Sunday, January 13, 2008

All in your mind

(You might want to skip this one if you don't run track. LOL)

I will rarely write about my workouts. Perhaps one day I will write a blog to explain why, because it just might be interesting...moreso than the workouts themselves. Anyway, it has nothing to do with being secretive or anything of the sort. If anybody wanted to know, they are free to ask but if not, I'll probably keep writing about all the other fluff. But sometimes, like today, I will feel compelled to share.

So here was yesterday's workout...

-6 x 30 out of blocks. 3 min rest in between.

-2 x 250 @ 90%. Full recovery (prob around 12 min)

I will preface this by saying that anything over 150 scares me. In fact, too many 150's scare me. It's just not my cup of tea and my body has never been a fan. When I say that you might doubt me a little being that I was an NCAA champion in the 200 meters, but believe me when I tell you that I'm not lying. Add to that that for the past few years I have trained only as a jumper. In fact, my training last year had the least speed endurance work of my career. So getting back into it has been a challenge.

Anyway, I finished my 30's and I was a bit spent. I mean, I was going all out and even though the distance isn't long, it still takes a lot out of you. If you aren't a short sprinter just take my word for it. Next is the first 250. I run it in what I was supposed to...24 mid through the 200 and then 31 for the 250. But afterwards, I kind of felt like the workout should be over because that was exactly what my body was telling me. "YOU ARE THROUGH." But after what was supposed to be "full recovery" (although my body sure didn't feel any parts of recovered), I get back on the line for the 2nd one. I have a feeling if I hadn't got a last minute on the line pep talk I would have had a sub-par workout because I just didn't feel like dealing with the pain which was most assuredly awaiting me if I ran another fast one. But I got the pep talk and now I knew I had to focus at the top of the curve and come off it strong.

So I focused on that and did what I was supposed to. It was a fraction of a hair slower but what surprised me was that the last 150 in the 2nd one was faster than the 1st one. That is so unlike me. If anything, I will get out hard and then die but this time I just wrapped my mind around what he told me and wouldn't you know my body was actually capable of doing it.

Now coach is all excited and talking about how great it will be in May when I do that same workout but come through the 200 at 23 seconds. Slow your horse buddy... I'm not ready to wrap my mind around that one yet. I get instant lactic acid just thinking about it!


Anonymous said...

My friend Roger is a sprinter and I have watched him practice, so I somewhat understand this post. Not only that, I am a competitive athlete myself so I know firsthand the whole mentality that has to surface in order to get through a work out successfully.

What does not kill you will make you stronger, so says Kanyeezee :)


Ron Bramlett said...

The hurdles are fun and easy. You should try them. NO LACTIC:)

Eb the Celeb said...

I totally feel you... i ran track from the time that I was 4 until college. I was always a sprinter. Then we needed points to beat our rivals school in HS and our 400 runner was hurt... All I had to do was come in 3rd and we would win the meet. My mom ran the 400 and my coach knew that so she put me in. I had never ran the thing before, but I hated them girls on the other team so I was game.

The whistle blew and I was out... the coach told me that the 400 was a sprint... by the time I got to that last curve... the monkey was on my back heavy... I thought my limbs were going to fall off... But I was so far ahead of everyone else that I still ended up winning even though I was completely out of gas.

Do you know that chick from that point on took me off the 100 and put me on the 400... I hated that damn race... so I feel you!

anonymousnupe said...

Hey there. Found your blog via Ron Bramlett's. He has sent me advice and words of encouragement for my 15 year old daughter who runs (4x200, 800, 1600, 3200)for her high school. Would you be willing to send her a word or two every now and then, and answer specific questions about training and form for her? I noted the absence of cursing in your blog (unless I missed it), and an apparent acknowledgment of God...and the fact that you're that's why I am asking. You can reach me at