Friday, June 11, 2010

The Mixed Zone and God

After competitions, most athletes walk thru what is known as the mixed zone.  Basically this is where all the reporters etc. line up to talk to those that did well, those that should have done well, or the hometown favorite.  I would definitely not say that I am a staple in the mixed zone, although one day I hope to be.  There aren't tons of microphones being thrown in my face or journalists yelling out my name trying to get my attention.  Most of the time I just scurry past without even glancing up.  I do like to eavesdrop though on other athletes getting interviewed.  I'm sure this is just the nosey part of my personality, but every once in a while it's interesting.  The most standard line you'll hear back there, especially from American athletes, starts off something like this: First I'd like to thank God...  Of course, I think this is a good thing.  I like God and I think he should be thanked first.  Granted, it does start to sound a little standard, in the same way that Oscar speeches do, but if you really believe that he gives you the talent, ability, and resources to accomplish things, it makes sense.  But what happens when you fall a little short of your goals?  Who does the athlete thank after a performance that was less than desirable?  I'd say that if you were thanking him for the right reasons when things turned out well, he still deserves the shout out when the outcome is less than we desire.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of that.  Like now.  Because I find myself never having a problem remembering to  thank the Big Man when things go well for me.  It's immediate, it's genuine, and it's from the heart.  But when things don't seem to go my way?  Well, let's just say that little talk I have afterwards sometimes doesn't possess the same enthusiasm it should.  I know that in my heart I believe that God is doing good all the time.  That is an important cornerstone in my faith.  Trusting in that and acknowledging it still takes effort though. But if the flip side to that is only being thankful for the huge successes, I'm basically telling God he flaked on me those other times.  And God is no flake.  He knows what he's doing and he has a plan and a purpose that I am supposed to trust in.  And while that plan is unfolding, I should be thankful for all the blessings I'm racking in along the way.  

If you weren't aware already, my performances in Europe this past week were quite the disappointment.  Nobody interviewed me afterwards or asked me what I was thinking, but because I have my own lovely little platform right here, I'd like to make sure I Thank God.  I competed in my first Diamond League meet and I bombed.  But hey, I was there!  There were lessons to be learned and opportunities to make the most of.  I know  this post is a little personal and a tad more revealing than I usually like to write, but I feel like it was necessary for me.  Because you better believe the next time I jump extraordinarily well and have a great performance, I'm going to be right back here giving thanks where it's due.(like...maybe tomorrow?!)  I don't want to be someone who only thinks good comes from things going my way.  It's easy to smile on the good days...I want to know and show that there is a reason to smile every day.    


Deaulivery said...

Yes, glory comes from above, indeed, whether is someone else's time or yours, it's always delivered, and definitely God is never last in our thoughts, so the glory goes right back up to whom is due! He would certainly not want you to lose on a respective day. I believe that we contribute to others victories when we compete, no matter what the field, the track or our lives.

Anonymous2 said...

Well that last meet in Huelva, I would throw that one out. Nobody did well in the wLJ. Well except for the one person that got a season best, but maybe this was her first meet of the season. Not sure what the conditions were it just didn't work out well for anyone. On to the next one.

Rolyat said...

Yes, God is and always will be first, whether you thank him or not. Its good that you acknowledge His greatness even when things aren't going as well as you would like (Trust me...I KNOW jump slumps lol) but keep your head up and keep your faith in Him...also remember why you still do what you do. Having fun should still be one of the top reasons you compete. Good luck in New York...I'm not psychic or anything but you will PR tomorrow..I'm calling it now. ;D

brit brat said...

Love this post Bri! God gave you big teeth to show through a do it often. Love and miss you <3

#2Fan said...

See that's why your readers keep coming back Bri, you keep it real! Most people can't be honest, especially with themselves. It's so refreshing to read your blog...wish you all the best :-)

Anonymous said...

Just a thought about you:

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Make it Happen:
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Brianna said...

I'm glad you guys liked this post. I should really share more often, huh? :)

antonlove said...

