Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

In the next couple of weeks I have a huge decision to make. I have decided to switch coaches and now need to figure out who I will trust to help me get ready to make an Olympic team. No big deal, just the BIGGEST decision of my life is all. I remember what it felt like when it came time to choose a college to attend. The process started at the beginning of the year and it was so exciting getting phone calls from coaches and taking the time to visit universities I was interested in. But months later, when I was still undecided about where I should go and who I could entrust to develop me as an athlete, the process was no longer fun and exciting—it was excruciating. Well that’s how I feel now, except that agonizing feeling is tenfold.

I don’t make big decisions easily. In fact, I don’t make small decisions easily. I am a huge over-thinker. When I go to a restaurant and I don’t know what to order, I stress about it, ask the waiter for his opinion, and then spend the next 20 minutes worrying about not picking the other choice. I will spend hours buying a plane ticket. Literal hours. And then I will put multiple tickets on hold so I can have another 24 hours to think about it. So imagine the turmoil I am experiencing now when it concerns my career. And did I mention it’s the Olympic year? Yea. I’m screwed.

The fact of the matter is I know I need to be somewhere where I trust what I’m doing and I trust who is coaching me. You can have the best coach and program or the worst but what matters most is that you trust in it. I know that and I also know that it is one component that I have been missing for the past few years. That blind trust that allows you to be so confident that you are doing the right thing and that there is no need to question anything. The burden is not on your soldiers because you have entrusted someone who you believe in and who believes in you to guide you to success. That’s what I want. That’s what I NEED. So I am searching, and more importantly praying, that the right situation is revealed to me.


T.V. said...

I do beg your forgiveness in advance if it seems as if I'm stepping on your toes. But I'm curious...

Didn't you switch coaches a few months ago? And didn't you ran a personal best and join the 22" LJ club this year under the guidance of your present coach? Wouldn't it be "career suicide" to switch now that you've accomplished those milestones with your coach?

So why switch now?

Is confidence and trust in your coach more important than growth and results?

Remember patience and faith goes hand in hand. God will answer yours prayers. :)

B*Fabulous said...

umm...yea, you're right. I switched coaches at the beginning of last season. In fact, I have switched coaches every year for the past 5 years. Not good...I wouldn't recommend it. Unfortunately this is not a decision only on my part and so it's almost a decision I kinda have to make. One thing I would like to say though is that even though I did have personal bests this year, my #1 goal was making the World Championship team and personal bests will always come secondary to making teams for me.

Teej said...

Hey you!

So I think you said it all when you said "I know I need to be somewhere where I trust what I’m doing and I trust who is coaching me". Just keep that in mind, pray on it and you will be fine sweetie.

btw...betcha didnt know this is where my blog really is. Check the history. I just cut and paste them to my myspace ;)

T.V. said...


Thanks for feeding my curiousity. Reading your response I realise how unselfish you are. You're a teamplayer.
I wish you much strength with your 2008 Olympic Campaign.

PS. When I mentioned 22"... I actually meant 22 ft... I was trying to lighten the mood of my inquisitiveness. :)

Bianca said...

I believe in you and am praying for the heavens to open, God Himself to speak, and reveal to you, "Yo' Bri, enter through the open doors. Don't knock them down." I love you!

Dinar said...

interesting stuff. and since you welcomed comments, (i think, or maybe i imagined that part) here's mine. reading what you wrote about trying to decide where to go for your training, i was struck by a thought that i couldn't get out of my head. i'm sure you've heard the saying "wherever you go, there you are." it seemed to apply pretty well in this instance. now i'm not gonna pretend to know everything that goes into your training, as i ran the 800 in high school, and my best time was about 15 minutes. but i do believe that people sometimes look too much to outside factors. now maybe this is one of those instances, maybe it isn't. but clearly you're one of the best in the world at what you do. and i imagine you have access to the best people to surround yourself with. i guess what i'm getting at bri, is that i read what you talk about, how you say you over analyze everything, and i wonder if the trust isn't so much an issue with who might be your coach, as it is with you.

what will follow will be my $5 pep talk, take it as you will:
you're a damn monster bri. jackie joyner said it, now i'm saying it. you figure out where you feel the safest...and trust it. trust yourself to make the right choice. easier said than done i know, but that doesn't mean that it can't be done.

as you see, i have no aversion to pom poms...and as it happens, i also believe every word.