Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Needing Help

I’ve had a lot going on inside my brain the last couple of weeks. Namely, what’s next for my career? I ended the season on such a sour note that I was having a hard time processing a lot of things. It was obvious something needed to change. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Well, I am not okay with being a certified crazy person.

There were a lot of good things that came out of this year and a lot of growth both as an athlete and a person. But I struggled with consistency and it’s my belief that being consistently good is what it takes to be great. I want to be great. I have no reservations admitting that. I enjoy what I do and I am blessed to have accomplished what I have thus far, but I do want to believe that there is more in store, and that I have the responsibility to figure out how to get there.

This year I did it my way. I didn’t trust anybody, I didn’t need anybody, and I didn’t rely on anyone else but myself. It wasn’t so much of a choice but a necessity. Based on everything that happened though, I came to a conclusion. I can be good doing it my way. I can be top 10 in the world at something relying only on myself to guide me there. But here’s the thing: they only give medals to the top three. So if I’m being totally honest with myself, if I want to be great maybe it was time to admit I need help.

Being my own coach, training partner, advisor, and decision maker was good for me this year. I believed it served its purpose and had its part in my story. But as has been the overall theme in my whole career, I’m making a change. I’m going to go back to trusting someone other than myself to help guide my career to where it needs to be. I’m going to work hard to do whatever it takes to be consistently good, so that I can be great. I am positive I have the tools, but I’m going to take on the role of the apprentice and admit that I need help.

I’m excited. I know I can’t do anything about the low points of this season but I can learn from them and be better next year.


Daniel (the Real one, lol) said...

Ms. Glenn,
Then you know the drill.
You’ll have to find a coaching arrangement/process you Trust Fully. No second-guessing them. To Fully Commit is one of the most important parts the individual athlete contributes to the success (beyond doing all the work, of course).
To free the mind and nerves of the “What if I just do … instead …”

Can you Trust? Can you Commit? Can you simply focus on the Execution of the plan?

Beyond just a very few extremely gifted athletes, I can’t think of anyone who didn’t have great coaching that they trusted and did as directed, that ever became great.

I wish you all the best in your search for that.

Anonymous said...

Oh hear the Angels sing, finally Brianna, finally you are going to let someone help you. Not Bubba Gump though, that brother is toxic although he stated that his intentions are good.

Now I am excited to see what you will come up with. Time to win little lady.

Anonymous said...

I've only known you for a short amount of time, but I am massively proud of your impressive achievements and the woman you are today - as much as if I could call your achievements my own.

Those most successful at life are those embrace personal change, renewal, and improvements when needed. To do that, it's important to be honestly introspective.

That's why you will continue to be the best in all your endeavors. That's why you are who you are.


MJ said...

I agree, with the desire of wanting to be the best, change must come, it's difficult... but hey, change is always a good thing...and mannn beneath it all, I can say that I do admire ur drive and strength.

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...

I'm happy to announce that I have signed on to be the Bri'sters jumping coach!

Through heated negotiations we have agreed on the terms that she will do exactly as I say and we shall shower together in the climaxes of her career together. The in's and out's, the up's and down's, together we shall find that perfect spot where she can raise her arms in all glory and exclaim "oh yes, oh yes, oh yes"!

From now on, I will be in charge of her social activities as well. We will be traveling together, eating, sleeping, doing, exploring, observing, learning, analyzing, towards a common goal together. Sorry to some of you lackies out there who have been sucking up all of the Bri'sters energy and oxygen but it's time for you to find some other host for you to leach onto! There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Bubba Gump!

Now lets get to work sand jumper!

Leave the socks and gold shorts at home! We are going "old school"!

Leave the woe is me attitude at home!

It's time to take that raw piece of jumping machine, break it down, to it's simplest, leanest, most basic form, and then build it back up 1 exercise, 1 practice, 1 day at a time.

It's time to get that silly putty thought process into a focused, confident, relaxed, controlled rage intensity.

Together you will learn who you are, how you came to be where you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there! Then you are going to DO IT!

Were going to do a Rocky! Back to the basics, the beginning, in control of the outcome BEFORE we first arrive at the field. Da Beast better start looking over her shoulder because we are going to be coming up on her a*s fast and hard!!

Strap it on because here we come!

p.s. I bet you look cute when you first wake up in the morning. :)!

steveburks said...

I just read a book called "Talent Is Overrated: What REALLY Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else." Two of the things it lists are (1) a constant feedback loop, i.e., coaching, and (2) meta-cognition, thinking about thinking.

You're on it.

Anonymous2 said...

Don't know who you are going with for coaching, but regardless having good training partners will be a great help, especially during the so-called off season.

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...

Sorry @Anonymous2, not going to happen!

I don't want her to pick up any more bad habits! Especially from the shlockies at the Training Center.

Please read my post above about finding a new "host". If you'd like to ask her out on a date, please submit your request in writing next time instead of disguising it as you have here. Your written request will be given the attention it deserves.

Bubba Gump
Brianna's 2011 Life and Jumping Coach

Daniel - The Old One said...

Ms. Glenn,
I'm getting a bit curious.
Do you, like, KNOW "Bubba Gump"?

Life's always funnier than fiction.

(Sorry "Bubba", I'm not infatuated with Ms. Glenn. I'll keep my Resume, Thank You very much. I don't want her knowing my financial status)

Wayne said...

Sounds like a great plan to me! God Bless on your journey!

Anonymous2 said...

Bubba Gump, not sure where you're coming from on this. There are always days that you don't want to train, but if you are working out with a group it makes it a little bit easier, even if everyone has there own specific training assignments.

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...

The suggestion box is on the wall near the door you came in. Feel free to use both.


Colonel Reb said...

To Mr. Gump:

I think you should watch your mouth about Da Beast cause she doesn't take lightly to threats or challenges. That last jump in Zurich was 7.15m and if not for her falling back to 6.89m that's a new PR & world lead. And she STILL won by a lot. Not sure if you're a fan or fanatic but calling out the world's best is not smart.

Bubba Gump Jumping Acedemy said...

You can call me Bubba.

You obviously are a moron.

Long jumping takes place in a jumpers heart, her soul, her mind, and her body. Jumping is not a team sport. Jumping is not against anyone but yourself. A jumper doesn't jump against other people....jumpers jump against themselves, the demons that lie within themselves. When a jumper starts jumping against another jumper, they completely are in the wrong mindset. The stats take care of themselves and are for people who sit in the stands to worry about. Great jumpers jump against themselves and when performing, jump from the inner most depths of their individual beings.

Thanks for the suggestion though. I'll put it in the suggestion box for you.

Allen W said...

So you did it by yourself this year. What's done is done and from what I have read you are responsible and need to hold yourself accountable for your season. It seems that you have done that. You are taking a big step here and you are going in the right direction.

You have some big time goals here, so remember what I said in an earlier posting: Sit down with your coach/agent/rep and put a plan in place. Put your best foot forward, follow with the other one and take it from there. Take Care and Good Luck

#2 Fan said...

Change like the seasons! I applaud you for all that you've accomplished as your own teacher, and for all that you will accomplish as another's student :-)