Thursday, September 18, 2008

Running of the Brides

About a month ago I went on the craziest, wildest, most extreme hunt for a wedding dress I’ve ever been a part of. Unfortunately, the dress search wasn’t my own; or for any of my close friends or family for that matter. I was down in Boston at Filene’s basement event where thousands of women from all over the world come to find their dream dress at bargain prices. Bulls have nothing on these ladies. And one lucky bride, Shann, had been chosen to be a part of this with help from the Rachael Ray show. That’s where I came in…a tie in to the Olympic Games and her own personal “runner” to help her find her perfect dress. It was madness as I’ve never seen before but in the end she found her dress and all was good in the world.

The episode aired today and while I knew in advance it was going to be on, I hesitated on putting out the bulletin beforehand. There was a chance it was going to be extremely cheesy and embarrassing and I didn’t know just how much of the 7 HOURS OF SHOOTING!!! would be aired. Luckily it was edited down to maybe five minutes with minimal speaking parts on my behalf and just a few gratuitous shots of me running around in a sports bra. Slightly cheesy? Yes. But not my most embarrassing public appearance to date. If you watch the clip you will notice that they call me Brianne and that they refer to me as a National Championship Runner, or something along those lines. I told them not to use “Olympic Runner” as was there preference and the other title is what they came up with instead. It really makes no sense but I’m sure only a few people on the planet will notice that.

Overall it was a fun experience and I had the opportunity to help someone find the dress of their dreams all while fighting with and stomping over other Bridezillas in the process. Not bad for a day’s work.

I found the clip on the Rachael Ray site so if anybody is interested in viewing my television debut, please CLICK HERE


t.v. said...

Why did the Rachael Ray show, choose you to do the running? Was it (the reason) because of your Ralph Lauren Olympic add campaign? Or was it because you're a Top US Athlete?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Glenn,
I can’t think of a better outfit to wear for your long-awaited TV début.
The sports-bra was Perfect! Represent! 3-Stripes!

brit_brat said...

haha you were so cheesy!! fun experience though. next time ask for some free food made my rachel ray herself....and then give me some!

Anonymous said...

did you have a cold that day? its so sexy how you're wiping your nose with your hand in every shot.

Brianna said...

@t.v...i don't know why they picked me. but it filmed during beijing so i guess they had to pick from who was available. are right. maybe you should tell the powers that be that i am a great marketing tool and good for exposure.

@brit...i thought i would get some food too.

@anonymous...i DID have a cold. and i know it's really unsexy...i was hoping all those shots would get edited out but i guess there was just too many.

ktizzle said...

well i think even if you hadn't mentioned it i still would have noticed the Brianne and the National Championship runner. huh?

it was cute but if they had you there you think they would have at least shown you out running someone to some dresses or something. with ludacris playing in the background. "move B!tch get out the way... get out the way B!tch get out the way!"

Anonymous said...

National Championship Runner. Thats a kinda sweet title. Its... cute in a... DANG those poeple have no idea about running way.

You looked good on there.

Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Brianna did you scoop up a dress? WINK WINK

Christy said...

First, I hope they paid you WELL! I've seen things on that "event" many times and said there's no way someone would pay me to deal with all those psychos.

Second, and most important IMO, what the heck with getting your name wrong?!? How did someone not catch it and re-shoot? I mean, she didn't just say it once, she said it twice and there's no mistaking the fact that she said it wrong so I'm completely put off by the fact that they didn't fix it.

I don't know what it is, but I have a thing with getting people's names right, so it kind of hit a nerve here.

Christy said...

correction - she said it wrong THREE times :-)

Brianna said...

yes the Brianne thing is quite annoying. Especially since I think I remember them reshooting it but they must've kept that take for other reasons.

Brianna said...

yes the Brianne thing is quite annoying. Especially since I think I remember them reshooting it but they must've kept that take for other reasons.

katty said...

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