Friday, July 11, 2008

Across the Atlantic

I’m in Europe right now. Crazy…I know. Someone forgot to tell me that moping around and being depressed doesn’t pay the bills. And as much as I am on bitter terms with my career right now, it happens to be the only job I have for the immediate future. This is what my agent quickly reminded me of when I tried to get out of the few meets I had lined up for after Trials. It was also his way of making sure I didn’t make any rash decisions about my future. He thought he was being sneaky but I saw right through it! It is probably for the best though because if I hadn’t gotten on the plane I would be somewhere in the Caribbean right now changing my name to Stella and surviving off of drinks that have little umbrellas as my sole source of nutrition.

I also find that it is easier to be around other athletes right now. The truth of the matter is there really are only 3 people per event that had the Trials turn out as they’d hoped for and are ecstatic about the outcome. That leaves a whole lot of other folks feeling a bit down in the dumps and misery loves company. Nobody is looking at me feeling sorry and not knowing what they should really say because they are too busy feeling sorry for themselves! Not that I don’t appreciate all the support and compassion that I have received during this last week…I truly do. But it took me a good four days to even listen to my voicemail messages and even then I didn’t really call anybody back. (sorry for that!)

So here I am back at work for the next couple of weeks. I could not commit to any longer but for right now it was the best decision. I’m not that caught up in the competitions themselves and I’d be lying if I said I felt extremely motivated about running right now but it is nice to go and compete without any pressure. I haven’t run a race all season so it definitely could be interesting. I will keep you updated….maybe.


Evey said...

Hi Brianna,

I stumbled across your blog today. I should tell you that I haven't read something so sincere in quite a while!

Here are a few words of wisdom for a fellow quote-lover:
- Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. (Phil 3:12)

But, here's something I find more important. You most probably know Psalm 23. Well, it says lots of great stuff. But, the verses I love most are 2 and 3, and they go like this:

2 He MAKES me lie down in green pastures, he LEADS me beside quiet waters,
3 he restores my soul.

I guess sometimes we feel it's up to us to recover or put ourselves to rest. Not so!

You're in my prayers.

yoan said...

Your motivation will make for you realized many thing which one you expect it not! Courage for the continuation!!!

Cormac said...

LOL @ Stella!

Hope you enjoy your trip to this side of the Atlantic. If the Cork City Sports Grand Prix tommorrow is one of the competitions you have planned then I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines!



Bianca said...

Breezy! We are in Europe together. Don't fall in love... the men here smell. No matter how cute they are, they don't floss. Ew!

Keep us posted. 143

Kashus said...

Hold ya head young B. You're blessed. Enjoy yourself.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

stay strong folk
keep your head up

and stay away from the markets

Jasmine said... can find drink with little umbrellas in them all over the world! :)

dre_kelz said...

whats up Brianna,

Guess running late on this one. As long as Ive been an athlete, you are one of the strongest persons ive had the pleasure of being teammates with. I know you have a VERY strong spirit and you will make it thru this. You've been thru a lot in your life. I'm sure there have been times in your career dating back to HS that youve had the thought of hanging it up.

Being a former athlete with having the same feelings of if I have more to give or was it the fact that i felt like I failed, can really tear you open. Especially when you've been doing it for a LONG time. Its a hard choice to make. I went to coaching to keep my fire for the sport going. I kind of wanted to compete but my heart didnt want to compete but atleast i could give another kid a chance to accomplish his/her dream. Imagine what you will be doing if you stop???? Are you really ready for that.

I can only imagine the feelin of not accomplishin your goal. But dont hang the shoes up. Your still barely in your prime. Keep it running.

It all lays down to doing what your heart tells you.

Stay strong,

Dre Kelly

brit_brat said...

Feel free to bring back anything fake that looks expensive! You know I'm not picky :)

Anonymous said...

Remember life is measured by the quality of the problem...there is always problems, its just how you deal with them....I think you have quality problems;-) Shane

Anonymous said...

Hey Brianna, I have nothing...I don't have anything witty or profound to say which might cheer you up. I'm sure it has all been said 1000 times, and 1000 different ways...So, with that being said...Go jump in that deuce girly and give em the business!!! Lol


Anonymous said...

I don't want to cheer you up. I don't want to offer any greeting at all.
I simply want to read the Headlines and see a big number on the boards from you. I want to see you in a final ONLINE TV so I can laugh with joy at your joy of running or jumping great marks. You are a proven commodity. Keep on paying the bills girl. There are several more US teams available for you. An lots more money not being on a US Team. So all I can say is, Go to work!