Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Meet Jitters

It’s always a good feeling to get the first meet out of the way and to have it go well. For starters, every competitor likes to start competing. I don’t really get to enjoy myself on a day-to-day basis, but once I’m in a competition, I am now doing what I love. It’s also reassuring to compete and know that your training and preparation is on the right track. I opened up at my first meet with a jump of 6.57 (21’6), and a series of jumps that were all over 21 feet. That is my best opening series to date and so that gives me a little boost of confidence for this indoor season because I know I’m capable of building on that.

The meet was extremely low key and not too much pressure, which allowed me to focus on the technical stuff and not get too hype about the competition. I considered myself the Granny out on the runway, as I was about 10 years older than any of my competitors. Luckily I haven’t sprouted any grey hairs yet so I’m able to blend in just a little.

Below is a video of my first jump, which ended up being my furthest. I’m a little shaky in the coaching department these days so I figured I would ask my blog readers what I should do to jump a little further next time. Who knows…perhaps one of you knows the magic formula! And if not, there are enough of you that like being armchair coaches anyway so here is your chance!

P.S. I am also accepting applications for a new videographer. This position doesn't pay well, but you get to travel with me at times and I'll wink at you from the track. The only qualification is you must know how to film better than the above video!


Dust said...

Congratulations! Glad you're able to see all your hard work pay off. I know nothing about track & field so no coaching tips from me! At your current age do you feel you are in the best shape of your life? Interesting that you were able to set a personal best now as opposed to when you were 23-24. Your right you can fit right in with the 21 year olds because you look very young!

Sorry have to turn down the position, you probably wouldn't be able to concentrate in the task at hand with me traveling with you. You would probably end up catching feelings. Lol well best of luck with the rest of the season. Stay healthy

Jasmine said...

Ummmmm, HELLLLLLLLO, Ms Amazing!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think I'll wait to hear other peoples comments before I throw in my 2 cents (for what it's worth) about what I think will help you go further.


Matthew T. said...

Whoever videotaped that jump, he/she needs to zoom in some more. I'd say since you're having a lot of confidence, you should keep doing what you are doing. Keep up the great work!

Annairb said...

Top 11

1.) Don't have sex for 3 days before the meet and this includes with yourself, unless its with me

2.) Eat pasta the night before the meet

3.) Make sure you go to the bathroom before the meet, don't eat too much day of meet

4.) Don't weight yourself down with too much much water day of or during meet

5.) Don't warm up too much expending energy, but don't be cold either

6.) Keep your body and legs warm in between jumps

7.) Make sure your clothes are as streamlined as they possibly can be so not to lose speed. Wear eye goggles to help streamline your face. Find a wind tunnel facility, run on a treadmill, and have them analyze if your arm motion, head position, clothes, goggles, hair, shoelaces, are as streamlined as possible. When you are dealing with inches, every little thing counts! Similar to what the new swimmers suits are doing.....Game changer!

8.) Don't over train. By now you should know where your body needs to be, get it there and then let it have some space to breath and do what it does.

9.) Don't jump against your competitors distance, jump to your own distance. Pay no attention as to what your competitors have jumped, jump to your own mental distances. In your head, you are jumping towards 7+, 7.1+ 7.2+ 7.3+ 7.4+. What your competitors measure should not mean anything to your performance.

10.) Have fun, smile! After last season you have nothing to prove to anyone anymore. You can have fun now. You have proven yourself to be one of the best long jumpers of all mankind and no one can ever take that away from you. Now you can just relax and enjoy the moments. You will find that without the burden of having to prove anything and having fun will give you a good 6 inches more.

11.) As with last season, think of me before each jump!

p.s. I take Pay Pal, or I'm sure we could work something out...w*nk!

Brianna said...

@ dust...thanks. let me know if you change your mind about the videographer position.

@jaz...thanks Ms. Fabulous!

