Monday, January 28, 2008

Full of class

Yesterday I flew back from Boston. A good six hours of actual flight time because somehow there is that much headwind when you fly the opposite direction. Add on another 2 ½ hours of layover time and I had a pretty long day. Luckily for me, I got a first class upgrade which I was hoping would make the trip more relaxing and enjoyable but it seems as if I got the southwest version of upgrades this time around. It perplexes me how the flying experience in first/business class is so dependent on the route you take. Fly Los Angeles to Atlanta on Delta and you have tons of room, your own personal T.V. with on demand movies and shows, a 3 course meal, enough alcohol to make sure your nice and tipsy once you arrive (if you so choose), and an army of flight attendants to cater to your every need. They might give you a foot massage if you ask nicely enough. But fly Tucson to Atlanta and you might get an extra bag of peanuts…if you’re lucky. It’s basically the same as the back of the plane except your seat is a little wider and you can have a glass of wine for free if you hunt down the flight attendant. Whatever…I didn’t pay for it so it’s not like I can complain too much.

So on the way back yesterday my back was killing me because for some reason or another I have developed chronic back pain in the last couple of weeks that is not in any way helped by flights across the country. So I boarded early and stole the pillow of the guy next to me so I could have two of them to prop behind my lower back, thereby putting myself at a better angle and relieve some of the pain. Also, because I was in the first row of the plane I had the wall in front of me, so I propped up my legs…not straight out in front of me, but up above my head so that I was in somewhat of a V position. I found this to be the most comfortable way to alleviate the pain. I looked like a moron and I’m sure I caught my fair share of snickers from all the true business professionals I was surrounded by, but what can I say…I’m just a classy lady.


brit_brat said...

If it's a sharp pain, use ice first. If it's more of an ache, use heat for 20 min. Then try rolling over a tennis ball where you feel discomfort. I know you get massages like every week, but if you're in pain and no one is around, this can help you too. And it's free! Just a little knowledge for yo ass!

Janie said...

I have decided that everyone on planes has their own version of strange. Your "V" is way better than the lady who kept putting her feet between the seats on MY arm rest and touching my elbow. GROSS!

t.v. said...

En route to NY via Detroit last summer, I travelled first class on Northwest/KLM. And their first class is more or less like you discribed it, only I had a very attentive steward. He was up in my space everytime I turn around, serving me snacks, fruit and non-alcoholic drinks.:)

You positioning yourself into a V was not a bad idea for your lower back. Any position that causes your lower back to flatten, will bring relief.


LNTJumpa07 said...

I hope your pain goes away and it will not affect your performance any because you should do well on the national and world level this year. Plus I know you don't want to miss anytime because it's an Olympic year.

QC'z Finest

Anonymous said...

The visual of the "v" is quite funny, especially in first class.

I know all about back pain. Hopefully yours doesn't get as serious as mine because I don't think you can afford to get steriod shots. No ma'am. Here's hoping you find some relief.