Saturday, June 25, 2011


It's the day before the meet and I'm EXCITED! I like to make sure I alway write a post before a big competition so I can go back and remember just where I was at mentally. So here is my post...more for me than for you, but I'm sharing it anyway.

One of the questions I've been getting asked constantly is what I think it's going to take to make the team. There are a good group of jumpers right now and I know a lot of us are capable of jumping very far. In years past I might of made a stab at guessing what mark will make the team based on a host of factors, but this year my mind isn't working like that. I haven't thought of a mark I will probably have to jump tomorrow and it's because I'm approaching it with the mindset that Whatever it takes, i am capable of. I feel what I jump is going to fall into placing me where I need to be. I know that doing what I can do is going to be plenty.

I haven't looked at pre meet predictions or form charts or where I'm seeded at coming into the competition. What people have done in the past or what other people think might happen in a competition thankfully has nothing to do with what actually happens.

I guess what I'm saying is that I have never felt more ready to do my best and I thank God that I am finally confident in the fact that my best will absolutely be good enough. And no, there is nothing in life that is 100% certain, but I am fine with saying I don't know what it will take to make the team tomorrow, but I know I'm as close to 100% sure as you can be that I'm capable of whatever it does take. Now it's up to me to just compete.

Thank you for your support and prayers. Talk to you tomorrow!!


Bianca said...

Oh, oh, oh, I'm so excited for you! Give info as to how and where we can see how you do :)

Praying hard,

Anonymous said...

love you much Brianna, and so very proud of you. Mom.

avebcrazy said...

The time for stressing is over! It's competition time and all you need to do is execute. The time for thinking is over...just run, jump, and have fun. Good luck!

Feltdog said...

I have a strong feeling that you will be in the top three. Congrats in advance!!!

Anonymous2 said...

I see you are listed to jump in Lausanne. I know you don't want any type of consolation, but that wouldn't be a bad one. Chocolate binge.