich plasma thearpy, aka blood spinning.

Not sure if it will help with your injury, but I know it's done wonders for others.

melanie said...

aaaaaahhhhh! i hate this for you!!! let's skype soon. until then don't forget, your god saved daniel in the lion's den. what's a little hamstring? for pete's sake, he INVENTED hamstrings.

Anonymous2 said...

Hmmm let's see. You jump a PR with an injury. I say get healthy, come back and jump 23. At least that's the way I'm going to look at it. Keep your spirit's up.

antonlove said...

You're not an idiot. You're an athlete. You and your adductor are in my prayers.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
So sorry to hear that the injury is more extensive than you thought. Get healed soon please, you’ve been jumping great and making for some exciting competition.

About all that “second guessing” yourself. Please … Stop. For you.
Once a decision is made, we go through with it, it is Done. Period. We live with the consequences, good or ill. The best you can do is add that hard-learned information into the life-experience memory for future possible use. Over-analyzing past events don’t help overcoming and moving on. I know; from all my lousy personal-life choices, LOL!

Now … after seeing you and Chante Howard (I refuse to call her Mrs. Lowe – ‘cause I mad she married someone other than me! LOL!) side-by-side …
Who’s got the better Abs?!
Wow, what a line-up!

Bianca said...

I love you. I"m on skype.

Allen W said...

Ms. Glenn
I am going to join in on all this and will explain more about why later. Good luck with what you are dealing with. Listen to your body. You do dress up the sport a bit. I like that. Being from Minnesota, I realize that I missed a chance to see you compete. You certainly did not stay in Iowa for long. More later, take care

Anonymous said...
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