@yeaYa...don't wait! just jump right in. :)

@matthew...thank you! this was the best video of all of them btw. :/

@you...I'd keep half of those. i don't even know why you say the other things. not necessary.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Where you in the video?
I was checkin' out the hot babe in the blue booty-shorts that walked in front ...

you said...

@ Brianna ......you say: "i don't even know why you say the other things. not necessary"

Which ones?
I thought they were all good ideas....?? No?

Perhaps you are not up on the latest of how to reach peak performance of the human body and so you don't know. Hope you reply because my list was an honest one.

I recently read an article about how (and this is gross but very important for an athlete who depends on speed and jumping), that each human being, especially Americans, we each keep a substantial weight of yucky stuff in our lower digestive workings! You can flush this extra weight out, and there are very easy things that do this, that you will then run faster or jump further!

What if I told you, you could weigh 5 - 7 lbs less yet have all your current leg and body strength?

I'd think this would be of great importance to any jumper or speedster!

I'm also a strong believer as in Rocky, that "women weaken legs" physically and mentally! I think it goes both ways.

Everything else was pretty straight forward.

7+ here we come!

Lashawn said...

Hi Brianna,
Just jumping in real quick. Congratulations on such a great opener! From what I saw in the video, you got back in your run, just a little. I kind of slo-mo'd the video, and through your continuation phase, your foot was a little out in front of you (which put your COG a little back, instead of everything being right under you; you get me, don't you?). Everything else looked great. Just a little critique from a fellow jumper...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lashawn!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bri,

Here's my two cents worth:

> From your start, you raised your head up a little to quick (from my point of view). I think your head should start to rise between 8-10 steps. I think yours came up around 5.

> Speed was fine at mid point, good arm control, then on the 9th or 10th step (left foot) it seemed like you sorta studder stepped right before you planted your foot to hit the board. I know that could throw you off. Couldn't tell exactly WHERE on the board you hit, but it still was a clean jump.

> During your jump and landing, I would have liked to see more of an extention of your legs. The LONGER and MORE horizontal during flight = better jump. Kinda like sitting down w/ legs stretched out.

> I also would have liked to see arm extention forward during flight also. Like the aforementioned, like you're trying to touch your toes with your finger tips. Easier said than done...I know...been there, done that.

> I tried to look at your feet during your landing and it seemed they were together. That's good. But watch your hands when landing. Looks like your left went back (couldn't really tell from the GREAT videography...j/k)and if I'm not mistaken, that's where they mark...the furtherest point back right? If I'm wrong...my bad! I don't know if that's how you always land in the sand (sorta sideways) but if that's what you've been doing...have at it. I had a thought about it, but...like you said...I'm just an arm chair coach. I know the season is just getting back started for you and I'll be the first to say, I haven't seen you jump enough to know your mechanics. So, I don't know if this is how you've always done it, or its just the first meet jitters and shaking off the off-season rust and nibbling on horse meat (hahaha....I had to throw that in just for my morning laugh). Either way, my comments are solely based off of this one video.

These were just my thoughts, and opinions. I hope someone gives you something worthwhile to help you jump further.

Oh yea, I want to agree with Lashawn on the COG comment.

P.S. I hope the current videographer doesn't read your blog. Haha...! If you're ever in my State or close, I'd be more than happy to hook you up...free of charge.


Annairb said...

12.) I think your peaking on your speed to soon.

Has anyone ever put a speed gun on you to see where in your approach you are fastest? I would bet with the way you are doing it now, you are peaking about 3/4 of the approach and then actually losing speed at the end.

You want to peak in your speed of course just before you hit the board.

Most jumpers think that they need to go balls out as fast as they can right from the beginning. Not true. Actually that is counter productive. There are no medals for running fast all throughout your approach! There is no finish line ribbon at the board. The event you are competing in is jumping, not sprinting. Young jumpers often get caught up with the crowd, their co-jumpers and think that running fast all throughout their approach means they are a good jumper. It's just an ego thing and hurts distances.

