Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I stole this from a blogger friend, RBW, because my brain is kind of empty right now and it seemed fun to just fill in answers. Enjoy...

Maybe I should…write a resume. Even though it would be mostly blank space and filled only with track related accomplishments that I have somehow morphed into looking like admirable and desirable work-related skills. Hopefully employers buy the b.s. ☺

I love the smell of…suntan oil. You know that kind that smells a bit coconut-y?! Even though I have no business wearing it I wish I could slather my body in it and then just lay there.

People would say that I…am high maintenance. Even though I’m not…really.

I don’t understand why…Heidi and Spencer make all this money for being simply annoying. Go away!

When I wake up in the morning…I check my crackberry first thing. It is pure habit to look straight to the phone, see the blinking red light and force my eyes into focus so I can read all the unimportant information that has come through while I slumbered.

I lost my willpower to…not order fries when I have the option. I appreciate everyone trying to offer the healthy option and I really know I should get the side salad or fruit, but I just can’t say no to fries. Ever.

Life is wonderful…when you have amazing friends.

My past has…taught me a lot. Although I would still tell God that on some of those things, a memo would have worked just fine. (Dear Bri…don’t waste your time dating him. Trust me. Love, God)

I get annoyed when…every time I call customer service I am forced to have a conversation with a machine who can’t understand anything I say and then once I finally yell “REPRESENTATIVE” 48 times, I am then forced to talk to someone in India who still can’t understand what I am trying to say, and vice versa.

Parties are not…really my thing. Once in blue moon they can be fun but it’s a rarity these days.

Dogs are…aiiight. I’m not an animal lover really but I can stand a cute dog as long as they don’t jump all over me and lick me to death.

Cats are…hideous. Eww. Eww. And ewww.

Tomorrow I’m going to…go to lunch with my bff, get a pedicure, and I don’t know what else. I’m living the hard life right now. Hate me.

I have a low tolerance for…people who wear low rise jeans and shouldn’t. Pick something that compliments your shape, not that highlights your muffin top.

I’m totally terrified of…babysitting for an extended amount of time. I know I should probably practice some, but I just feel as if I will be totally overwhelmed and everything will just go haywire.

I wonder why I thought my life would be…just like I planned it. Go to the Olympics when I’m 24…get married at 25…have first baby at 28…. yup, I’ve hit none of those goals.

Never in my life…will I smoke a cigarette. Like never ever.

High School was something that…was great fun while it lasted. I made great friends, I learned a lot, and I made sure I was “cool” enough—it was an overall enjoyable experience.

When I’m nervous…I shake like I have turrets. Usually it’s just one limb at a time.

Making my bed is…not a necessity. I will make it if I know someone is going to see it, but otherwise it’s a toss up. If the only time I’m going to notice it’s unmade is right before I get back in it…it’s not a big deal.

I’m almost always…hungry. I have the metabolism of a bear or something similar. I can always eat.

I’m addicted to…my blackberry. Coffee. Fries. The Internet. Push up bras. Chocolate. To name a few…

I want someone…who loves God, has a bible, and uses it. That makes me laugh so hard that my sides ache. That thinks I’m funny. That can teach me things. That listens. Who understands why I need so many pairs of jeans. And shoes. And purses. That thinks I’m a princess. That wants to be my prince. That can sit in silence. That can talk for hours about anything and everything. That loves to eat. That can cook. That understands that I am anal about planning and details. That can be spontaneous. That gives me butterflies. That gets butterflies. That likes to cuddle and hold hands and hug me from behind in Blockbuster. That is not as stubborn as I am. That is not a pushover. Ok…before I get carried away I’ll stop.


Anonymous said...

man... its been a looong time since ive been on your blog, i'll have to catch up, but the randomness is cool. later

Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... I cant say no to fries either... fo' real they are my favorite vegetable

Eb the Celeb said...

Oh and I warned you about the

and yeah victoria secret plunge bra works wonders on my tig ol' bitties

the gamelord said...

I am feeling you about the willpower to deny myself the pleasure of fries. We all know they are totally unhealthy, but they are so hard to resist. They are 'da crack of the vegetable world. The person who first discovered that frying thin potato shards would be a delicacy should receive a Nobel Prize or something.

Oh yeah, if you got a dog of your own, I know you would become a diehard animal lover. There is just something about puppy breath that makes you feel all warm inside. :-)

Christy said...

Well - I can say that you may find someone who "deals" with your love for shoes, purses, and jeans - but he'll never "understand" it. LOL

My hubby has known me for almost 7 years and he totally gets that I have love for such things, but he doesn't understand. He amuses me, though which is good enough for me.

You'll find your prince someday. I just know it. After living through what I've lived through, and then finding the love I have found, I am confident for you.

Christy said...

P.S. Some of your list cracked me up - and were EXACTLY something I would write...just thought I'd share.

Nigel "6five" Bigbee said...

I have a low tolerance for…people who wear low rise jeans and shouldn’t. Pick something that compliments your shape, not that highlights your muffin top.


anonymousnupe said...

You described me to a "T," but, alas (and praise the Lord), I am taken. LOL!!

Boardwalk Fries (y'all got them out west?) with some malt vinegar and Old Bay seasoning, are a heavenly meal unto themselves. Don't settle for imitations.

anonymousnupe said...
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anonymousnupe said...
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PoiDog19 said...

Laughed for about 5 min with the india customer service..haha..that was great...

Anonymous said...

interesting idea. Are you using that for the resume? :)

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing person with lots of substance. I don't understand why you are still single...

Anonymous said...

Did you ever have bad experiences in high school? You make is sound so perfect!

-Grace W.

Brianna said...

Why I'm still single...would you like an entire blog on that one???

high school was not perfect. one look at some of the outfits I wore would convince you of such.