Friday, February 6, 2009

Picture of the Week: Super Bowl

Super Bowl was an amazing time. great experience...great game...and great memories with people I love. What more can you ask for? Here are a few pictures from game day...

*Pre-game party...we went to get ready for a great Super Bowl at a party that doubled as a tailgate. One thing about Super Bowl is that there is a lot of people who have a lot of money and they like to make sure you know it! This party was held in an airplane hangar. They brought in a beach area, had live music, a ton of food, and random celebrities and athletes milling around.

Inside area of the hangar. Notice the large amount of Steeler jerseys...Cardinal fans were definitely the minority!

The beach area...complete with sand and personal canopy beds.

A picture I snapped of the Bachelor. He was also a 7th string quarterback or something I guess.

Uncle Kev and JR

* Next up was the game. Quite possibly the best game I have ever watched. I thought last year's Super Bowl was exciting, but for me this year was even better. Perhaps because I really had a team I was cheering for, but regardless that fourth quarter was one for the books!

Uncle Kev and I on our way in to the stadium dressed like real fans!

We walked to our seats and were shocked (!!!) to find ourselves in a box on the 50 yard line. This was a total surprise but SOOO amazing to experience a game like that!

Taking the obligatory picture with the field as a backdrop!

I notice Ashton and Demi sitting in the box next to us. Slightly off-center but still good seats I guess. :) Everyone else was snapping pictures as well so why not.

The Boss at halftime. I'm not a HUGE Springsteen fan but I did find it quite entertaining.

Congratulations Steelers on your 6th Super Bowl victory. Not how I wanted to see it end but a great game nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

The quarterback in your picture is Jesse Palmer. He was a HUGE star at my old school the University of Florida. He's now a college football analyst for ESPN.

Brianna said...

yea...i know his name. i just know him better as "The Bachelor." :)

LaLa said...

Ok Bachelor Jesse, totally hot but another Bachelor dud. And as for Ashton, didn't Bruce wear that same hat in the Whole Nine Yards? Things that make ya go hmmmm...