Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Angels Game: Two Perspectives.

Many of my friends know that I blog. They always wonder if whatever we are doing at that particular moment will end up on the blog and what my spin on it will actually be. Yesterday I went to the Angels and Yankees game with a friend and he asked if I was going to blog about it. “Maybe”, I replied. And then he said he could probably blog it for me because he knew what I was going to say. So I told him to give it his best shot. Tell my story, in my voice, the way you think I experienced it. Even though it wasn’t as easy as he thought, he did give it his best shot. And since I had already blogged it too, I’m giving you my real version. How close did he get? (I know…it’s hard to nail down my biting sarcasm).


I decided to take the train to the Angel Yankee game last night. It's a two hour train ride, but its better than dealing with traffic, and the train arrives exactly at game time 5:00. I'm supposed to meet someone there at 5. However, he didn't show up till 6. Obviously I am annoyed by this, I can be understanding when it comes to traffic, but an hour, come on buddy. Not to mention this isn't the first time this person has made me wait before. I'm debating whether or not to turn around and go home and delete this person from my phone. Needless to say, he finally arrives and although a little annoyed we proceed to go into the game.

When going to a baseball game one of the many traditions is to experience stadium food. You can't go to a baseball game and not experience the fine cuisine. Being a bud girl, I had to partake in a couple bud lights and some sliders from Ruby's Diner. Being that it is a baseball game I also had to have a hot dog. You can't go to a game and not have a hot dog right? It would be Un-American.

The game was very entertaining, from the action on the field to the drunk yankee fans that proceeded to high five me on his way out. Even though I wasn't rooting for the yankees, I wasn't wearing my Angels red and neither was the person I was with. I can see how I can be easily confused with being a yankees fan.

All and all I had a great time at the game, and the person I was with completely made up for being late and I enjoyed his company tremendously. He walked me back to the train station, saw that I got off safely and I proceeded to enjoy my train ride home.


I like going to sporting events even when I’m not a particularly big fan of the sport. Like Baseball for instance…I never watch a game on T.V. during the regular season. I’m going to need a little more action and a little more signifcance if I’m going to shell out 3 hours of my life like that. But I will go to a baseball game, and I’ll even be excited to go if it’s the playoffs. So when my friend called me up to ask me if I’d like to go to the Angel game at 5pm, when it was already 2pm and I was sitting in San Diego, I did my best to make it happen.

Not only did I make it, I made it on time. What is the implication here? The fact that he did not. If I hadn’t already traveled 2 hours by train, I would not have still been sitting there almost an hour later when he finally showed up!! I don’t appreciate waiting on people, especially when the excuse is bad traffic. This ain’t Kansas buddy, this is the 5 Freeway in Southern California at 5 pm on a workday en route to a major sporting event. You may not live here, but our traffic has a reputation, so there can be no cop out. So I did what I do best, and failed miserably at hiding my irritation.

We managed to make it into the game before either team had scored (big shocker there), so my experience wasn’t totally ruined. I then proceeded to eat 3 days worth of calories in the next 3 hours. If you can’t watch a baseball game eating and drinking the whole time, I really don’t even see the point.

The Angels ended up losing and I pretended to care but it was all for naught as I was accidentally dressed in Yankee colors and I got more hi fives than sad looks anyway. In fact, the buddies I met on the train ride home invited me to join them in their celebration. Who am I to ruin a good time? So yes, I ended up enjoying myself. And next time, he probably knows if he is going to be late to just turn around and go home.


Bianca said...

Whoa. This is scary. He could've TOTALLY written that piece for you. Even has your sarcasm.

I like this guy! Two thumbs up, AnonymousFriend :)

Marcus said...

I like the concept of the blog, very entertaining! His version was very close to yours in terms of content, but it was told in a much different voice and he's nowhere near as good a writer as you. It was fun to read though.

Jasmine said...

hilarious! this guy obviously reads your blog!! ;)

Brianna said...

marcus, who IS as good of a good of writer??! (don't answer that...two of them have already posted on this blog)

Tyrone said...

sorry again i was late!

@Bianca....isn't it time for a picture update? the 90's are over and Beverly Hills 90210 has been off the air for a decade! xoxo!

@Brianna....what, no after game sex? afterall, they were playoff tickets! you know how hard they were to get!

Brianna said...

great. so you've changed your name again. there really is no point, your tone always identifies you.

Tyrone said...

@ Brianna...well they were playoff tickets! A little something something would have been nice! Just saying.

Anonymous said...

@ Tyrone to you they were "playoff" tickets, to him they were just tickets.

Daniel said...

That was clever!
But, really, "Tyrone" ain't gonna be that deep.
Just sayin' ...

Tyrone said...

@ "Daniel" but really really....if he was a guy then his "ticket" was intended to round third and head for a home run with our sand jumper! Since everyone is laying their cards down, ut um, except the B'ster, lets call it how it really is.

Let me write the cliff notes of HIS blog:

Plan A.... to get laid fell through on my trip.

Plan B.... invite the sand jumper and go for gold last minute.

Results On the medal podium....sand jumper wasn't into me and hooked up with a guy with tattoos on the train ride home.

Recap....Ticket wasted, should have gone alone and picked up girl outside stadium.

How did I do Willy Wonka?

Anonymous said...

It's a lot easier to stay in shape than to get in shape. What are you doing in this regard for next season?

Anonymous said...

I've been wrestling with the idea of directly commenting on this blog, being that I am the guy in the blog. It's clear Tyrone needs help. ( Tyrone start with 1 Corinthians 3:10-13, we have to build you a better foundation) Reading some of his previous comments I couldn't help but come up with a profile to fit Tyrone. That's a whole different story, so let's just deal with the content of his comments.

Inviting B to the game had nothing to do with sex. She is an intelligent, driven, and beautiful woman, and I enjoy her company. I would hate to think that if my sister or mom or any woman for that matter accompanies a man to any type of event or vacation sex should be a "thank you." Sex wasn't even on my mind. Whether it's tickets to a "playoff" game or a trip to Cannes, it's not about sex, something more important was taking place.

As far as B not being into me and finding someone on the train ride home, probable but not likely. I've been out with B a handful of times, so she had an idea of what was in store. I doubt she would of traveled two hours on a train and sat through a 4 hour baseball game and traveled another 2 hours home, if I was less than adequate company.

Being that I am a man, this issue must be addressed, if it wasn't about sex then what was it about? Why B? As I said before, I know B a little bit, but not well. We don't talk often, however she has always managed to make time to see me when possible.

With that said, a woman like Brianna is rare nowadays. She is special and I realize that, so inviting her out had to do with her continuing to get to know me. I'm laying some ground work, so if or when the courting period begins the transition should be fairly smooth.

For all the women out there that have to put up with guys like Tyrone, I apologize.

Brianna said...

I am sorry, I should have warned you. "Tyrone's" (he switches up his name from time to time) main job is to say things that annoy people and get their blood boiling. best to ignore him and pray one day he just goes away.

Tyrone said...

Actually sand jumper I supported you all summer!!

Anonymous Guy, ....You sound like a nice guy.

Ask Bianca, Jasmine, and Brianna if nice guys get the ut um (you know I'm right).

All of these girls are experienced players. Yes, all of you!

You got used guy. No biggie. Send me a Private Message if you want.

The shame should come from the ticket recipient. ????