Saturday, January 26, 2008

the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Good: The good part of my race tonight was obviously the finish. Second place isn’t too shabby, although I definitely feel this was a race I could have easily won.

Bad: The bad part of it was the time. 7.34 is nothing fantastic, in fact it’s quite mediocre for me, but since it was faster than 6 other people that were in the same race, I’ll take it. My coach’s words of advice to me beforehand were to react to the gun and beat people, and so for the most part, I did that.

Ugly: The ugly part is for the stumble I took about 3 steps into the race. There isn’t much room for mistakes in a 60 meters and I definitely know that that small one was the difference between first and second. The bright side of it is though that I have something to work on. I hate the feeling of running a time I’m not thrilled with and not knowing what exactly needs improving or what I did wrong. I know this may not necessarily need to be categorized as extreme as ugly, but it makes for a nice title, don’t ya think?!

Getting through the first meet of the year is always a huge relief though. There is so much pent up anxiety when you haven’t competed for so long and just the process of getting back in to competition mode is always accompanied by a bit of nervousness. Such was the case tonight in Boston. My nerves actually stayed at bay for most of the night, which I found to be quite surprising. It wasn’t until the two false starts of the men’s race right before us that I started to get a bit antsy. Of course I always say you aren’t really ready to sprint unless your stomach is full of butterflies. If my leg isn’t shaking like I have turrets, chances are I’m not ready to run!

So if you aren’t doing anything Sunday afternoon, take a second to check out the coverage on ESPN 2. (3pm eastern I believe). My race is only 7 seconds long so you won’t be cutting into too much of your time by doing so. If nothing else, let me know if I was having a good hair day or not. I will miss the broadcast as I will be traveling back home and matters of that nature are extremely important to me.


focusonwin said...

Congrats on the completion of your first race of the year. The first one is always the hardest. And, as far as racing goes, you'll only improve from there...So, do you feel like your off-season training was a success? Oh, and the fact that you stumbled fairly close out of the blocks and still finished in second speaks volumes on your spead, talent and reaction. I think you'll be just fine Brianna. Keep me informed on your future races and progress. Best wishes

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Second ain't bad at all, but I can only imagine how important first is for you. There is always next time sis. Next time around, I can not imagine that you will do any stumbling out the gate and first place will be all yours.

On that note, if I am at home around 3pm (which I most likely will be 'cause I have no life), I will tune in to ESPN and watch you get your 'Road Runner' on [big smile].

Anonymous said...

Just hapened to be watching this race and saw you finish a strong second and thought i recognized the name. I looked you up and found this site and blog. Congratulations on a very good race. Obviously you aren't satisfied...good! Good luck on your olympic journey. I'll check back to see your progress.

Nikkie T said...

My father-in-law called me to let me know that he watched you run and you looked great! He said he recorded it and everything. I didn't even tell him you would be on :). ANyway he told me to tell you you were great!

Big J said...

Did check out your race. Finished 2nd by only .07 seconds, 1st race of the season, looked stylish while running :) What more could a woman want? Oh yeah, to WIN!
I am sure a win is coming soon.
Would love to have you on our show to promote your next event, or just to take part in our "Femme Fatale" Sports segment.
Take care and God Bless

Dameek said...

Miss Glenn, I caught your race and just wanted to congratulate you on your 2nd place finish. After hearing Dwight Stone cast a huge spotlight on Miki Barber, I was more than eager to see you pull out a victory. Honestly, at 30-35 meters, I thought you had the race. So, I agree, without the stumble, you would've definitely won. Overall, it was a good first race of the season. By the way, you not only were having a good hair day, but a good body day as well. ;-) Onward and upward!!

Mes Deux Cents said...


Good luck in 2008, I hope you have a successful season!

Jackie Edwards said...

Hey Brianna
I didn't get to see the race but from the sounds of it, at least you got off to a solid beginning to your season. I know things are only to get better as time goes along so good luck and keep on representing!

Anonymous said...

You did very good and you were on Miki's heels. 2nd is NOT bad at all. Won't it feel good to rub it in eveyone's face next time when you come in 1st?!