Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

You haven’t heard from me much in the past week or so. I don’t know if you even noticed, but I somehow feel negligent when I don’t do any posting for days at a time, yet I see that people are still checking, waiting for the most thought provoking blogs that rock their world. Yea…not quite. Anyway, my reason for going M.I.A. was because I had a visit in Europe from the bestest friend EVER. I mean, it’s one thing for a friend to visit you stateside, but how many of you can say you know someone who would fly across an ocean to keep you company?! I’m a lucky girl.

Melanie was here for a week and she forced me to look up everything fun and interesting there is to do in Cologne so that I could be a good host. I had a feeling she wouldn’t be all that interested in seeing the track and weight room so I did my best to take her out and see the sights. Then, as an added bonus, we took a trip to Prague for the weekend. That’s why Europeans have it so good…they can just take an hour flight and be in a whole other country and experience a totally different culture. I fly for an hour at home and don’t even leave the state I live in!

Needless to say, Prague was great. Thanks to everyone who offered their opinions as to where we should spend a few days experiencing a different part of Europe. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and Mel even managed to fall in love. Well…maybe not quite love but she certainly helped us get some free dinners by being so appealing. Apparently, I’m not the flavor of the month in that part of Europe but next time I’m going to try and vacation somewhere I can be.

Because a post is always better with pictures, here are a few from our week together.

Mel being the perfect German, hanging out in a Biergarten with a sausage and a beer!

The Dom. A must see in Cologne.

People drink beer in Germany. Not water, not juice, not soda. Just. Beer. I prefer it on the river with the sun shining down.

View of Prague on the way up to see the Castle.

At a bar called "Propoganda", filled with Communist artifacts. I wonder what people think when we hand them our camera and then pose like this!

In the middle of Wenclalas Square. I felt like my presence added something.


Anonymous2 said...

Nice pictures. Mel is fine...both of you are fine, maybe she just flirted more. Too bad they cancelled WILD ON E you would have been a great host, but there's still the travel channel. The background of the beer picture is awesome. The picture in the pub where both of you have on the black tights or leggings ohhh what a show the local men got.

hmm said...

hmmm looking at these pictures and now thinking about the Birthday Suits blog before..that was really great for somebody to see..Really hadn't eve thought about the two of you and birthday suits..just sayin.

Wes said...

hey Bri! looks like you having a nice time...just wanted to say hey! oh and i replaced the gas back in your car...thanx!

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Nice pictures. Glad you’re keeping it positive and enjoying the opportunities you have open.

Stockholm shows 2 (as in Two) lists for Women’s Long Jump. One is designated “Int”.
Will there be 2 separate competitions? Or group ‘qualifying’ arrangement? What do the Diamond League rules require of the meet organizer’s? (No. I’m not wading through the documents/rules on the IAAF site to find out. Easier - lazier - to ask you, lol).

They also had you listed in the 100M Hurdles, right before Dawn Harper. Really?! Gonna kick some Queen Harrison butt? LOL! (I imagine you’ve ever even jumped a hurdle?)

I’m going for Francena McCorory in the Women’s 400 to run really well. Besides, she can be my new Unobtainable/Way-to-Young Sprinter-girl …uh … whatever you’d wanta call it … I need a new one, since Novlene Williams up an’ got married … just like Dawn Harper before, and …
Hey! Alysia Johnson isn’t! Yet …

melanie said...

hahaha! we did have an amazing time, didn't we? thanks for being the hostess with the mostest, breezie! love you to the moon!