Next time you are at practice, do a couple jumps, balls out from the beginning. Then do a few where for the first 1/3 you jog, jog, jog, increasing, increasing, increasing, then second 1/3 your at about 80 % and then the last 1/3 your balls out peaking in your speed the last 5 yards. I think you will find that your jumps will be longer, more relaxed, and more controlled. The whole head down, rise up stuff above is for sprinters. Too many coaches ruin jumpers by teaching a jumper to act like a sprinter. It is the same with high jumpers. They start off slower, increase, increase, and then explode at the end. Think of it like an Orgasm! It's a build up to an explosion at the board.

Also, there are a lot of crummy shoes out there which I wouldn't let my dog wear. You need to find a brand which has "push back" in the soles. With each step, the shoe should absorb your energy and then have a reverse push back springing you further. Don't let brand hype put you into a shoe which is not letting you fulfill your potential. You might need to look at some of the foreign brands to find this. Talk to the eastern Euro girls next time you can. Maybe bring a pair of your crummy US shoes, made in China, on your trip to Russia and trade them for a pair of theirs. You will see the difference.

Let me know how it works out.

Brianna said...

@lashawn...you are right. it's something i notice in videos but still have a hard time always correcting "in the moment". I saw that after my first couple jumps though and did try to correct it a little at the end.

@Yeaya... I have differing thoughts than some on when to raise your head. I've learned to actively seek out the board early. You're right...I did stutter step. My approach was too close and I did that to get the jump in. Ended up moving back to correct that. I realize that everyone "should" have JJK extension, but she was special. Also, my arm hardly ever lands behind me. I kind of slide out to the side onto my arm so it may look like it. Thanks for your thoughts. :)

@you...I try to be my fastest the last 10m of my run, specifically the last 3 steps. I do time it...set up lasers and different points on the runway. My runway speed, along with my rhythm, will improve more as the season goes on though.

Anonymous said...

you know the best how to jump! you are the biggest expert for yourself! So the only advise we can give you it's enjoy the flight! :)
Have a great season

Fellow athlete

Annairb said...

#13.) Funny story and real.

My dad was a professional baseball player for many years and he always told me and my brothers that the real athletes always walk and run with their feet turned a little in! Anyone who walks with their feet out and are not athletes.

Do you walk with your feet turned in or out?

ha ha! True story! And I believe it!

Anonymous said...

No problem. Keep sending vids if possible. Good luck Sunday!


Anonymous said...

It was a good jump relatively speeking. I think your timing on your landing is off. The run was not smooth at all(probaly because of your fitness level this early on in the season) and your last three steps was a bit shaky. Your swing leg did not move into the take off position as well as I guess you would hope, but considering all the flaws which I suspect is due to rust you got off a good jump. Fix those things and you should be consistantly over 22 ft. Just my opinion :)

Anonymous said...

hi ms. glenn--its ur vegas/dc buddy and here is my 2 scents way kinda late and you may ormay not see this. leshawn has one aspect right on the money!--ur "braking" just b4 the board-making ur "cog" search for ur take off leg braking ur momentum. that said i think ur appraoching the board too fast--cause ur the bomb speed queen--my resolution is b4 you begin ur approach walk or roll into ur start and create a rythm on the runway. i would cut ur approach speed by %5. Ur naturally strong already no question about that--ur jumpin 21 feet on pure strenfgt and speed--its time i believe that you focus on how "fluid" ur approach is and the technique you need in "reaching" beyond the pit.JJk was special ur right that said she easn't as fast as you on the runway nor the track-get my point? i truly believe the small issues that you have are obvious to most professionals(coaches) its ur start and finish- thats 90% of this event-please work on ur hips being directly over ur take off foot and keep ur chin to ur chest--as with allthings think about it hopefully some of what i said makes sense and i truly wish you allthe best--Up Up and Awwwwaayy!-joe p.