Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Hate Flying

I know. Hate is such a strong word. And I really don’t like to use it in an undeserving context, but right now I can’t help but feel that it’s totally appropriate. I hate flying. Just the mere thought of boarding a plane gives me a headache. Which is probably why I’m sitting here right now with a pounding one. (Either that, or the fact that I’ve only had one cup of coffee). Tonight I get back on a plane to travel during the night all the way to Guadaloupe. I can’t even tell you exactly where that’s at, except that I know it takes a little over four hours from Miami to get there.

Originally I was supposed to leave last night so I could arrive a little earlier and get settled. But once I returned from Africa, I just knew I had to buy myself another day in my own bed. That last trip I did was monstrous and it definitely did a number on me. I am a frequent flyer for sure, but that round trip in a blink of an eye with multiple days of sleep lost had its way with me. And you want to know what made it 10 times worse? The sweet gentleman I had the pleasure of sitting next to.

The flight I boarded in Senegal was in transit from South Africa and pretty full already. But when I began my walk towards the back, I heard the coughing before I even saw the source. And when I got closer and realized it was coming from my row, I shuddered. He was coughing up substance, I’m sure. He was nice enough to use a handkerchief but what good does that do, really? This man was at least 90 years old so I tried my best to be kind and smile, but the smile was not returned. Nor was there a respect for personal space. He continued to lift the armrest so he could stretch out his bad hip and give himself some more room. Sure, I feel sorry that he had a bad hip and the fact that he was probably extremely uncomfortable being 90 years old and stuck on a plane for 20 hours, but that’s not my problem. He also completely invaded my nostrils. It was a constant flow of unpleasant and downright putrid smells coming from his direction the entire time. So much so that at one point I used my eye mask to cover my nose instead.

So right now I’m not a fan of planes or their passengers. I am dreading tonight’s trip but staying home doesn’t get the bills paid. Please pray that the seat next to me is either empty or occupied by Channing Tatum’s long lost twin.


Bianca said...

Shoot, I'll pray for that! ;) Go get your groove back!

brit brat said...

this made me your expense of course :)
have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA....!!!! Ok, my day sucked until I read this part especially, "...a constant flow of unpleasant and downright putrid smells coming from his direction the entire time. So much so that at one point I used my eye mask to cover my nose instead." I really wish I could help to make sure you have a far better trip. Sounds like it would be a very welcomed gesture. Your blog today has gotten me over the hump! I'm taking the rest of the day off!

Have a safe trip...!

"Run fast, and jump far!"


SL said...

I'm 100% with you on that! I had a similar experience en route to Doha and I'm not looking forward to the trip to Daegu in a couple months. Good luck this weekend!

CJ said...

LOL!!! Bri you're hilarious!! All of those things are the exact reason why I'm trying to remain stationed in the states. Those overseas flights ain't no joke.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.
That......oh my, the thought of it.
Oh my.

Jasmine said...

Miss you already...hope you're enjoying the Lulu pants!! Mwah!

t.v. said...

Ohh... this bring's back memories of my last flight fmom AMX to JFK. For once I chose to sit at the very rear of the plane. Never again. My seat mate was 3 times my size and was literally pushing me out of my seat. :(

Of course, me being me, I complained to the stewards and got their sympathy. LOL. Spend half the flight (which, thank God, was only 7 to 8 hours) hanging out with them in the kitchen, discussing why we think "really fat people" should pay for two seats.

Hope you had a good flight. Been to Guadaloupe and I loved it. :)

Anonymous2 said...

There has to be some type of small travel air filter for the nose available. Might be something to look into.

Good luck at the meet.

You Know Who...KH said...

Girl....get on them planes....and get them miles!!!! ....and jump far...real far!!!

Anonymous said...

reading stories like this makes me wanna start my own blog..yes flying is AWFUL. I've never had a good-looking guy sitting next to me, chatting me up like in one of those stupid Hollywood rom-coms. anyway i am not asking much, please don't put me next to all these gross smelly overweight guys, it will be fine!!

Ed Irkitated said...

I hate flying too. It all starts before you even get on the plane!

I obviously fit the generic description for a drug-smuggling bomb-maker, because every time I pass through airport security I become the proud recipient of a full body exam and drug test. That isn't even an exaggeration, it happens every single time.

That is just the start... Here is my full post on why I hate flying