Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear Anonymous...

I’m giving you a 1-2 punch with two posts right in a row, but something caught my attention while I was writing the post below, and it was too good to let it slip by. As I was linking to an older post that explained my decision to continue training and move down to San Diego, I read over the comments of that post. Most of them were extremely positive, wishing me only the best in my endeavors. I’m sure not everybody out there had the belief that I could actually be successful or begin to achieve the things that I hoped to, but most were kind enough to wish me the best. Most. I distinctly remember that around that time I had a new resurgence of people who felt it was their duty to tell me that I should move on with my life, that it really wasn’t possible to accomplish much more, and that I was hanging on to a dream that would never be. Even though they were probably people I didn’t know, it was sometimes hard to hear and it would bring out a side of me that wasn’t always pleasant. So instead of feeling like I needed to defend myself constantly against these negative people, I’d choose to delete their words and moderate my comments. As you might have noticed, I’m still in moderation mode.

But on occasion I’d let them through and even respond if I felt like it, if I felt like they were giving their honest opinion and not just being mean for meanness sake. Here is a particular comment that stood out to me from that post:

Anonymous said... Easy way out. Unless you can consistently jump over 6.60 you aren't going to go anywhere in the sport today.

But hey another year of mooching off the system won't hurt and keeps you in your comfort zone.


My response: @anonymous...if i couldn't consistently jump over 6.60 then I'd be wasting my time. Do you know the average of my top five jumps in 2007? 6.60 isn't even where my goal is at. but thank you for your concern and i assure you that by year's end you will eat your words.

Anonymous said...

No hating. Just that she is not moving forward she is stuck. Afraid to go out and face the real world she clings to being an athlete. Hard to blame her as it is one of the best lifestyles in the world. BUT if she starts moaning on about how hard training is , how much she is sacrificing-well you are a fool if you enable that.
I have seen other athelets do exactly what she is doing-can't accept that it is time to move on -and it is for her though she will rationalize otherwise.

On a positive nore I have trainesdin Chula Vista and it is an amazing facilty.
Bri will love that she can live like a college kid again-no cooking, cleaning or taking care of anyone but you.
You know moving forward as she says.

And of course I then responded AGAIN, but after that I just stopped posting his responses because he had made his point and I knew we weren’t getting anywhere. But I’d like to know if this particular “anonymous” is still out there. I don’t doubt that this person probably still reads the blog, but it’s more than likely he now prefers to stay quiet. Some people are just like that, they only speak up when it brings someone down, not to lift them up. It’s a shame really, but we need all types of people to make the world go round. Anyway, I said I would make you eat your words and hopefully I have. Of course that was never my motivation, but it’s nice to be able to prove you wrong.


jumperkerry said...

I won the jr. Olympics in High school jumping a then national record 7'2.25" in 1978 and by the time i was 21 i had retired from track. I had been in the final's of the Olympic trial, top 5 at the tac but i wasn't jumping as well as my peer's thought i should. I kept hearing the comment's, he's washed up, he need to quit, why don't he get a job! So finally after opening the year with a 6'11" jump, all 5'9" 142 punds and 21 years old i quit. Well there hasn't been a day in my life that i didn't regret that decision. As individual's we have to do what's important to us and not fall victom to someone else's opionion or thoughts. Lord know's there a shelf life in track and you need to run yours all the way as far as you can as long as you want to. Heck remember Gail Devers story, she was washed up to, said the naysayer's, i'm glad she didn't listen. Grace Quit, i'm glad she came back. Yeah Bri the track world is a priveledged place that might not be the real world but it's yours and you have the right to live in it, play in it, roll in it as long as you please. It's sad to say but once that experation date comes that's it that's all! SO brianna let me quote from that famous poet shackquile O'neil "hey hater, tell me how my ass taste"

j buck said...

Wasn't me......

Any plans for this weekend Brianna?

Daniel J said...

Hey, I enjoyed reading this post. More than anything, it inspires me with my situation. When someone sees another person fight for what they want and believe in, it gives the other person the strength and courage to continue, because they also believe their outcome will be favorable to them as well.

When I watched the video, I really could sense the adulation and pure joy from your face. That feeling you had, that naysayer will never experience in LIFE, because he/she may have been a person who was easily defeated when someone came up against him/her. So, I kinda feel like you struck a blow for us "late picks" and I wish you the best in Berlin...

Now on another note, your teeth aren't that big, but you might be related to P.Diddy somewhere along the line....I kidd, I keeeddd....:)

Jon Lustig said...

