Friday, January 15, 2010


Everyone is talking about Haiti these they should be. I think it's important that in the day and age in which we live, where we facebook, twitter, and blog our lives to the world, we use the voice that we've created and the audience we've acquired to also talk about what's really important. Remembering this country in their time of need and doing what we can individually and collectively to help is of utmost importance right now. It's awesome to be able to use the social media of today to create action and to bring awareness.

Please take a few moments to watch the following video. It really moved me and I wanted to share it with the people I'm connected with. Continue to pray and please do whatever you can to help.

HAITI Ain't Heavy from ixlfirst on Vimeo.

Haiti Relief: Each viewer + donation = MIRACLES

Red Cross:Text HAITI to 90999 ($10 donation) -

YĆ©le Haiti: Text YELE to 501501 ($5 donation) - www.

*** If others know of some reputable, legit things they'd like to mention please do so in the comments and share the links! Also...just keep the dialog going. It's important we keep talking.


Matthew T. said...

What a terrible disaster. That video says a lot. While this is a natural disaster, I'm also hearing that gangs are causing trouble there too. While humanitarian aid is important, I think policing should also be a priority.

Nice Entry!

Matthew Tang

Matthew T. said...

Here's the link to that story.

Bianca said...

I want to go. I'm seriously trying to see how I can get involved.

Thanks for making me cry at work.

Deaulivery said...

I have written a special song for Haitians and hope 1 day they will be able to see it/hear it, not just the developed world. I hope proceeds from it will save future lives from such disasters on the island most vulnerable!
Thanks for sharing Brianna!

Ruboterra said...

I was wondering if you'd finally mention Haiti! What took you so long? The stench of dead bodies in your world of San Diego comfy bed and life?

Ruboterra said...

Same with Bianca...both hypocrites in life only out for your own good!

Kaydron said...

B breasy nice post. we all should help how we can.

from my life experiences, until you step into anothers shoes and walk in them for a mile, you don't get the right to critisize or judge. but i do understand your point, although communicated poorly in my opinion.

i would have said it something like...hey B breazy...You are aweseome, beautiful, talented, and just an overall inspiration for all man kind. how can so many of us so lucky in our lives in the great ol usa help? we must always very much appreciate how each of us live and while we say we want to help those in haiti, let us do it instead of just posting it on the internet.

Ruboterra...did I say the same thing but better phrased? Peace man and all of you..

Ruboterra said...


Are you aware you spelled breasy/breazy 2 different ways? Ut um!

I could have phrased it differently but who the heck cares! No one!

Just my point exactly. Brianna's blog, Bianca's blog, Obama, Bush, cares really!

My point was, to simplify it......."We all only care about ourselves!"

Did any of us hop on a plane to the Dominican Republic then drive into Haiti to help? NO! We all went about our daily lives, posting blogs, comments on Facebook, about how much we care! Maybe some donated $10 though text. Whatever!

I'm tired of hypocrisy and fake people. Calling it how it is.

brit brat said...

They actually recommend people don't come to Haiti to help, seeing as how they don't have water, food, electricity, or shelter. So......

Anonymous said...

It hurts me to watch. I suggest ppl, to hold your support if you plan to give. Three months from now is when the real help from private sources will be required. Brit Brat, try to invest in Haiti to develop renewable energy like solar & wind tech.

Warmest Regards,