Monday, May 3, 2010

Fish Day

Upon arrival in St. Martin yesterday, our host and meet director wanted to help us experience his island. Unfortunately for us, Carnival had ended the week prior… but we did happen to be just in time for Fish Day! “What is Fish Day”, you ask? Well when I first heard him say it I just figured I was having trouble understanding exactly what he was saying and that it was some loose Caribbean term for the festival we were supposed to be going to. But it turns out the festival is all about fish. These people go all Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. on you and devote an entire festival to the preparation and eating of every type of fish imaginable. And you can have it fried…bbq’ed…steamed…stewed…trust me, the possibilities are endless. Being the adventurous person I am, I had some shrimp skewers. There is just something about a fish that seems to be looking at me from the plate that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I tried to capture a bit of video of the day and wanted to share it with you. A couple of things you will notice upon viewing, though. For starters, I really need to read an “Editing Video for Dummies” book, stat. I also need to ban the word awesome from my vocabulary. I’m not a surfer but it seems I want to be.


t.v. said...


How long will you be there for? Will you be visiting the Dutch side too?

Lived on the Dutch side for 3 years. (Point Blanche). Lovely island.

Didn't even know they had an Invitational.

anonymousnupe said...

Oh, I don't know. Your editing skills were pretty...awesome...for a non-professional. You had some pretty smooth fades in there. Windows Movie Maker?

Anonymous2 said...

Where are the women in bikini's...ohh wrong festival

Anonymous said...

Memories coming back, Dutch side, her side, my pride, it was ALL GOOD!

The best experience in the world, is to stock supplies in your bank account(s). Go to R.E.I and purchase a large backpack for your tooth brush couple bags of Werthers Candy.

Book a cabin on a yacht from Florida going south and disembark when you get there. There is not here, when your soul says "Yes I have arrived".

Be a Bush Monkey, swing in a tree or two, groom your mates hair, make Monkey Love where you want, when you want.

Yeah, just go there.

Brianna said... i think just the french side.

@nupe...haha. no just the flipcam software.

@anonymous...not there.

@wiiqi...i can't do a backpack.

Anonymous said...

The suggestion was not for you Ms. Glenn, you currently have an opportunity to receive what is required for your soul.

To anyone else, first promise yourself not to speak or think; " I Can't Do ". Can't perspectives creates a reality you are certainly best living without. God gave you a life and a finite amount of time. In the end nothing matters except how you used that time and who it was shared with. That's real t.v.

" I can do a private Yacht ".
" I will be passionate to myself ".
" I can share that passion without fear ".

Simple suggestions for those who could use it.