Monday, December 1, 2008

All banged up

What a day.

This afternoon I was in the weight room attempting to do this...

...and I ended up in the training room looking like this...

One dislocated shoulder later, here I am sitting around taking my painkillers. Last week I was out of commission due to the lower half of my body, so it only makes sense that this week I even it out. What fun is it having a healthy body? The shoulder is back in its proper place now but it does ache an awful lot so I suppose I'll just spend the next day or two figuring out exactly what movements require shoulder strength. Next week I'm praying for just a stubbed toe...something minor.


DeRonnie said...

I'm so sorry. I can't really say much else. Hang in there. dp

Liz said...

Hope you recover quickly and feel better soon!

the Gamelord said...

Sorry to hear about the boo-boo. Hopefully, you'll be back in the swing of the things real soon. I dislocated my elbow before, so I feel your pain. The best thing to do is rest your shoulder and pop plenty of painkillers for a day or two.

Were you doing a snatch? I can power clean like 260-270 lbs, but for some reason I can't master the technique on the snatch. I definitely can see how it would be easy to dislocate a shoulder doing them.

Hope you feel better and are able to resume training real soon!

Daniel_"light-weight" said...

Ms. Glenn,
While I know it won’t help, I kinda like that slightly angry-pouty look in the photo. Very … uh …whatever.
But, wow, ya don’t got to hurt yourself to get it!
Seriously, be careful. You know how many people hurt themselves with improper lifting techniques (or for guys, using too much weight; ego reasons)?
Hope you heal fast.
Run Hard! (And lift appropriately)

Anonymous said...

Please do yourself a favor. See a sports doc who specializes in shoulder injuries. Do everything he/she suggests. If it's physical therapy--go and don't miss a session. A friend had the same injury a few years before I had the same injury. He did not listen to his doctor. As a result the shoulder is unstable and he's lost a lot of mobility due to scar tissue. I had surgery and was faithful to the therapy. Today I have full range of motion. The shoulder is stable and I'm stronger than before the injury. Please follow the doc's advice. GOOD LUCK!

Bianca said...

Bri?! You totally didn't even mention this when we spoke earlier?!

Sorry, babe.

Get well soon!

Marcus said...

You know I couldn't help but laugh at this blog, that picture was hilarious.

Didn't anonymous leave that exact same comment when you hurt your knee? It sounded really familiar.

Nikkie T said...

Awwww, Briiii- I feel so bad for you... I've been with you during a lot of tough times and I think that's the saddest face I've ever seen you make.
On a seperate note, kudos to you for still managing to keep your sense of humor while putting this post together. As bad as I felt (and feel) I couldn't help but laugh when I scrolled down from the first picture... knowing you I have a feeling that was intentional.
Love you!!

Pharmacologist said...

I feel your pain Brianna! I have hurt myself a few times doing power snatches. If I decided to do them now....I use light weight. When I saw your picture I thought you lost your arm! I hope you recover quickly.


Anonymous said...


I hope your 2009 is better. And hope you get better soon.

brit_brat said...

just because your shoulder is crappy doesn't mean you can't still look fabulous! smile and let lighting be your friend!!
love you sis

Anonymous said...

see a CHEK corrective specialist!