Monday, February 8, 2010

Missing the Mark

I’d like to say it was the 22 hours of travel…Or the fact that I haven’t slept more than a couple of hours at a time since Wednesday. There are certainly very legitimate reasons why I didn’t feel at my best today and why I felt just a little disconnected the whole meet. Those two previous things could very well have something to do with it…or they could not. Either way it doesn’t matter. Sometimes we don’t compete as well as we’d like to. Such is life. Such is sport.

It wasn’t a terrible day at the office. I still did manage to jump 6.52m (21’5), but I felt like I had a lot of missed opportunities. I only had two fair jumps out of six. That’s not a great ratio. Especially since I ran through without jumping twice (along with two fouls). Russia is a long way to travel for two fair jumps, especially since there were better jumps waiting to make an appearance. (I just have a feeling!) Granted, tonight might not have been the night for me to jump a PB for the win, but I still would have loved to have a better showing. And in case you were wondering…the Russians went 1, 2, 3. I can’t tell you which Russians, necessarily, because it seems they’re always new ones popping up, especially at meets in Russia. They jump super far, sometimes they stick around, and sometimes they don’t. Just know that if they’re from Russia, they will know how to jump!

And in case you were wondering, I did find another videographer for the meet, although I hated to replace my old one. He was great…he just needs some more practice. There is a lot going on so it’s a little hard to see everything, but here is one of my jumps where I actually jumped. Of course, it could have been one of my fouls…who knows.


Matthew T. said...

Russia looks like they have some great jumpers. It looks like you have a challenge ahead. Just keep your head up and don't get discouraged. Good luck on the next upcoming events. I think this video has improved too.

Bianca said...

WOOHOO!!! I love these videos :) I'm happy for you regardless. But that's just me. And that's annoying. So I'll stop now.

I want to visit soon. Actually, I'll see you next week for sure! MTV here we come ;)

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Are you redefining the term “Black Russian”?

As an aside here, I noticed you made it into the Track & Field’s All-Decade Top 10 Collegiate performances. 2001 was quite the impressive year!

Have you ever had second thoughts on not concentrating on the 100M or 200M as a Pro?

dust said...

It's a different mentality over in Russia, there training regimen is crazy! Have you seen Rocky lV? Drago was a beast.

On a different note, as a favor to me, can we get a blog about life at the olympic training center. You've
been holding out, I heard it goes down @ the training centers, a lot of distractions. I know you have some stories, so for those of us that are entertained by gossip type info. please share some dirt.

As always best of luck.

Без труда́ не вы́тащишь и ры́бку из пруда́.

Brianna said...

@matthew...yes, they always have!

@bianca...i miss you!

@daniel...thanks for the info, i didn't even know about that. I like sprinting, but I do mostly what I'm being competitive at.

@dust...i might do that soon.

Jennie Finch said...

Love you! You live & learn... this is all preparing you for something! Something BIG, I feel!!!! xo

Annairb said...

you did ok. 4'th in a major field of jumpers is alright. you can do better though!!!

why did the other American not jump?

why are you not making some jumps? by this point in your career you should be nailing every one! it's not like in golf where they move the flag cup before each round! the board hasn't moved in years!

did you look at the Russians shoes and compare? no, of course you didn't.

flying so far can be tough. i'm surprised you didn't fly in a week before to get climatized and get in some practice. Why did you not do this?

why are you not in some of the upcoming Euro meets before London? what is your lacky agent doing for you? obviously sitting on his ass and not doing his job! there is no need for you to come back, you should be at the next city jumping if they offer it. are you saying that London is the next jumping event? i'm sure there would be something, somewhere who would like to have one of last years top jumpers in the world! or maybe it is you, who wanted to come back to your latte's and sunshine? toughen up, be a professional and do your job!

what is this a victory lap year in your mind?

just seems you are not taking this serious enough! anytime you want to hand your schedule over to someone who will take it seriously feel free to reach out to me.

i promise you i won't take the wonderful life you have for granted like you do!

snap out of it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Annairb that you should be hitting the board at least 90% of your attempts. To start, I believe you could mention more often about the things you did well. If you notice anything about Russian professionals whether in space or jumping in a pit is discipline.

The board is not an issue, any jumper understands that it is a very simple fix. Again your issue getting off the Earth at the correct trajectory & velocity. Although this clip was shot from a distance, your attempt looked much better than your last video.

Annairb's comments sound very old school and not highly productive. Nevertheless you should review your staff (agent) performance in the back office. It seems if you had the additional funding to cover an 3 days to prep your end result may have been better.

Annairb said...

yep Wiiqi.....Old school is what I am. It is "old school" which makes the unknown eastern Euro girls jump far! It is "old school" which Grace jumped from! It is "old school" which makes jumpers be jumpers! It is "old school" which Jackie, Carl, all jumped from!

Brianna? New school......"The sport deserves me", "I am the sport", "I am the Bomb!", .................

Looks like we have a bobble head with talent on our hands!

Even "old school" can't help a girl who is a bobble head!

Touch love is hard!

Annairb said...

Valentines is coming up! Maybe Bri came back to the USA to be with her Valentine, instead of jumping in Europe? Dont' know. ....

Since her agent hasn't weighed in here, maybe he admits he is a joke agent? Do you? If you don't read Bri's Blog you are not representing your athlete! Hello! Hello! Bri's agent is an amature!

Onto Valentines......

ok ok ok.....I will plan out the day for you.... you sleep in, awake to the smell of a wonderful breakfast that I have prepared for you and serve you in you are treated to a complete spa treatment, mainicure, pedicure, massage, ... See Morefacial, mud and seaweed treatments......we then go shopping for a sexy little dress, shoes, and of course a visit to... See More Victoria Secret.....I will pick everything out, with your guidance.....I leave you for a few hours and pick you up early are delivered in our time apart 36 - 5 feet tall red roses grown in Peru with a heartfelt hand written note to you expressing how much I care for you... ....I pick you up and we go to the beach for a walk and watch the sunset go down, holding hands, talking, after cleaning the sand out of our toes, we head over to a swanky little lounge for a drink and find an intimate quiet corner where we can look into each others eyes.....then to your favorite restaurant for a wonderful candlelit dinner, I have prearranged with the matre de for a booth in the corner so no one will bother us........for dessert we head back to your place where I prepare for you an amazing chocolate flan which we sit in front of the fireplace and I feed you and we cuddle.....we find our way to the bedroom....all warm inside and wanting each other.....where we find your two hottest girlfriends waiting for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha!

Marko Pablo said...

Brianna's agent happens to be one of the best in the world by stop hating haters, get a life.