Friday, September 12, 2008

Vamos a la Playa!

Right now I am sitting in my absolutely fabulous hotel in Cancun, Mexico after spending the entire day outside at the beach and by the pool. That’s right…I’m livin’ the life. I decided it was necessary for me to take a much unneeded vacation to catch up on my rest and relaxation. You know, since I’ve been living five minutes from the beach out in Southern California, have no job, and get to hang out with my friends as much as they are available (since I always am!). Regardless, I am having a great time thus far and I’m sure I’ll end up posting tons of pictures to truly document my trip but for now I’ll leave you with this…

...because life doesn't get much better!


Anonymous said...

You look fat! I suggest you get a job or a hobby which requires you to get off your lazy ass, and self absorbed life of fantasy.


Miss Mooney said...

I'm sssooooooooo jealous Bri!!! I'm in need of a freakin vacay bad! Have a great time lazy, fat ass and all(lmao)! Fat...really?

Brianna said... are losing your touch if the best you can come up with is "fat." i will, however, give you lazy.

Bianca said...

Bring me back something FABULOUS. Also thank Nikkie for letting me stay at her amazing house and borrow her clothes.

I'm not in Mexico but I am living the OC lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

that pool looks bananas!what hotel are you at?

Anonymous said...

So you have no job, went to Europe to compete even though you weren't really going to competitive (as you said yourself). I obviously have no idea what money you have but the immaturity of your actions is quite something.
You don't want to give up the good life do you?
What kind of cc debt do you have? No i dont expect you to spill the beans on that here but wow- you really don't want to get on with real life do you?

Catalyst said...

Brianna, haters will always hate. It's what they do. Enjoy the flexibility your current schedule allows. Also, don't be intimidated by not having 8,000 professional accolades. Traveling the world provides experience in itself that should not be discounted. I know the PERFECT job for a people person with a business degree. It's my current profession... :)

Nikkie T said...

Okay I'm just gonna send this to "anonymous" and anyone else who thinks they know what they're talking about when it comes to Brianna and what she does with her life, when she does it, &/or how she should do it- Realize that you are NOT the authority on all things Brianna Glenn. I am very close to her and have watched her work her ass off for the past 10 years with no vacations!! No Summer breaks, No Thanksgiving breaks, No Spring Breaks (which all normal college students get to do & everyone should be able to experience at least once), No National holidays, No birthdys off, nothing. Did she deserve a vacation- DAMN RIGHT SHE DID!!! And you don't know who the hell is paying for this vacation. I'm here- I could be paying for this vacation- as a matter of fact if it makes you sleep better tonight, why don't you go on and run with that one. Bri isn't obligated to tell you about everytime she makes money just so you feel better when she posts pictures of hersef doing something fun. I understand the curiosity about where she's getting the $$ to be able to be here living the "good life" but next time try posting it in the form of a question instead of a sweeping generalization and judgement about her and her finances/debt... Cause that pisses me off... you don't know what the hell you're talking about.
I'll be sure to have Bri post pictures tomorrow of us in the fabulous infinity pool we spent all day in and the lobster diner we just stuffed ourselves with- my treat of course.

Brianna said...

@ bianca...sorry. :(

@anonymous... we are at the ME by Melia...AMAZING POOL. the best i have ever seen!!!

@anonymous #2... I obviously have no idea what money you have... You would have sounded a lot smarter if you would have stopped there. I went to Europe because that happens to be my J.O.B. Part of my job also requires that I take time off--which is what you see me doing now. But thanks for your concern, at the present time I am not in need of a finacial advisor but if I do happen to need one in the future, it seems you'd like to be considered.

@catalyst...what current profession might you be speaking of???

@Nikkie T.... CO-SIGN. btw...thanks for the lobster dinner, it was delish! (p.s. Medobaldoabladoado--this is not helping me keep off those extra pounds!!!)

Catalyst said...

Pharmaceutical sales. I don't know what my 10 year plan is, but I don't have many complaints where I am now. Great benefits, autonomy, etc.
Just something to consider, I guess. Do what you love and love what you do...

Ale said...

Good choice: you're in that stage of life which allows you to truly appreciate what you've been through.
You may be uncertain about your future and what's next in your life could seem nebulous; but you can unwind for a sec and just take a look back, it could help find inspiration.
You did what you wanted to do in your life so far, you're young & cute, you traveled the World and are still more in shape than all the haters that are wasting their time writing bullshit on your wall. You have a whole life ahead and just have to decide how to spend it.
And you're thinking about it in a pool in Cancun: there's more than one reason to smile ahead.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Brianna!

Just remember...a moment on the lips.....

hugs and kisses

Anonymous said...

I hope you are having a good deserve it!