I love that today is the day you decided to write something like this. Of course I remember that post, and I remember seeing that nonsense and feeling a little ticked that it was up there for everyone to see while I was one of those who had emailed you instead. None of those people had any blinking idea how lucky you were to even have that choice to make. Anyway, I realized that thinking about whether what I thought was up there for other people to read or not was silly; you knew. And as you said, you showed them just how much their 2 cents was worth, out there where it counts. Happy 4th!

Jon Lustig said...

And isn't it funny how the haters can't ever seem to spell properly?

Cormac said...

Ha! I love, love, love when angry, jealous people who hate for the sake of hating get put back in their bitter box. Especially when they don't have the manhood to put a name to their comments.

I remember that "Unless you can consistently jump over 6.60..." comment vividly from when it was posted, and it's such a relief that you showed him/her up for what they are.

I can assure you that they are ex-athletes who could never cut it at your level and are trying to take you down to console themselves.

The Lord works in WONDERFUL ways!

Bianca said...

My intern gave me this quote and I pass it to you:

Behind every successful woman is a pack of haters.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Jon Lustig's comment.

#2 Fan said...

Unfortunately, I know these type of people all too well...The ones who always have something to say, but when it's all said and done, haven't said anything (of true value to you) at all.

These are the same people who feign confidence and contentment in their own lives, and secretely lead lives of misery and envy. They cry to themselves at night, and try their hardest not to look beyond their own mere reflections. They are living, walking, talking SHELLS.

All we can do is pray for these people, because that's what they need most. Their judgments of you have proven to have no negative influence on your achievements, blessings and GLORY....Hhmmmm, maybe that realization has caused them shut up in the first place LOL

Even more, this anonymous person obviously doesn't know you (or at least never took the time to get to know you) or else he would have noticed that you have always been honest with yourself and US concerning your fears,faults,insecurities, hopes, goals, AND strengths!

anonymousnupe said...

Bri, you know you're bigger than "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah." Your accomplishments speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

jumperkerry is the shit!--he is right--leave all of yourself on the track--"blood on the track"--shit lance armstrong is about to win another tour de france after 3 years of--post cancer--th tour organizers never wanted him in the race after his second win---haters galore he has--do you think he listens to anyone and he is 37--bri move ya urself to London--and take what is your destiny!--no time for being a wussy now! just lay it all out and leave it in the pit when ur done!--joe p. vegas

Kiemie said...

Wow. I'm glad you posted this! needed this. More than you'll ever know! Thanks for the post, and thanx for the blog!

Brianna said...

thanks y'all. so far, no mean comments from "anonymous" today.

just so you know, I don't post this just because I get to throw it back in someone's face who may or may not read this. I also post this because it is part of my story. This sentiment was not just one single person, and it wasn't just from people who may not know me or like me. People who love me and wanted the best for me thought the same thing. I'm making a point here...YOU, and nobody else, should get to decide your future and like I said previously, if you have only two people in your corner (you and the big man), then that's enough.

brit brat said...

"So what she/he keeps talking about you and hating on you. What do you think a "hater's" job hate. If you have someone hating on you right now you better think of how to get 5 more people hating by Christmas. You need haters to make you stronger...without haters most people wouldn't try to become better. Just tell them "B*tch you just hate me because you can't be me..."
-Kat Williams

a_net said...

Bri...all I can say is this

It is not for someone else to understand your dreams..that's why it's your dream and not there's. It is like when you try to explain something to someone and you have broken it down the best u can and they STILL don't get it.

This is the same.

I had someone tell me something to tell all the haters out there. Now, Im sure that you have been in the top 50 in the World on several occassions. There are over 6.7 BILLION people in the World. And out of the 6.7 BILLION you have been the TOP 50. That breaks down to something like top 7% in the World..something like that (math wasn't my major). The example that was given to me was, imagine your at a football game..roughly holding about 70,000 ppl. Not one person in there is better in the Long Jump than u. NOT ONE. Now you tell that person, what in their entire life have been the top in.

Im glad you stayed the course. Don't leave the sport until your heart tells you your done.

Marcus said...

Hey Bri, I sent you a comment just like the one A_Net just mentioned about a year ago.

David Oliver said...

Bri, first and foremost congrats on making the team, hadn't been on the blog in a minute. We all know how hard it is to make a team.

The anonymous thing is pretty funny, anonymous people can't post on my blog anymore, now they go to great lengths to create phony accounts and post stuff. Bottom line, you will never escape the hate.

People who dry hate are the scum of the earth, they get no personal gain from hating, so what's the point?

Keep doing what you do and let the jealousy pile up.

Anonymous said...

This is what I sing when I have some haters, "Got my head on straight, I got my mind vibe right-I ain't gonna let you kill it!! see I wouldn't change my life, my life's just fine!!" Just Fine- the great Mary J Blige=) I like musical affirmations.