Sunday, February 8, 2009

Irish Champ

I am very pleased to report that after my competition this weekend I am officially the Irish National Champion in the Long Jump and 60 meters. *Applause* Now, I realize that this title would hold much more significance if I actually happened to be Irish but we all have to start somewhere and I happen to believe that I just might be 1/16th Irish as well as probably a whole bunch of other things. I might need to check with Mom and see what other Championships I can sneak into while I’m out here.

All jokes aside, I was actually quite pleased with my first real competition of the season, especially in the long jump. I have mentioned it briefly on the blog before, but there has been a lot of nervous anticipation regarding my jumping this season due in large part to the switching of takeoff legs and me having absolutely no assurance as to whether that bright idea of mine was going to pay off. I am happy to report that so far things seem to be on the right track and I am beyond relieved that after such a short time I am already in a competitive place and look forward to shocking some people this season. Of course it will be only you guys who realize I am out there jumping off of a different leg but even if they think I’m jumping off the knee I had surgery on they still might think it’s pretty impressive. And of course if they ask what is different about me this year, I’ll tell them. There’s no reason they shouldn’t know what a stud I am. ☺

In other exciting news, I have also begun to debut some of the new competition outfits I told you about a few weeks ago (see here). I know I am going to disappoint some of you with the extra skin I am covering up but the longer tops seemed to be more fashionable. I do have one half top I haven’t worn yet but it might have to wait for outdoors. Anyway, I would love your opinion on what I have so far and that will help determine the direction I go this season. (Based on whether or not I agree with you of course.)

1st Look: This is hard to really appreciate in the picture but the top is a bright silver, like I am a ‘Martian from outer space’ type of silver. The bottoms have 3 thin silver stripes and of course the silver headband. (I’m sticking with my headbands regardless.) In pictures this look might not make much of a statement so I call it my low-key look.

2nd Look: The top is white/black/gold with a gold zipper but those huge numbers we always have to wear are hiding that. The bottoms are more like hot shorts. They remind me of the shorts the girls wear at Hooters actually. I’ve never actually eaten at a Hooter’s but I know what the shorts look like.

**The socks add a whole other vibe to the look but these are specifically for Long Jump. I realize it may seem a bit “costume-y” but they are actually functional. It’s so annoying when sand gets inside your socks and this way that problem is eliminated.

3rd Look. All black and gold but with a smaller bottom, similar to what I’ve been wearing in the past. What I love about this top is the straps so hopefully you get a good look at those.

And just for kicks, this is a picture of my warm-up. I just love it because of the “B” on the arm. It’s like it was made for me…except it wasn’t.

So go ahead and tell me what you think. Just don't let all the folks who will more than likely comment on how my knees look funny or my nose is a little big drown you out.

**A special thanks to all the fabulous photographers out in Ireland...without them, this post would not be possible. :)


BreezieGirl said...

Outfits look good!!

But more importantly,


Brianna said...


and p.s. for anybody that is interested i made the title of the blog a link to a little local write up that one of my fave people emailed to me. i love having people that love me. ;)

Jon Lustig said...

I'm sure those titles hold 'much more significance' for the ladies you were running and jumping against, so a bit less dismissive hand waving might be in order here. Congratulations Bri!
I can't be of much help with the other topic of course, am sure they look smashing on you though.

Erin Michell said...

Your choice of outfits for the meet seem fine to me especially since you won both your events! Congrats!!! The road to recovery is not always easy but you had faith in God and believed in yourself. I'm sure that as the season progresses, so will your jumps and races :-)

Nikkie T said...

YAY Bri!!! Good job!
Are you back in the states yet?

Jasmine said...

Yay!! SO prooud of you!!! Congrats on the wins...and for looking so hot.

Brianna said...

when did it seem like i was doing any type of dismissive hand waving? I'm not. If anything I was being facetious because of course I'm not actually the "Irish" champion, just the champion of the meet. An Irish person still has to be the National Champion...just as if I were in any other country.

Anonymous said...

fantastic and congrats shera your a monster! all the best.-vegas guy

Jon Lustig said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jon Lustig said...

@Bri, I guess I didn't hear the word title in that sentence the way you meant it. You seem to have used it to refer to a given name (or a cognomen), but sometimes the word is used more broadly to refer to a competition itself, not just the winner.

Dana said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the wins chica!!!

Outfits: Have you tried the 2nd top with the 1st's bottoms? Digging the jacket with the warm-up suit too! =)

t.v. said...

First of all congrats on your double headed. Way to go! :)

I like the long jump outfit with the socks. Brings out the "stud" in you. LOL.. Ok all jokes aside.

You look good in black. Maybe it should be your signature color this year.

Cormac said...

Congrats on your performances at the weekend.

You forgot to mention in your blog that your time in the 60m final and best jump in the LJ were both Irish all-comers records; the fastest and the furthest any Female has ran and jumped on the island of Ireland! Congratulations!

Now, all you have to do is come back to Cork in the summer and rob the outdoor ones too! Although, I'm pretty sure you already have the 100m one already...

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Very happy for you that the trip was successful, the decisions you’ve made seem to be working and the training is ‘on course’. Please use this to instill some confidence about the rest of the season.
The outfits look fine. Really, unless you wore something hideous on purpose, you are not going to look less than fabulous.

Oscar said...

Congratulations. This is definately going to be a great season for you.

LaLa said...

Yay Bri! Okay number two is my fave, but I do like the top of #3. A top athlete and girly girl rolled into one.

Bianca said...

I j'dore the warmup suit! You are talented AND beautiful.

Molto baci e abbraci!

Christy said...

CONGRATS! Yay - I'm so happy for you!!! (also jealous you're in Ireland - I've always wanted to go as it's a huge part of my ancestry)

I'm with Bianca - I LOVE the warm-up suit!!!

L said...

One work for your new treads- FABULOUS!!

melanie said...

i think you gotta go farther.
think flo-jo circa the seoul games...and then reel it back like 3-4 notches. ;o)
the socks are hot. takes me back to the days of you and jaz on jv basketball! ha!
i think you should be seen in yellow. and hot pink.
anyway, we have been phone tagging, and i think you're it. call soon. i miss you!

melanie said...

i think you gotta go farther.
think flo-jo circa the seoul games...and then reel it back like 3-4 notches. ;o)
the socks are hot. takes me back to the days of you and jaz on jv basketball! ha!
i think you should be seen in yellow. and hot pink.
anyway, we have been phone tagging, and i think you're it. call soon. i miss you!

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