Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pro Tips 4 U

When you are a professional athlete, people always ask if you will possibly consider coaching as a career choice. My answer is always no. Coaching isn’t really something I aspire to do on a full time basis. Do I know stuff? Yea. Could I share what I know and how I’ve learned to be a successful professional in this sport? Probably. Do I want to do that on an everyday basis? Nope.

But the idea of sharing information and giving people tips and ideas on how to train properly and maximize their potential as a track and field athlete interests me. If for no other reason than knowing that there is a lot of wrong information out there. Oftentimes, coaches and athletes see something done but aren’t quite sure how to do it. Penultimate step, anyone? There are plenty of athletes who want to be faster but have no idea how to improve their sprinting mechanics so that they can capitilize on the speed they possess. I know I’m no expert, but at the very least I can share what I do to be as good as I am. Some might consider that a pretty good start. So when I was asked to do just that, on video (which I LOVE), it was a perfect fit.

Pro Tips 4 U is a new website that takes real athletes, including Olympic Gold Medalists, Hall of Famers, All-Stars, Heisman Trophy winners, World Champions, and little ol’ me, and has us share training videos that coaches and athletes can look at and learn from. I think it’s a really great concept and I know that if I had something like this to learn from when I was younger, I would have been really excited. Take a second, and check out their website to see if there might be any videos that interest you. And if you want to view my page specifically, you can look here.


Bianca said...

Woohoo!!! You're famous!

t.v. said...

Interesting. Checked out a few of the video's. I like it.

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...

At $1.99 per download, what is your cut?

Couldn't watch them to see if you know what your talking about, the video's kept freezing my computer and had to click them off. On the surface, seems like a waste of bandwidth and only an attempt for some jerkwad to make money off of kids and parents.

I'd much rather see you get away from that training center which is sucking down your performances and go train somewhere else where there are less distractions.

It's diversions like this which I was referring to before, and is part of what is holding you back from being all that you can be. You're not hungry enough. You are playing. Snap out of it.

Allen W said...

This is getting out there. And this is a good start. As a former high school coach, I can appreciate your view on coaching. At times it can turn out to be a lot of babysitting. I am sure you did your homework on this group before getting involved. Good Luck with all this. Take Care

Sweetface Photography said...

Completely and totally off topic, but I bs you not dude - I'm pretty sure that photo was taken right behind mi casa. Is that at the Olympic Training center in CV?