Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just another day

Today is January 10th. That’s really all I need to know about this day but for some reason I woke up today and remembered it was my ex-boyfriend’s birthday. Like first thing that came to my mind, remembered. That bothers me. It bothers me because I am not a person to remember birthdays. There are about 5 that I have committed to memory and the rest must be brought to my attention annually if you hope to get any well wishes from me. So it’s a little disheartening to know that of all the great people I know and respect, I choose to remember his and I am pretty sure he’s not deserving of that status. The break-up was a few years back and so the resentful, unhappy, depressing, bitter, angry feelings towards him have dissipated for the most part. We are kosher. Not quite friends, but no longer enemies. I send out the occasional "hey, what’s up. Hope all is well." messages and I get the same in return. But you know what I did not get? A Birthday wish. When April 18th came around there was no message from him wishing me well and I’m pretty sure it’s because he did not wake up thinking that day was my birthday, he simply thought of it as the 18th day of April. And that’s how I wish I could have approached today. I suppose it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. I could simply wish him a Happy Birthday and be a nice person…or not, and still be a nice person. I’m sure it probably makes no difference to him. But I guess that’s why I have two X chromosomes, because I will now ponder this issue for far too long then is necessary.


Liz said...

I think we women are just like that though. Once we've had a connection with someone, we remember things about them even when we don't want to. We'll remember the birthday of the guy whose tires we got our cousin to slash. (Not that I, cough, know from personal, cough, experience or anything. ;0

Mes Deux Cents said...


For me it's Sept 2nd. That's my exes birthday. I don't even get upset with myself anymore for remembering it every year.

Eventually I'll meet someone who will help me to forget my exes birthday. Lol

And I imagine you will too.

Bianca said...

I hope you don't feel bad about that. It's natural. I still remember you-know-who's birthday, cell phone number, and home address?!

Lord help us and these stupid boys we date.

brit_brat said...

I wish you would stop trying to be vague and just say who the person is. You know I'm curious.
But I honestly wouldn't dwell on it. It's just our subconscious reminding us that we once cared, even if we no longer do. That person made it to our filing cabinet of life, stored somewhere way in the back, just not shredded. Be the bigger person and shoot them a happy birthday. If nothing else atleast he'll then be thinking of you too so it won't feel so one sided. :)

Bianca said...

NO! Do NOT send a birthday wish.

I know who Bri is talking about and he is not worth it. Not-worth-it!

AND she's too pretty for him.

Anonymous said...

Because I do not celebrate birthdays, it's even more hard for me to remember any of my ex's. One of my ex-girlfriend's, I can not remember her birthday to save my life, I just knew it was in early-July. For some reason I do remember the birthday of my ex-wife and one of my ex-girlfriends because they shared the same birthday...what a coincidence right? Not only that, but my ex-wife and I got married two days before her birthday in 1999, and I will never forget my first wedding day, though I should...LOL!

I know my current girlfriends birthday because it is a day before my oldest brother's birthday, but I am almost afraid that I wouldn't remember it if there was no association. Hmmm... My 29th birthday is coming Friday and I just remembered that, so you know I have a problem...LOL!