Thursday, February 3, 2011


This last sunday we had Pro Day at my church. Basically, it consisted of a few prominent professional athletes (Adrian Gonzalez, Chris Byrd, etc.) sharing their testimony and how God has worked in their lives and the role he plays in their career and success. Obviously I found it to be extremely interesting and enlightening, but that is in large part because I can somewhat relate to the lives they lead and the challenges they face (minus the big paychecks and actual fame.) But the majority of the people who go to my church are not professional athletes and I still think that the overall message was the same for all of us.

Athletes have an obvious platform. And the bigger and more prominent athlete you are, the more visible and important your platform can be. But regardless of whether or not you play professional sports, all of us have a platform, it just may vary a bit in size and scope. We all influence someone and have the opportunity to use that influence in a positive way. I talk about my faith and how it influences my life, but my most important duty is to show it. If there are people looking up to me or just looking at me period, I would hope that what I portray is in line with what I believe and that I can be influential in a way that matters.

I wonder if when people observe me, whether online or in person, they get a true sense of the kind of person I hope to be. I wonder if my ideals, values, morals, and beliefs are evident in the way I live my life and the way I portray myself. I wonder if the small, tiny platform I've been blessed with in my life is being utilized in the way it was intended. These are just some of the things I've been wondering lately. Do you ever think about the platform you've been given and in what way you are using it? It's rhetorical in a sense, but you are free to answer those questions, provided you promise to do so in a semi-respectable manner. ;)


Usain Bolt said...

ideals = hot ass
values = long lean legs
morals = bouncy perky ta ta's
beliefs = sexy smile, dreamy eyes
portray = succulent lips
platform = oh yes yes yes you are coming and coming through loud and clear! don't stop, don't stop, yes, yes, yes!

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Please leave that “Usain Bolt” comment up. It’s hilarious. For a number of reasons.
1) Child-man Bolt would probably actually write that (he IS literate, right?).
2) The number of guys who think you’re hot.
3) The inane things people say!

anonymousnupe said...

Yeah, but if she leaves it up, Daniel, there goes some of her Christian credibility she was just extolling!

Yes, Ms. Glenn, to answer your question, I think about that platform constantly: At work when my colleagues curse or want me to join in on a joke about someone else's misfortune. During my commute when I debate whether to say something to the black children wildin' out and embarrassing themselves, their race, and God. When I'm involved with nightly devotions with my two youngest children, or texting my oldest one in college to remind her to pray before a track meet, before bed, before a French test, and before she lets that knucklehead dude hold her hand. I think about it while I'm conducting the children's choir on Sunday or in rehearsal. And when I grab the blind dude by the arm in the Metro system (our subway)and escort him to the proper platform to catch his train. And when I stopped 7 girls from beating up 1 girl right on the train on the way home one night (still praying for those girls as they prepare to spend a short time behind bars).

So, yeah, I think about my platform constantly, to answer your question. Hope that wasn't too much.

anonymousnupe said...

Whoa! Way cool church!

Bianca said...

Please blog again so I know what is going on in your iife.