Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Spirit of the Season

There is nothing that will put you in the holiday spirit quite like going to the DMV. I should know,.. I was blessed to spend time there yesterday afternoon. I walked away with feelings of joy and happiness. Where else could I spend hours of my life standing around waiting with my fellow Americans, listening to the beautiful sounds of “G201 to window 17, melodically coming through the speakers? It’s nice of them to also have the numbers flashing up on the screen as well. I know I really appreciated it, it was like an added awareness of what was going on, lest you start to let your mind wander unknowingly or you began to be captivated on what was going on around you.

What was going on around me? Perhaps just the most interesting display of social interaction I’ve been privy to in quite a while is all. Take for instance, the lady sitting next to me. She had no desire to wait til her number was called, so she took to rushing a window every time she saw someone leave it, before the next customer was called. The lady on the other side of me thought it would be a great idea to talk on speaker to her boyfriend the whole time while her 2-year-old daughter made a playground out of her surroundings. In all fairness, she’s probably worried about getting cancer by holding her phone directly to her ear. And controlling your child is totally overrated. They’re children for chrissake! Let them run free.

I also got some great styling tips from my fellow DMV’ers. More than likely I won’t get the opportunity to try them out until some time around October 31st, but very unique ideas nonetheless. In addition to learning about fashion, I was also able to practice my Spanish. Boy, am I rusty! In the end, it was all worth it though by the time I had my number called and made my way to window 23. It truly allowed me to be more like Jesus and treat others how he would. Jesus showed everyone love and treated them with respect and compassion, regardless of how they felt about him. In my small way, I did the same. This lady was rude and inconsiderate, but I smiled just the same, thanked her for her help and time, and wished her a very Merry Christmas.

So, yes, the DMV, with their discourteous employees, ridiculously long lines and crowded waiting room, and interesting characters everywhere you turned, was the perfect way to get into the spirit. Now I think I’ll wait til the 24th to go to the Mall.


i2theb said...

The lady who tries to beat the person to the window when their number is called is classic, but you forgot to mention the guy who constantly searches the ground for the numbers that might advance him forward in the line.

...and dont forget, it's (hey-soos) while ur brushing up on ur spanish, lol.

Bianca said...

I'm SO proud of you!

I agree with i2theb, it's [Hey Zeus] in Spanish ;)

Miss you, love you, need you.

Dust said...

This is going to sound bad, but you need to go to the DMV in Poway. You don't have to deal with the "extra" entertainment. Six employees behind the glass & only two are working. You don't have to hear about the man problems each city employee is having.

Poway, Rancho Sante Fe, or any place with high property taxes will make your future experiences much more pleasurable.

Happy Holidays

Brianna said...

hahaha...yes. the guy who searches for a better number. of course.

@dust...good thinking. chula vista, while convenient to work, is the WORST place to go to the DMV. not smart on my behalf.

Tasha Prescott said...

LOL I absolutely hate going to the DMV so much that I "accidentally forgot my license was expiring on my 30th birthday in June, until September when it was just a little bit less busy... LOL

Anonymous said...

Listen to Dust. When I walk into the DMV, I have a tremendous smile for the 3 ladies waiting for someone to help. Ask a question, they actually get out of their seat to find the obscure answer to Cali's regulations. Short on cash, these ladies will find a cheap alternative. Perhaps it is my homemade chocolate treats or they just like tall dark and handsome men. Nevertheless the DMV Girls make me feel special.


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Tyrone said...

Merry Christmas Brianna! :)