Friday, July 10, 2009

Packed and Ready to Go!

Today I leave San Diego for what may very well be a two month stint on foreign soil. There is a chance I may come back after World’s for a quick stint, but more than likely I will be gone until the middle of September. I am excited and looking forward to what the summer has in store for me. So far this season has been my most successful one as a professional and I am praying that continues in the months to come. Right now I have four competitions scheduled for the month of July in preparation for Berlin. I do try to keep my website updated on where I will be competing, as those small details tend to change as quickly as the weather at times, so check there if you don’t get my daily updates on twitter.

I am also quite proud that I will be paying no baggage fees at the airport today! Some might think that is no big deal, but they’ve never traveled as Brianna Marie Glenn. I like to feel at ease when I’m traveling and that includes wearing appropriate clothes, with the appropriate footwear, and the appropriate accessories to go along with it. Why would I carry a brown purse when I’m wearing black shoes?! It’s summer so some places will be hot, but then you’ll land in England and be met with chilly weather and a torrential downpour. You have to be prepared for everything! And let’s not get started on toiletries. I bring it all with me…I don’t trust what they may or may not have at the market in Germany. This got me into trouble my first trip to Europe back in 2001 when I left for a month and packed my whole closet to come along with me. Needless to say, I have tried to remember that I should not travel as if my name is Posh Spice.

I look forward to keeping you all updated and entertained for the next couple of months and I hope that you keep me in your thoughts and prayers for safe travels and super far jumps! Until next time…


Jon Lustig said...

I'll be in conference all day (and today that means pacific time), so hopefully I've guessed right, and hopefully I'm good enough at scripting for this to post while you're still Earthbound.
Godspeed Bri. I bid you a safe journey, fair winds, and jumps farther than you dare to dream. Be happy, be safe, and be great!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you! Please keep us updated with pictures :)

Love always,
Your roommate ;)