Friday, December 19, 2008

Picture of the Week: The Steal!

I'm sure many of us have participated in the tradition of the gift exchange at Christmas. Now, more than ever, it makes a lot more sense to get together with friends with the responsibility of purchasing only one gift that can be appreciated by anyone in the group. And to spice it up a bit, we usually allow the opportunity for steals. That is, when it's your turn to pick a gift you may choose from the pile of unopened gifts, or steal a gift from a person who has already chosen. A couple days ago we had our Christmas party with the ladies that train down here at the OTC. And while everybody knew the rules, all the girls decided to be polite and civil and only pick from the pile of gifts, never stealing anybody else's gift. Sure, they were secretly green with envy and wishing they could have been so lucky as to score such a fabulous pedicure set, but they restrained themselves. Well not me. We went through virtually the whole group without a steal and then it was my turn. (I was second to last). The following is the story told through pictures...

You can definitely tell I'm up to something

Secretly chuckling to myself

I want that!

Hand it over

Score! A gift certificate I will actually use!

And here is a picture of the whole group of us. I am probably smiling the biggest. ;)


Anonymous said...

why are you wearing that maternity shirt? are you pregnant?

Daniel said...

No Anonymous.
She got it from Brit_Brat.
Who used it twice.

t.v. said...

Maternity shirt? It's kinda cute, different but cute... I loveeee the color.

And ummm it enhances your "feminine curves". ;) Know what I mean..? lol. Ok.. Just joking, but really.. The blouse/shirt kinda grows on you.

Bianca said...

1. Congrats on the gift certficate.
2. People will knock you for being too revealing or too conservative. Just ignore rude comments.
3. You look beautiful in all the shots.

Brianna said...

it's only funny because in that one shot i have my hands on my stomach as if i were least that's what i thought when i saw it. i know...i should have worn a bikini. duh.

brit_brat said...

ok I laughed at Daniel's comment way too hard. way to keep tabs on my reproduction D!
and while we're on the subject, I would like to borrow that shirt when you come for christmas. thank you!