Saturday, April 25, 2009


So I have a new phone. Still a blackberry…and I’m still an addict. But can I tell you that there is nothing that frustrates me more than dealing with phone companies? For weeks I have been trying to fix my phone and breathe new life into it so that I wouldn’t have to take the hit by buying a new one. Blackberries are a lot of money and it could be used for… oh, I don’t know, food. But after hours of my life were wasted, talking with customer support, being transferred to different levels of customer support, and having them falsely claim they fixed the problem only to have it not working properly again the next week, I knew I was going to have to bite the bullet. Let me pause for just one second though and mention that perhaps you should have more than a G.E.D. to be tech support for a company. And once I get to someone that does have a diploma, I just want them to speak English because I happen to communicate better that way. And I realize that companies train their employees to deal with customers in a certain way, but the least you can do is put your own twist on that script your reading because by now I’ve heard it 2,843 times and I don’t quite believe that you really are sorry that my blackberry isn’t working and you realize how frustrating that is, and want to get this problem fixed as soon as possible because you value me and am grateful I have been a loyal T-mobile customer since 2005.

But now I have my new updated and upgraded Blackberry and I am happy. All I had to give them in return is my life savings, $100 of which they will give back in the next six months after I mail in my rebate, and my firstborn child, otherwise known as a contract extension. But that’s ok, because I’ve been a loyal customer since 2005 and there is no reason to believe that I will become un-loyal in the next two years…unless I decide I’ve had enough of Blackberries and make my way over to the dark side. I’ll give you a hint—it starts with I and ends with phone. Dun dun dun.


homegirl said...

Come to the darkside... you know you wanna! Funny thing is, it's so bright over here because everytime I look at her, my iPhone brightens up my day! :)

I've been loyal to AT&T for quite some time now. There's been 1 or 2 times I've had to call BS on them when they try pimp that script game on me(I think they enjoy it and tend to think we're playing a card game or something)but once I shed a couple of tears... I always hang up or leave the store happy with what I want. *sigh* Phone companies.

brit brat said...

you should come over to the dark side, cuz then we could talk all the time with free mobile to mobile :)

Jon Lustig said...

Hope you enjoy your new 8900, saw 1 in a store a while ago and really liked the form/fit. Everyone I know who has one says it's the best one they've ever made. Sorry to hear you had to pay straight for it, that really sucks, especially since they don't know what happened to your old curve (which means they can't prove it was you who bricked it).

If you do ever decide to get an iphone, buy an ipod touch instead. You get 98% of the iphone (probably even more now, since they're putting skype and other voip stuff on it) for much cheaper.

Brianna said...

@ homegirl...haha. sometimes a couple of tears must be shed in order to get what you want!

@ talk on the phone less than me. stop lying.

@ are right. if i had an ipod touch my life would be perfect. best of both worlds!!!

Anonymous said...

What is your phone number?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else see the irony that this post comes after the nice one just below it?

Great times in Dekar-23.1 is terrific!

Bianca said...

iPhone all the way!

But I'm biased :)

Jon Lustig said...

See? Even though we're just commenting on a blog, notice how some of us make *absolutely* sure to capitalize certain letters. Run Bri! RUN AWAY!

Kiemie said...


I've heard that these companies alos have a small(very small) retention department. A group of reps who will throw the kitchen sink at you inorder to keep you as a customer. Try them next time.

brit brat said...

I'd talk a lot more if it were mobile to mobile :)

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Ah, the wonders of Outsourcing!

But I will share a small personal disappointment, lol. Since you weren’t able to Long Jump at the IAAF meet, I’d kinda hoped you’d show for the event up the coast, to maybe get some competition flights in. Well, I must say Grace Upshaw and Hyleas Fountain put on quite the show, with some great jumps! A few had ‘jet blast’ wind aids, but their best jumps were Wind Legal, a 22-03-75 to 22-03-50 (6.80 to 6.79)! A difference of just .25!
It would have been great to see you in the mix, and get a Standard.

A small aside; it’s interesting for experienced ‘watcher’s’ to notice the different techniques Jumpers use to stay loose and focused. Since (as you so well know) Jumpers have to wait out on the field during the run of Flights, it’s amusing to watch them. I swear Ms. Fountain must have put her sweats on and off a 100 times, jumping around and appearing restless. Ms. Upshaw seemed more ‘settled’. But this could be personality differences too. What do you, Ms. Glenn, like to do while waiting (besides fuming about the Blackberry, lol)?

Oh, and Brit_Brat, it’s OK. I’m horrible with phones too (I like actually looking at people when I attempt to communicate – said I was Old, lol). The kid’s just text now, claiming I never answer calls, lol!