Sunday, January 11, 2009


Everyone knows how I love a good poster of myself. So it really tickles my fancy when blog readers take the time to snap a shot and send it my way. And because I get such a warm and fuzzy feeling, I assume you all do as well and that's why I choose to share. Actually, I don't really assume that, I just don't care enough to not post it. I am curious to see though if there can be something more clever this time around besides my "big teeth." Let's be creative here people.


Daniel "Shot Glass" said...

Ms. Glenn,
OK, I’ll give it a go (but I’m not mean at heart, so it’ll probably be a wimpy showing).

How come you always pop up at Liquor stores? And not fancy ones at that.
“Booze it with Brianna”, could be marketable.

Anonymous said...

they did a fine job of cropping your ugly feet out of that picture.

melanie said...

where is this?

Eb the Celeb said...

you betta do it... I'm trying to catch it while i'm out so I can snag a pic

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
OK, so you didn’t like my last one. I understand (kinda lame, I know, I know).
So, like Aaliyah sang “dust yourself off and try again …”

You see the sign underneath your fab-u-lous poster? “Yellow Tail”. Is that accurate?
You aren’t, uh, “acting” on the side down there in LA are you?

How’s that? Better? Hey, I’m tryin’ for ya girl!

wilt said...

You get soooo offended when people make comments that do not suit YOUR "fancy". The comment wasn't meant to be clever. You be more creative. The comment obviously must've touched a nerve. You do have big teeth; It is very obvious. Get over it and move on. I notice how very upset and offended that you get everytime that someone makes a comment that doesn't stroke your ego; however, it is ok for you to discuss other's faults especially the men who try to hit on you. You should be more clever in masking your hurt because my comment again touched a nerve. I was actually being kind with the teeth comment. So now I will wait on the comments telling me how much of a life I do not have, how I am a hater, how having a poster as an athlete is the ultimate achievement(NOT!) and yada yada yada...

Jon Lustig said...

I don't think she was offended, it seems clear to me that she was half joking when she invited us to make fun of the picture, whatever it is.
What she said a month ago was that she couldn't understand why someone would take the time to leave not just one, but a string of comments telling people how unattractive they found her, and on her own blog no less. There are a lot of words I might use to describe behaviour like that, but in deference to Brianna, I'll simply call it classless and leave it at that.

eclectik said...

I like you.



Brianna said...

@ mel...i don't even know actually.

@ eb...if i make it to NY, you better let me know!

@ daniel...didn't know it was you, you probably didn't leave a name so i deleted it.

@wilt...i know you're probably trying really hard, but i'm not mad at all actually. i think it's pretty comical and that's really about it. i already admitted i have big, pearly white, straight teeth so there really is nothing there. it's wonderful to see you're still reading though.

@ jon...i'm glad SOMEBODY gets it.

@ e...thanks. :)

Bianca said...

Next time you see a poster of me hanging in a liquor store, snap one of me and post it here :)

On second thought, nevermind. We want readers to KEEP coming back.


Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
Does Brit_Brat have a Gerber version of this?
Just asking ...

brit_brat said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Gerber version. I am dying!!
pretty darn clever there Daniel.
I'm actually going to be part of a movement. The movement's theme shall be "We don't want super models, we want women with stretch marks!!"
I've been asked to be the spokesperson and am very proud and honored. Someday you just might see my poster up with me posing in all my fabulous-ness! keep your fingers crossed!