Monday, August 1, 2011

My First Street Meet

Let's get the important details out of the way…

I chose Eye of the Tiger.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to make sure you visit my Facebook fan pageonce in a while because there are times when I really could use the help of the masses. Like when i am trying to remember songs I like or convincing my mother black people don't like exploring the wilderness as much as white folks do. I digress. In reality, a more appropriate song would have been "Singing in the Rain", even though I wasn't singing and even though that song is not in the least bit motivational. The part that makes it relevant is the rain, and it's the only song I can think of with rain in the title. And if the song happens to mention cold temperatures and a nasty side wind, it would have been that much more appropriate on Saturday.

I don't know what it is about parts of Europe, but they refuse to have Summer. When we were competing they told me it was 10 degrees. I had to find someone who remembered how to do the calculation from Celsius to (stupid American)Farenheit (read: found someone with an Iphone) to find out that was a blistery 50 degrees. And did I mention the rain and the wind?!! Oh yea, lovely jumping weather.

Beyond that though, I was determined to have fun. As soon as I heard that there was a street meet for long jump in Germany, I begged my manager to change my plans and send me there instead of Budapest, which was on the same day, even though I had been wanting to visit Budapest for ages. I had been to a couple of these street meets with my pole vault buddies this summer and they were just so much fun. For starters, you are the only event and so everyone that shows up is there for you. Did I mention I do long jump? We don't ever get attention like that. There is usually a dj involved, hence me picking a song to jump to. Oh.. and beer is also often present, which adds to the festive environment and makes it enjoyable to the crowd no matter if you jump far or not, because they're basically at a party! I'm telling you… it's a blast.

As you might have guessed, I didn't actually jump far. Nevertheless, I'm glad I went. These are the kind of meets that remind you how fun this sport can be and makes you appreciate that aspect of it. Next year, I will be back, and I plan on bringing the sunshine with me.

Does this look appropriate for late July? I literally put on every item of clothing I could, and I still was freezing. Maybe it's because I'm from California.

Our competition site... so cool!!

The "thanks for coming" gift was a 2 liter beer. Gotta love Germany!


Anonymous2 said...

Wet/cold not good for competition, but very good for pictures.

More pictures from Hof. I'm starting to like this uniform.

jasmine* said...

This post is hilar! I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Any videos out there of this meet, ut um party?

Anonymous2 said...

I'm trying to find video's because it does look like that crowd is having a lot of fun. Even the pictures I found were from a party website.

Bianca said...

i can't wait to see you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I totally want that 2 liter beer bottle! With or without the beer! You did bring it home for your fav Aunt...didn't you?????

Aunt S (in case you weren't sure)

Anonymous said...

Sure you're not in Olympia, WA? ;-)
Maybe God's just getting you ready for the London Olympics next year... LOL!

AlJ said...

Good Job Bri,

You are so funny... Champ

Al J

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Looks like a great time, no matter the weather.
That beer bottle is almost as big as you! Were you able to drink it all by yourself?

Maybe next time you pick for a song …
The Final Countdown.

Anonymous said...

From the appearance of the platform you are a very trusting girl. However since you did not report any accident we can assume the beer was delivered after the construction crew completed the setup. A similar event will be coming in California.


Anonymous2 said...

more pictures from Hof. In the gallery pics 58,59,75(cold),1710970,C::cme161173,1403998

Christine said...

I'm from Germany and live now in the US. One thing I don't miss is the "summer" in Germany! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit!!!