Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lift Like You Mean It

I saw this quote on a poster a few years back and immediately wanted to high five whoever came up with it. ”That’s right!”, I thought smugly. “We are tougher than other sports.” In fact, this whole idea of conditioning your body and pushing it to its limits constantly was one of the reasons I fought against participating in this sport in the first place. Can I get a ball or a racket please? Is someone going to keep score? Where are all my teammates at who are right along side me working towards a common goal and cheering me along? None of that. Conditioning doesn’t stop after pre-season. It doesn’t appear when you miss a lay-up. And there is definitely no half-assing it.

All this to say, it kind of irks me just a little when I see athletes, especially those that call themselves elite or professional (or desiring to be so), being wimps when they’re away from the “game”. If you are in the weight room trying to get stronger because this will help you be better at your sport, lift like you mean it. I am stronger than the average female but I certainly am not blessed with Herculean type strength. So it should go without saying that a man should be able to lift more than me. If you are doing a power lift, the goal is to be powerful.

Today in the weight room I was confronted yet again with this issue. A young man who’s sport shall remain nameless to protect the guilty was doing a lift called the Power Clean, yet I found it to be lacking severely in the powerful department. I was trying to mind my own business…really I was…but after an unnecessary grunt, I just couldn’t help it. I decided I was going to throw in some power cleans into my workout, and I would also lift on the platform next to him. Is this petty? Probably so. But maybe it serves also as a bit of extra motivation for him to push himself a little harder. Nobody wants to get beat by a girl…


Dust said...

Yes it's petty! Maybe it was his first time doing dead lift?
Depending on the sport some exercises are not good for you. With that said your right, if a female is lifiting more weight than you in any exercise it's time to step it up.

Slim Jackson said...

You What the guy OD'ed and decided to put extra weight on just to save his "manhood" and caught the ill hernia? Would you have drove him to the hospital? You know how us men are about the ego when it comes to perceived "manly" things. Something tells me he played basketball or baseball...not that there's anything wrong with those sports.

Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

I know what you mean about feeling driven to work out powerfully. But I've also known how hard it is for driven, powerful women to scale back in order to recover from injury. I've been out of the boxing ring now for 4 weeks -- rotator cuff injury -- and it's agonizing!. Now I'm the one in the gym who is doing baby-light weights because of this darned shoulder. Sigh.

Also, what is your sport? You mentioned it being tough but didn't say what it was. I clicked through on your profile link -- what kind of track and field do you do?

Just found you on WTS; I'll look forward to reading more.

Brianna said...

@ it was not his first time. i could tell if he was a newbie.

@ slim... man, basketball players are the worst! i remember from college if they were in the weight room I'd want to run over and put a couple extra plates on their squat rack.

@lisa...i feel you! last year when i discloated my shoulder i felt so darn helpless. and then when i started lifting again i wanted everyone to know i'd been injured and wasn't lifting this 5 lb dumbell for no reason!

The Gamelord said...

I'm with you, Brianna! I am just an average brotha/weekend warrior and I power clean 120 kg. There is no way a cat who has aspirations to or is getting paid to compete at ANYTHING shouldn't be throwin around (relatively speaking) respectable weights. I don't think you were being petty, you were being a motivator and a lovely one @ that.:-)

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
“My Sport is Your Sport’s Punishment”
So true, especially if you race the 5,000M or 10,000M.

As far as the weights … Show Off!
I hate it when girls lift more than me (which is often, lol).
I have wondered what Carmelita Jeter can muscle-up with them thighs!

I can just picture that old Jim Carrey (when he was good) “In Living Color” routine as the ‘muscle-chick’ Vera de Milo in Buff, Beautiful and Bitchin’.

Anonymous said...

@ Lisa

She runs down a pathway for 3 seconds, jumps into sand, then walks back to a bench and sits down for 20 minutes with a bottle of water recovering from such a strain on the body.

Owwww Weeee, what a demanding "sport"!

Brianna said...

@ gamelord... 120 kg?? GO you!

@ you think the distance folks go harder than we do, huh? longer...yes. harder...i dunno.

@ anonymous... you posted anonymously. i'm shocked.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Awwww! I was just being a little snarkly, lol. And I remember your comments about the Distance people talkin’ ‘bout the Sprinter’s and working hard.
I’ve great respect for the level of commitment and work of all Track and Field athletes.

And I LOVE me the Sprinter (girls. LOL!).

Anonymous said...

I'm on the 4 step recovery plan.

First step is to admit your wrongdoings and realize why you hit the little girl on the playground is because you like her and she will not pay attention to you unless you hit her.

Second step is to realize that hitting her will not make her like you.

Third step is to start over, apologize and be just you. (But only in private if she is willing).

Fourth step is up to her...she has facebook contact abilities.

old teammate said...

If dude wasn't going hard and he's calling himself trying to be an athlete....he probably quit when he got home thinking about you out lifting him; but then talked himself out of it. Do a follow up and let us know if he put more weight on or if he's still complacent...Your a pro athlete, its a good teachable moment for you to help out this young brother.