Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

You know what I love the most about babysitting? The fact that it ends. You are able to return the lovely kiddos to their rightful owners and be done with them. I’m kidding…kind of. Truth be told, there are only a few kids on Earth I will even agree to babysit period. It lies in the fact that I love them and their parents and so in my heart I feel a sense of duty that I should at one point in their years of childhood be responsible for them. If not for this strong emotion you would probably never see me alone with kids until the day I am blessed with my own. (If that day ever even comes).

This weekend my lovely sister took advantage of said emotion and coerced me into being not only Aunt B, but also babysitter Bri. Yes, I wanted to spend time with my lovely niece and nephew because it’s been months and they grow so fast you end up barely recognizing them when you let that much time go by. But I always prefer a chaperone if I can help it. She somehow took advantage of my guilty conscience though and convinced me that after a whole day spent together, she should be allowed to slip out and I should be in charge on my own. I realize it’s not too much of a sacrifice, being that I have every night to myself free of diaper duty and endless cartoons, so I “happily” obliged. I’m happy to report that everyone made it out ok. I’m sure it’s a well known fact between the two of them that Aunt B really has no rules and that I will pretty much let whatever go as long as we keep the fussing and crying to a minimum, so they did their part and I did mine. Ty is grown up enough that he has decided he actually likes me and wants to be my buddy, but Tristin still has a bit of uncertainty. This is understandable…shoot, last time I saw her she could barely utter a word and now she’s a chatterbox. Plus, she’s still in diapers. I think she can sense I’m not that diaper friendly. All in all, I think we had a good time together. They both stayed awake until their bodies naturally fell asleep, and Tristin and I ate pizza at 10pm. What are Aunt’s for??!

Here are some pics from the weekend…

-The four of us at the L.A. county fair (next time it's going to be the L.A. county park!!)

-Can you tell the kid is related to me? I teach him well!

-Of course I buy them their own! (I just forgot I was responsible for them the rest of the night.)

-I like being an AUNT! :)


jujusa said...

<3 kids,
Soon I come to the United States to take care of children as an au pair girl!! :-)

Bri, sincerely u r the best aunt(B)lol of the world, wonderful pictures

PS : yes kid is related to u!!! ;-)

Marcus said...

Awe Bri, we miss Titi Bri! Can't wait til you get part 2 with Charlie and Sierra... AND A BABY BOY!!

Christy said...

These pictures are completely adorable!

Being an aunt is the BEST...I absolutely LOVE it!

#2 Fan said...

Aunties are the best! They're like the older siblings you never had lol.

brit brat said...

where's my props? you act like your night was so much work!! I do it every day girlfriend!
also, ty's been asking for you to come back already. He thinks I made you leave. and Tristin will be your bestfriend, just as long as you keep giving her food.
thanks again for coming and watching them. we need to make it a monthly thing!