Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Bloopers

I take a lot of pictures around the holidays, which makes perfect sense since I take a lot of pictures period. Today as I was browsing through my camera the pictures that stuck out most were the ones that told the story of my holidays the best. On their own they probably don't make much sense but I figured with a few captions thrown in, you all could experience Christmas through my eyes just a little. Enjoy...

My best friends and I have been having a Christmas gift exchange since we were 14 years old. That's quite a long time if you are doing the math. Over the years the gifts have been a reflection of who we are at that point in our lives. This year Jasmine and Melanie both asked for blenders. If that doesn't say grown-up, I don't know what does!

My sister received these god awful slippers as a gift from her son. The carrot nose even lights up as you walk. I know I shouldn't judge because he's four and all, but the kid can't go shopping by himself. Plus, he did not admit to picking them out himself so I believe it's a cruel joke from her baby's daddy.

There is nothing that interesting about a picture of a flat iron, I know. This was the gift I bought for my sister after she specifically requested in and reminded me on numerous occasions that this is what she wanted for Christmas. And what did she purchase for herself on Christmas EVE??!!! You guessed it.

My nephew Ty asked for a puppy for Christmas and he got two goldfish. That's almost the same thing. I keep asking what the names are and first it was Larry and Larry and then Mullet and Mullet. He refuses to name them different names even though one is clearly all orange while the other is white and orange so they are easily distinguishable. Today he told me he's just going to call them Fishy and Fishy.

My sister has had two kids and is not yet back to the svelte body she once had. But when she opened the pajamas my mom got her (yes, I got the same pair in red), it was as if Mom thought there might be two of her occupying the same pair of pants at the same time. Perhaps her next gig could be Subway commercials since she already has her "before" pants.

This is Ty Ty's gift from Auntie Bri. I'm so thoughtful.

My brother is quite possibly the worst wrapper in the world. When I got home close to midnight on Christmas Eve I was not surprised to see he hadn't even begun wrapping his gifts. So I really shouldn't have been so surprised when I saw this monstrosity the next morning. Buy gift bags buddy.

My niece was only interested in the wrapping paper. But she's as cute as they come, isn't she?!


Anonymous said...

ho ho ho, man.

Bianca said...

Hahahahaha! Brit's pajamas are horrible!

Brit, you still look better than I do.

Lyra said...

You gave a little boy a drum? That's evil! :)

brit_brat said...

those are quite possibly the WORST pictures of me! hahaha
where is the one of you and Grandma wearing the same outfit?

Eb the Celeb said...

OMG she is too cute!

Anonymous said...

more scantily-clad and/or bikini pictures please. happy new year

melanie said...

ok, its hilarious that you and your g'ma wore the same outfit, cuz abby and my grandma did that too! what in the world?
also, i love you.
also, tawnee, with her long luxurious wildly curly hair, really wants a flat iron (?!) seriously, though. call her up, i think she'd take it off your hands if you still needa sell it.
and...anonymous with the bikini request? not sure if that's funny or creepy. whatev.

melanie said...

oh, and ty with the fish names?!

Anonymous said...

This can't be the only Family you saw on Christmas? Seems like alot of your Family is missing From this blog....