Monday, November 24, 2008

for granted

In college all we had to do was take a trip down to the equipment room. That’s where Tom, our equipment manager, would happily hand out our shoes and equipment. Actually, Tom seemed quite stingy with some people, as if the shoes were bought with his own money, but with me he was quite the giver. I could always score an extra shirt or two if need be, and if I thought I could use another pair of spikes, Tom always assured me it wasn’t a problem. Then once I graduated, I really struck gold. My contract with Adidas assured that I could go months without doing laundry as long as I continued to just purchase more underwear. I had so many pairs of shoes, some I would never even bother to look at, I’d just pass them off to whoever was lucky enough to wear 7.5. On top of this, I had my equipment allowance…basically a chance to get whatever else I might want that didn’t come in the shipments already sent to me. Thousands of dollars to blow meant that each and every friend and family member could bet that every Christmas gift and Birthday gift would contain 3 stripes. I had everyone I knew looking fly at the gym – or just lounging around the house if the gym wasn’t really their cup of tea. After my contract with Adidas ended and I switched to wearing the swoosh, I rid my closet of every item I had accumulated. Most of it went to my friends, and the remaining items ended up at the goodwill. Sad as it was to part with clothes with the tags still attached and shoes never taken out of their boxes, I did what I needed to do to make room for a whole new brand.

Then the shipments stopped coming. For a while it was no big deal. If you’ve been a track athlete for long enough you accumulate enough workout clothes and shoes that will sustain you for quite some time. So maybe I have to wear last seasons sports bra to practice where in year’s past that would have been the first thing in the giveaway bag. No big deal. At the end of the day spandex is spandex. I’m not even afraid to cross-brand if I have to. (ok…it still bothers me a little). But the thing that you can’t get away with as easily, are shoes. I’ve always gone through running shoes and competition spikes quickly, knowing that there was always a pile in the closet to replace them. But there is no pile anymore and I’ve just about exhausted my current supply.

If I had to go back and do it over again, perhaps I would have hoarded a bit more. I never thought there would come a time when I might actually have to purchase shoes, but for the immediate future that seems to be the case. In my line of work, top of the line shoes are not a luxury, they’re a necessity. I use about four different kinds of training shoes in any given week. It’s times like these where I wish I could just go see Tom. I wish it were that simple.


Jasmine said...

Hey, did you know my middle name is Tom on every day ending with the letter "Y"...give me a call and we'll get you some shoes. Love you.

Anonymous said...

"the remaining items ended up at the goodwill"

At least I now know where who had my clothes before me. One word for you:..........deodorant

Bianca said...

Whoa--hold your horses, Anonymous! You are a bit too mean right now, Mr. Rude.

As a grateful user of some of your new/used clothing from Adidas, I say THANK YOU. The only thing they smelled like was french vanilla and Tide ;)

LaLaLaLyra said...

Hey Bri, you smell fabulous at all times. Can you please come see me next week? If not, I'm going to come see you. ox

Daniel said...

Folks, "adidas" is spelled with a small "a". Look at the logo or labels.

t.v. said...

I wouldn't say you took the stuff for grant. At the time, sharing what you had with family and friends just meant more.

You'll be surprise what they will do for you now.;)

brit_brat said...

I'm not sure that fessing up to primarily shopping at Goodwill is the smartest thing to do but ok....

Bri, I think you still have shoes here that are in the box. Or, you can always borrow some of Mom's. Isn't she the same size as you? I'm sure she has some fairly new NEW BALANCE lying around.

MacMarv said...

you can always try on the shoes in the store then test them by running out of the store.

Not sure how long that strategy would last but it's a suggestion. Let me know if you like it, I have plenty more :-)

Anonymous said...


It is human nature. Sometime we have it so good tha we don't think about what it will be like when it is all gone. Some great qoutes for such an occasion.

It is the fault of men never to anticipate the storm, when the seas are calm and quite.

You never miss your water until your well runs dry.

Anonymous said...

The whining has begun!

Anonymous said...

"Hey Bri, you smell fabulous at all times."

Ut Um! Have you been next to her after a work out? Woooo - Weeee! Just stay up wind!

"I'm not sure that fessing up to primarily shopping at Goodwill is the smartest thing to do but ok..."

Sure, I this is where you find all the world class running shoes. I have about 10 pair thanks to Brianna and I ain't giving them back!

"Whoa--hold your horses, Anonymous! You are a bit too mean right now, Mr. Rude"

Since I'm wearing Brianna's clothes I guess that makes me a rude cross dresser too? Thank god I have tiny feet and a nice ass.

Brainna, any of those nice bathing suits I saw on a past blog heading over to Goodwill anytime soon? A headsup would be appreciated.

Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

I hope you get the shoes that you need to continue to train. It must be frustrating knowing that you once got these essential items so easily. God Bless & Have a Happy Thanksgiving Brianna!

:) erin.

Arika Wells said...

Bri! this post reminds me oh so much of our good friend Raymond. Now that he too is without a contract, he often goes through the shakes like an addict cause he can't just go online and order loads of free shoes or golf stuff anymore. I have to admit that I miss the free stuff too, and I would love to see my son in the newest pair of J's again, but there is a time and a place for everything, and the time has come and gone. Now we just have 50 thousand pairs of various nikes and jordans in a mens size 14 that are slowly taking over our existence...
But don't worry -- you'll get it all back and then some!
And, great blog, by the way. Sucks that the haters choose to be anonymous when hating, but that's their problem.