Anonymous said...

lLAO that being an athlete is that tough. LOL. As a former top athete myself I knew how very fortunate I was to be doing something like making money off my hurdling.

Hilarious that you think that is a "real job".

Athletes at the top do not live in the real world. the self absorption necessary to make it to the top does not translate to real wrok (unless you continue modelling).

There is a time and place for being obsessed with how your body feels-massages, treatments, rest
and then there is the real world.

When the athletes I coach go on about the sacrifices they are making I remind them- go ask a single mother about sacrifces. What you get to do is a real priviledge and no matter how hard you train, no matter how much pain you feel it is in the end a sport.

I truly do wish you well but if you think you have worked hard -wow.

I will have to tell that to my MIL who raised 6 kids and worked as a secretary to keep her family fed and sheletered.

I would just like you to see things as they really are-you are a very pampered and spoiled person, as are most of us lucky enough to live in North America.
There you go! Go volunteer in a third world country and then come and tell me how hard you have worked etc. etc. and how much you "need" a holiday.

If that is too out of comfort zone go talk to a nurse, a teacher a mum about a REAL job.

the line about "requires that I take time off' is hilarious REQUIRES? And besides i thought you were moving on? Gee I know alot of people whose jobs should REQUIRE time off but alas they have responsibilites to take care of so a holiday is a rare TREAT.

Most of my best friends are current top athletes in demanding sports like the triathlon and even they get that what they do is nothing like what the everyday person goes through. They get how luck they are.

I enjoyed your blog in the beginning but no worries that I will post here again. You can continue on in your defensive and poor little me mode.

Anonymous said...

Good comment directly above from Anonymous. I think that pretty much sums this blog post up. You get the "best reply" vote.


Marcus U said...

Anonymous, seriously, get a fuckin life. How hard Brianna has had it compared to the world's downtrodden is so irrelevant I can't believe you actually waste your time. I understand the point you're trying to make, but, honestly, the way you have gone about trying to make it in your scolding, condescending, ANONYMOUS way is completely counter-productive.

The truth is, Brianna quite possibly will be joining the ranks of the 9-5 American work force. Maybe she'll get married, have kids, whatever. When that time comes her opportunities to take such a trip will become few and far between, so who are you to call her immature for doing something she WANTS to do, when she has the time and opportunity to do it. I wish when I got out of the military and wasn't working I would have taken more time to travel. I didn't because my finances weren't all that great. But now, in retrospect, I wish I would have gone ahead and spent $1000 on such a vacation. Because now I have the money, but I also work full-time, continue to serve in the Marine Corps as a reservist, and have a wife and two kids. The opportunities for me to just fly down to Cancun with my best friend for some fun in the sun are very few and very far between.

Besides the fact that what you don't know is this trip was my wife's idea and much moreso for her sake than for Brianna's, because while I was in Iraq the last time she was one of those hard-working single mothers with two kids you speak of. Not to mention her two other good friends she wanted to come, both who work full-time and one who has a child, and guess what? They COULDN'T MAKE IT. Something about life getting in the way.

The point is, you don't know what the hell you are talking about. Brianna will have plenty of opportunity in her life to go through what you consider hard times and to do what you consider hard work. Lord please forgive her if she actually takes time to ENJOY her damn life without feeling guilty about it. Jesus Christ.

How about this, next time you're about to go on vacation, take that money and donate it to hurricane victims in Haiti or whatever cause in whatever third world country you heart desires. When you do that, then feel free to talk down to Brianna, or me, or anybody else about how spoiled we are and how we don't know about hard work, and I won't say a damn thing. Because then I might actually believe you sit on as high a horse as you think you do, and I will force myself to respectfully listen to your bullshit. Until then, sit down, chill out, go to your favorite coffee shop, and have a nice hot cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Anonymous said...

hey can you post some booty pics (please make sure you crop out your ugly feet)? lets take a look at whats going on back there.

Christy said...

WTF? What's up with the haters on here???

Bri, I'm soooo happy you're able to get away - if it's because of a friend, BIG hug to her for being so generous. I don't care how you were able to do it, I'm just happy that you were able to do it.

ENJOY it!!!! Can't wait to see more pics.

Anonymous said...

Article on you in the freebie magzine that is sent out from the supplement store called Vitamin Shoppe. I read it on the toilet when I am out of other reading material. Can send it to a PO box if you haven't already grabbed 20 free copies. Go 'Cats.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Must be nice! :)

Anonymous said...

wow are things that serious that folks are trippin on here--worried about your life----marcus had the best response--a cup of shut the fuck up--classic wicked cool--im originally from rhode island and basically thats how we tell people to mind there business or if you have nothing good to say--then don't say nothing at all----joe p. in vegas sometimes in d.c.