Bri, because you were "a tad more revealing than you usually like" so will I. I'm going through a rough time in my life as I have 2 sick parents. And, reading your post this moring was just what I needed to read. So this morning I would like to thank God for His blessings, and you for unknowingly helping me to remember that.

E.M.H. said...

Like this post. It's easy to thank God when things are on the up and up, but God is good all the time even when things are not going in our favor!!! :-)

Rolyat said...

So...Ms. Glenn...about me not being a psychic..haha Great job today at the Grand Prix!! God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

God reads blogs?
What was the wind gauge reading when Ms. Glenn hit the board. I was very happy to see your winning jump and receive an honorable mention on NBC.

Rolyat said...

Her 6.78 had a 3.2 tailwind and her 6.76 had a 2.3 tailwind. 3.2 is a substantial wind but 2.3? Take .3 off and its a legal jump so Ms. Glenn is definitely legit...

Bubba Gump Jumping Academy said...

Nothing like a little kick in the ass to get her jumping again! :)!

I think I deserve the credit for her motivation! A little thank you would be nice. :)!

Now what did we learn? We learned that if you expect peak performance you better not take things for granted. You better jump with a controlled rage of anger! There is nothing quite like being angry and pissed off to motivate an athlete! I bet it sure feels better to come in 1'st instead of 2'nd! Most, most, most important in this lesson that you hopefully have learned here is you did not miss one single jump! And why did this happen? Because you were angry, focused, and not jumping for yourself. You were jumping with a greater concentration, determination, fist in everyone's face, I'm going to show you mindset! You took this meet seriously, mores-so than you usually do! You took your criticism and turned it into motivation! This is one characteristic that separates winners and losers. A winner will always take criticism and turn it into a little something extra in their next performance! You have this and are a winner by nature.

So...go ahead and say it, you earned the right too!

Ok, I will say it for you on your behalf, as you....

"F*** you all for doubting me"! "And F*** you to everyone who gave me sh*t"!

Learn from it please. I won't always be around to motivate you........

Good job.

---You will have to update the Results yourself from now on. I don't have time anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rolyat, thank you for the data.
Bubba Gump, brother if Ms. Glenn separated from you, it is clear why. Your head is all messed up.

I have followed this athlete since Arizona with her bizarre style of sprinting. Frankly her performance was okay, I am certainly convinced she can do much better. The win is what will benefit her most of all, because it reconfirms what she suspected; that she can be competitive. And if you were not so ignorant, using profanity and rage with a woman that is devoted (by her claim) to God perhaps what you express could be taken under consideration.

Old school nonsense should be left in the past.

Bubba Gump Jumping Academy said...

Most people are "devoted" to god just as much as peer pressure puts on them. The last 5 decades of generations faith in god is as strong as the tides of political correctness of each day.

Yes, it was a twisted break up but the X sex is really good!

There is nothing wrong with her ability, drive or ambition, when she is honestly and truly motivated with every fiber of her desires. The problem is she gets comfortable with less than she is capable of. She lacks self motivation unless she is pissed off or all the marbles are on the line, then she comes through.

A little profanity to get her off her ass and jumping again, I say is well worth the result!

Now lets see if she can keep that same extra intensity and keep it rolling!

I'll take "old school" ways of training, lessons, competing, philosophies, and a way of life on and off the track any day over what I see out there now.

There are very few who are "special" anymore out there.

She could be....if only she'd commit to being great. Too many other things in life that seem to be more important. You can lead a camel to water but you can't make it drink. It has to want too....she has to want it.

Anonymous said...

Well stated Bubba Gump,

I spoke with Larry Myricks a few years ago about the same issues. I recognized the characteristics you spoke of, so I will keep my comments to myself.
Let folks do their thing.

Bubba Gump Jumping Academy said...

@ Wilqi

Never stop commenting because it is in many differing opinions or different perspectives in which somehow we all gain a clear picture of whatever it is we are looking at.