Saturday, June 5, 2010


I never meant to take this long of a break from blogging. It just kind of snowballed and before I knew it, it had been weeks with no update. In the blogging world that spells disaster. Your readers will forget about you and your blog will become a distant memory-- Oh yea...that blog I used to read...what was the name of it ...I have a fabulous life--or that one track girl. Well it was pretty interesting for awhile, but it just kind of fell off.

I know I can do better. I just don't know if I want to. In all honesty, blogging is cool and all, but sometimes it can feel like a chore. And let's be real--who really likes doing dishes or folding laundry all the time. I do have some stories to tell and some things I want to share though, so I plan on doing a few updates in the very near future. After that we can assess if my fabulous life has run it's course of fabulous-ness. I know there are a few of you who won't hesitate to let me know if it has.

See you soon!


Anonymous2 said...

Since I know I'm not going to twitter, I hope you read this. Do you or any of the other field event competitors ever ask the people in the stands with video to take some clips of you guys jumping, or throwing and post them on youtube. That's about the only way the field events are going to get out there.

Brianna said...

I usually have my own camera and ask someone to video just my jumps, but I forgot it this time

Anonymous2 said...

You were sick, we won't hold it against you. Good luck in the next meet.

Bubba Gump Jumping Academy said...

Sure. Take your ball and go home you &*%#@!

Typical. You were always a very selfish person, no sense changing now.

This is what happens when someone shits on the people that were there on the way up. Go ahead, leave, you don't need anyone anymore. Now that your a "big star", in your own head, go ahead and take a big crap on the ones that were there for you on the way up!

Selfish b*tch.

Just remember that on the way down you will see all the people you shit on while you were at the top.

I suspect we will see you soon then because that 6.5 crap is very average! Lets hope you find a man soon but no one is holding their breath.

Now one wants to hear what you have to say anyway.

Daniel said...

Uh, just wow, on Bubba Gump up there.

Honestly, if hadn’t been for the auto-generated e-mail ...

Anonymous said...

Oh Daddy, I think Bubba Gump got some of that BP oil on his shrimp. No woman is worth that kind of anger unless she gave you tainted love that can only be treated with antibiotics.

Bianca said...

I did miss your blogs, Breezy. I'm glad you're back... kinda-sorta-not really ;)

Miss you. 14th?

Dexter said...

To Bubba Gump:

Bri would never stoop to your level and say this so, I'll say it for her - F--K you! You have no idea what she and all us go through. I think it's been refreshing as hell for her to provide us with an insight into her world as she pursues her passions. Yes, she sometimes struggles, but not for lack of effort; not for lack of passion and desire; not for commitment to her own brand of personal excellence.

Perhaps if you had actually done something worthwhile that YOU could share with the world (like Bri), you wouldn't find it so easy to blast my friend.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now we got a fight going on.
Dexter vs. Bubba Gump
1. Is Brianna Glenn worth attacking or defending?
2. Do you prefer to watch women fight or men?

Episode 3 of Star War chronicles, Darth Sidious told Darth Vader that his anger gave him focus, made him stronger. My money, lol is on Bubba Gump.

brit brat said...

let me pray for this fool real quick. they sound like they need jesus!

Dexter said...

Wiiqi - to answer your question, yes. I consider Bri a friend. In fact, we're part of the "U.S. Team Family". In any event, I certainly hope that someone would stand up for ME if a boo-boo head were castigating me in public (or private).

By the way - I think I'll take Bubba Gump in 2 rounds :-)

Peace & Love

Anonymous said...

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