Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do you feel me?!

Today I had my picture taken. I do that from time to time, in case you haven’t noticed. I hate for people to get bored looking at the same pictures over and over and that’s what my stats tell me some of you are doing, so I do my best to keep it fresh. Besides that, I’ve really been wanting to make use of the great landscape that Tucson has to offer while I am out here. Cacti and rocks can make for a dynamic backdrop. Who knew?!

So this photographer had contacted me last week letting me know he was going to be in town for a photography convention of some sort and would love the opportunity to get me in front of his camera. Tucson is teeming with high-caliber model types so of course I was flattered. Basically, I really don’t have much of anything happening on Wednesdays, so we decided to meet up and make use of the amazing landscape at one of Tucson’s premiere resorts, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort. Seriously, I never knew such posh accommodations existed out here and the grounds are beautiful. Cactus, brush, and rocks galore, plus a waterfall to boot!

So there I am, posing for the camera. chin down…drop your left shoulder…hand on your hip…spread your fingers slightly…smile…not to big…turn the right knee in…no, your other right…. Believe me, it’s all great fun. I really begin to light up when people walk by because having an audience makes me feel special. And then when it’s time to strip to the bikini the real fun starts.

Hey, nice looking tourists from South Dakota. This is totally natural for me to be standing precariously on this rock half-naked with a cactus poking me in my side and pretend you aren’t staring at me right now.”

But honestly, I didn’t really mind that I was outside in a bikini in 50 degree weather, walking barefoot on sharp rocks and getting pricked by cactus left and right while being the afternoon’s surprise entertainment. But then a drop fell. And then many more.

”Don’t worry, the rain will make it interesting. We will get some great shots!

But inside I’m seething. Not because I’m freezing cold and don’t have any clothes on. Not because I stubbed my toe. Not because I am embarrassed. Because I just straightened my hair. UGHHH!

(This post is for black women and their sympathizers.)


kash p said...

Damn that's rough, at least you're still relatively attractive with a fro too.
French Proverb - "il faut souffrir pour etre belle"; "suffer to be beautiful"
I'm sure the pics will turn out lovely, can't wait to see em.
P.S. I like the subtle humor in this; cute story

Aunt S said... case you haven't been paying close enough attention to the paler side of your family, that frizz thing is happening just as much with white people...'cept they're saying "damn, I just CURLED my hair". There is collective cussing going on within the white population just as loud. And, I might add, we look worse with our frizz than you cuz we can't even claim that we just have a great fro going on. OK, some white folk try that line but...they sound stupider than they look. Hey, I thought you were going to say you were seething cuz your headlight(s) came on. BTW..did Kash really use the word "lovely"?

brit_brat said...

hahahaha that sucks
lets hope the wet look is more "sexy" than "WET DOG"!

Anonymous said...

That's one thing I hate about straightening my hair. Rain and persperation.

Bianca said...

Work the rain! I'm positive it will be worth the messed up hair.

melanie said...

hahaha! some people don't know!! (BIANCA?!) yes, wet hair rain pictures are cute--IF your hair is consistently and thoroughly wet and perhaps contains the proper styling agents...this is not as effortless as it LOOKS when you see tyra or somebody on the cover of s.i.!

and if i know mixed hair, brianna (& i'm not even really sure i do, inspite of the fact that i HAVE it!) you had a not-quite-fully-reactivated curl, a puffiness, not-so-much-a-frizz-a-la-aunt-sharon, and would probably have been better off dunking your dome in a bucket of water, rather than takin it drop by drop! whatever. you're hot. i'm sure the pix are fabulous...but am i close? ;o)

Nikkie T said...

So I just read your blog (that sucks about the rain!!!) and it was funny as always- but not as funny as your Aunt's comment that white women have it harder than black women when it comes to water in the hair!!! Part of me was like "was she serious!" but the funniest thing is I KNEW she was :). Are you and Brit the only black women that she knows? That may explain it, cause even though wet hair sucks for you, it EXTRA sucks for me! Let her catch me, Kia and TaKisha in a rain storm... I shudder just thinking about it... :)

Nikkie T said...

Upon reading my comment I realize that on paper it may not come off as light and funny as it sounded in my head. My hubby actually said it was a little mean... that was not my intention (apparently my winks, and smiley faces didn't do the job :/ ). I'm not as good as I'd like to be when it comes to getting the reader to pick up changes in tone and inflection and all the other things that bloggers are good at. Those who know me would read this the way I intended it, but for those who don't (and didn't) please know that although there is NOTHING comical about me being caught in a rainstorm, my comment was purely lighthearted and meant to make you laugh.

Brianna said...

i laughed nikkie!

brit_brat said...

I laughed too Nik!