Thursday, February 23, 2012


Earlier this week I made a decision not to compete at our U.S. Indoor Championships this weekend in Albuquerque. I had done a handful of indoor meets that had not went very well and made a decision with my trusted advisors that it would probably be best if I just started to focus on the outdoor season and work on figuring out some kinks that had reared their ugly head during my indoor campaign. If you don't agree with my rationale for this decision that's totally fine--you probably aren't one of my trusted advisors but you are entitled to your opinion! I believe the reason for me competing at an indoor championship would be because I feel I'm capable of making the Indoor World Team. That requires a top 2 finish and an A standard qualifying jump. Neither of those seemed to really be on my radar.

Yesterday, however, I changed my mind. I was in the middle of a jump session at practice and I got upset. The problems I've been having have mostly stemmed from an inconsistent approach and my inability to really lock down my rhythm that I need to consistently get to the board in the right position. Without getting into too much technical mumbo jumbo, it has been throwing me off big time. It is really hard to be a competitor when you are doing too much thinking. I need to let my mind go blank and allow my body to do what it knows how to do…except my body has suddenly developed amnesia. But yesterday? Yesterday, I forced it to remember. In the middle of doing approach work I just started jumping. Keep in mind I don't ever do full approach jumps in practice. But honestly, I had nothing to loose and I had everything to prove…to myself at least. I kept jumping until I jumped what I knew I should be capable of jumping at this point of the season. And then I called it a day, re-booked my ticket, found a hotel room, and asked my manager to un-scratch me from the competition.

What I need to accomplish is back on my radar. So, I'll see you in Albuquerque.


Brittany said...

I think it's a great idea! I got chills reading this which means 2 things:
1. This is a great decision and I have a strong feeling it's where you need to be for God to teach you what he needs you to learn.
2. I probably need to shave my legs

Love you <3

Brianna said...

literally LOL at #2. i love that sometimes you're as funny as me. <3

Bubba Gump Olympic Long Jumpers Training Academy said...

When I was a Freshman in High School I had the absolute worst game allowing 3 ground balls to go through my legs. It was embarrassing because I was actually a very good fielder. I came home questioning my abilities. Questioning my technique. I knew what to do and was capable of it, so why didn't my body answer the call. All that week, I'd go out to our garage with a tennis ball, and for an hour each day, hurled that ball at our garage and fielded it with my bare hands, keeping my a*ss down, my head up, and receiving the ball as though it was a fragile egg. I did this over and over and over and over and over and over until I felt I was ready. I never made an error for the rest of the season and did this whenever I felt I was getting a little rusty. You made the right decision and if you need to borrow my tennis ball I can send it to you.



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Anonymous2 said...

If I recall correctly you have always jumped very well in Albuquerque, so I was surprised at the initial scratch. I am glad you are going. Do it BIG.

Allen W said...

Wish you the very best. I am finally seeing this at 6:30 Minnesota time, so I have no idea how this all plays out. Just go get em!!!!