Friday, April 23, 2010

The Season has Begun

This post comes to you a little late, but as they say... better late than latER. I wanted to continue the trend I started during the indoor season, with a recap of my competitions and video to let all the armchair coaches of the world do their thing. Last weekend was my opening outdoor competition and so I began my season at Mt. Sac, a meet I have been competing at since I was 14 years old. Look at the previous post...then do the math!

If you had bothered to look up results online, you would have noticed no mark next to my name, and just a few X's. Well, that's never good news for a field event person. The truth of the matter is, I felt like I was jumping really well. The other truth of the matter is that my last jump wasn't a foul. It just wasn't. Plenty of eyes and video proof told me that. But sometimes things like this happen at meets such as this, when your fate lies in the hands of 70 year old volunteers and the meet doesn't have the proper equipment. Track and Field is not supposed to be subjective in any way so it's disappointing when at times it is and it doesn't work out in your favor.

All in all though, I still feel it was a positive day. It was my last day of my 20's, I had my family there to support me, and I felt like I'm in a good position to do big things this year.

Here is a video of my last jump. It's the fair one that wasn't called as such. In my camera there is a man standing in front of the board, but from another camera the board is clearly visible with my foot in fair territory. Oh well... such is life.


Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Actually, the video you linked to was (barely, lol) good enough to understand what you are saying. If you work at freeze-framing it a bit, you can just see passed the official’s left leg, get a good view of about ¾ of the white board, and what looks like the red Foul marker on the other side of his left leg. The fact you were wearing very nice white shoes helps a great deal, because you can see the heel of your foot at the board on the back, no toe sticking out into the red foul area. I’d assume you hit that board right on the crown!
It also looked like a great jump too, distance-wise, if that marker board in the background is any kind of gauge.

It is very professional (and more importantly, adult) of you to handle this so well. To recognize it wasn’t a reflection of you and your true ability; then move on.

Guess you could have done a “Jon Drummond” and laid all out on the runway, lol!

Hope to see you at the USA’s first IAAF Diamond League event in New York. It has a Women’s Long Jump ya know!

Confucous Maximus Arigulous Commander of the Army in the North said...

It's clearly a FOUL!
You suck

How about posting a schedule instead of keeping it a secret, or has that lacky agent been asleep at the wheel again and you have no meets lines up?

I'd think with last years success you'd be the girl in the kissing booth this year.

p.s. You look weird about 5 yards from the board losing speed and your flow towards the launch point. It might be the first meet but what the heck have you been working on for the last few month.....your tan?

brit brat said...

What lack of education and/or class makes it so you can't say what you truly feel without it being insulting?
I don't think children care about or even know what blogging is so I can only assume you are an adult. Why don't we try acting like one shall we?
Is your actual personality so lacking that this is the only way you feel you can get attention? I feel sorry for you, truly.
Lets take a moment and ponder all this, come back next time, and do it different mmkay? thanks.

Confucous Maximus Arigulous said...

@ BB

........must be that time of month?

the first part was joking, did you see the "lol"
the second was a request
the third was a compliment
the fourth was performance observation

take some deep breaths, it will pass in about 4 days, unless of course you have done it again...

Anonymous said...

Did I read about a kissing booth? Me first us dogs love to lick.

In the past I have tried to give a suggestion or two, but this time I will simply comment that your last jump attempt actually appeared to be well executed. Regarding the issue of accurate judging of field events, I am curious if the automated measuring system you mention they used in Doha will be used in the states?

Bianca said...

I'm proud of you for acting like a lady. This is part of the process.

Good luck today in Africa :) See you tomorrow!!!

old teammate said...

Nice video, me being an armchair coach wants to say it looked like you were leaning back just a tad...but what do I Anyway, wanted to let you know one of your biggest fans (Tamara P.) signed at the U of A and will hopefully follow in your footsteps as a great Wildcat sprinter/long jumper.

Renee H. said...

Saw the Dakar results. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Can you get a signed poster of Funmi Jimoh for me? What was your hotel stay like on this business trip? Are you happy Brianna Glenn about your performance of 6.58 with a 4.7 supporting wind? Do you think Extenze would help male long jumpers more that 400 meter sprinters?

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Nice job in Senegal. That wind must have been moving. How did your timing feel with that much push? You get those hips rotated forward right away after take-off? Since everybody had about the same wind-marks, it then results in an ‘even’ field, so 2nd is a fair reflection.

You ran the 100M too?! The spread looked really close on that one. Surprised you didn’t do the 200M also. But, this being Africa, they probably had the Events timing all over the place, lol, so maybe the events conflicted (don’t know. And you never tell, lol).

I was happy to see that my longest-standing-work-computer-background-track babe did so well! Ms. Joice Maduaka was rewarded with a 2nd in the 100M and a 3rd in the 200M! I’m happy for her perseverance. Maybe I’ll find a nice photo of her from Dakar to replace the aging Osaka ones that adorn my screen still at times, LOL!

Where next? (Like you’d tell us!)

Bianca said...

I'm praying for you already for next week.

I'm so proud of you!

Pius said...

I enjoy reading your blogs and keep wondering why no one has thought of a reality show about you. I think you would sustain great ratings.