Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's not all about ME

I’m selfish. I hate to admit it, but the proof is in the pudding. Most of the time I live my life for me and spend my most precious resource…my time…on myself. I can usually justify it by saying that the career I’ve chosen calls for this. It is an individual sport that requires a lot of time and effort to be your best and you must commit yourself to it fully in order to be at the top. And all that other time in the day when I’m not busy running in circles and jumping in sand? Well I need that time to recover. Regroup. Reenergize. And after that is done I need some time to focus on some other things that are important to me. My hobbies. My friends. My blog. My shopping needs—all the important stuff.

It is only rarely that I focus on other people, those that exist outside my little bubble. And I hardly ever do this on a consistent basis. I don’t volunteer regularly (Hello, I’m busy!), I don’t constantly search out those in need who I could be of assistance to, and I don’t make a real effort to figure out how I can use the gifts and talents I have to help others—someone besides myself.

This week I started a six-week series in my bible study group called DO SOMETHING. It is actually a church wide campaign at The Rock Church to encourage people to really begin to do something with their lives that matters and really counts. I haven’t been equipped with all that I have so I can simply make my life better. My purpose is also to help those around me and those who are in need. That’s how you truly do something great with your life and make it significant.

I’m sharing this here so that you can remind me to get over myself and to start living my life with a bigger purpose in mind. And perhaps you want to be reminded too. We all were created to do something great and to touch people in our own unique way. I want to be inspired to put my faith into action and to make my time here on Earth really count. Who’s with me?

Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works that these he will do, because I go to My Father. –John 14:12


Dust said...

I'm selfish to, and proud of it. I have no kids & the only person I'm responsible for is me. I need my "me" time & don't see anything wrong with that.

I do get your point & I choose to help others by setting an example. I'm with you!

Anonymous said...

You post bible quotes and those by really inpsirational people like Dr. King.

Doesn't that make you a great person?

You are one of the most self absorbed people I have ever met. Shallow as a plate.
Let us know if you actually do more than juts go to classes and post advice to others on Facebook.

Jasmine said...

I love you. That is all.

Oh, and you need to start moderating your comments. F'real.

Anonymous said...

Aight, I'm down with it. Although I've been doing it off and on at my leisure. So now, since I'm a blog reader of yours...I can help you, so you can help me, so we can help one another.



Repmuj Dnas said...

I have no problem with your approach to life. Sounds good to me! Who cares if you don't volunteer. Not me or anyone for that matter. Only person who cares is you and Anonymous above. I kinda like shallow girls. Shop, look good, jump in sand, not trying to prove to others your worthiness like most bible thumpers, are all good things. you'd rather go through life censoring everything and anyone who has a different view then you? Yikes!

@Anonymous...."Dr King inspirational"? I really don't see what he did that was so inspirational. I think you watch too much tv as they have glorified this person when reality is he really didn't do much other than make one speech which gets played over and over. He was just as much of a power hungry scumbag as Bush, Obama, or take your pick of any "politician" type figure in the USA and most of the world. It's all about power for one's self!

So there you have it, the Bri'ster is doing nothing different than everyone else and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you lack self confidence in your character, then go ahead, volunteer and then you can tell yourself you are good person. Cross it off the checklist.

But some of us, are just fine in our character and don't need to gain others admiration! We like who we are, as is!

Keeping in real.

Peace Out

Bianca said...

I'm really proud of you. I'm so glad you found an awesome church that's doing awesome things.

Keep doin' what you're doin'.

Let's hang out this weekend to discuss the April plans :)

Rumplestiltskin said...

Forget the church mumbo is what I do....

I look at it like this. I imagine I'm about 12, and in 5'th grade, so in love with what I thought was going to be my future wife, Lori K.....with her long eye lashes and so sexy (hey, I was 12, what did I know)! Ha! It is recess, and at my school there was a great big painted square which during assemblies we all had to fit into and was not allowed to leave the square. I imagine myself in the middle of the square, all alone. The square represents life, the problem at hand, the field of play so to speak. The goal is to get outside the square. But you just can't walk out, or run out. You are only allowed to take little small steps, and only one a day. Those are just the rules and you have to accept them. So, day by day, I take my little steps and closer and closer I get to happiness. Each day, I can see more clearly outside the square where all the other kids are playing and laughing and having fun. I know I can make it out of the square as I can see my progress. I'm no longer in the middle of the square and getting closer to the edge of the box where I can take the final leap and will have made it outside the square!

The rule that you can only take small little steps represents the things in life that we have no control over. The point for the rule is to not worry about things we can not control, just accept them, and understand that they are beyond our control. Only worry about things we do have control over. Also, small steps are the only way you will solve things. You can't wave a magic wand and have things go away. It is only with small little steps, one a day, that the goal can be reached. Leaping to the goal, can't happen. Its a journey. You must take each small step and learn from it, before you can take the next small step. And small steps are easy to take so the expectation upon yourself is easy.

The square represents, putting yourself in a position to reach your goal. I could have just went over to the swings and felt sorry for myself. But I chose to feel sorry for myself in the square, thus at least giving myself the chance to find happiness.

Being alone in the square represents that no one really knows the stress, worry, or unhappiness I feel. It is all mine and I will conquer it. Not to say that we can't use help sometimes, but this is my fantasy, so I'm all alone. Ha!

So, by putting myself at least in a position to reach the goal, and by taking a little step and only a little step each day, I reach my goal much faster than if I try to take a giant leap at it and most likely fail. Because giant leaps are against the rules. Ha!

LOL Or something like that is how I fight for happiness.

Anonymous said...

Admittance is the first step to healing. I hope you aren't writing this for the sake of your trolls and blog readers. Do things for yourself. Be a true better person.

Rumplestiltskin said...

@ Anonymous....her trolls don't push her into the church...her friends do! Peer pressure is a hard thing to avoid. Not Bri's fault. You see how one of her church thumping friends above is giving praise and promising greater friendship in the future in exchange for Bri "going church" efforts?

We all use the same tactics when training a dog. Give it treats when it does what you want!

Hey, Just Saying and Calling it how it is! Don't blame the messenger! I support Bri!