Friday, January 23, 2009

16 random things about me...

I was recently tagged on Facebook to do this little random note about myself and I figured I would share it all with you. I don't know how many people are left in this world without a facebook, but there has to be a couple and I would hate for you to miss out. If you have a blog, you should do it too. It's fun to think of completely lame, unrelated things about yourself.

1. In the 4th grade I was district spelling bee runner up. I lost to a guy named Tommy Wahlquist. Tommy, if you're out there I WANT A REMATCH!

2. Lately I have only been shaving my legs once a week, the day I get my massage. And if you knew how hairy my legs get you'd think that was really gross.

3. I prefer going to the movies by myself. In fact, I just got back from doing that tonight. Some people think that's weird but it's actually quite enjoyable. You don't need people around to watch your favorite television show do you?

4. If I have to remember numbers of some sort, I always equate it to track times. I'm staying in room 1248...12.48 really good women's hurdle time.

5. If I didn't work out for a living there is a pretty good chance I wouldn't shower every day. But since I do, I've gotten in the habit so don't worry.

6. I am extremely anal about booking flights. I search multiple sites, taking into consideration takeoff times, layovers, airports the layovers are going to be in, seats available, what it means for my flyer status, price, etc. Then I usually put a few tickets on hold and think about it for a day or two.

7. I'm an extremely private person but I share a whole lot when I'm blogging. You get me face to face though and I clam up real quick. Just ask my psychologist...he hates it.

8. I don't cuss. Not that I'm trying to sound all high and mighty or something, but I stopped cussing around the 6th grade I believe (right after I thought it was cool to start), and it never really became part of my vocabulary so I don't really even cuss in my head. Ok...mostly never.

9. I read the book Roots 3 years ago, and FINALLY figured out who Chicken George was. I really had no idea.

10. I have moved every year for the past 7 years. That's a lot of U-Hauls. And a lot of favors I owe.

11. I read extremely fast. I don't know if you would necessarily call in "speed reading", I just know I get through books faster than most people. It probably has something to do with me being '3rd grade reader of the year' at my elementary school. Yea...I'm bragging.

12. I have a really bad memory. If I'm not around people that know me well, I usually try and fake it when it seems like it should be something I am supposed to remember.

13. When I'm angry at someone or have an issue with them, I like to write them an email. It's not that I have a problem with talking face to face, but it's so much better to get it all out in the order it's meant to be. And if you've ever been on the receiving end of one of these emails, you know I'm not playing around! I am vicious.

14. I'm going to the Superbowl next weekend for the 3rd time.

15. I am a beast at air hockey. There are a lot of things I like to consider myself uber-competitive at, because that's just my personality and I happen to be good at a lot of things, but air hockey might just be my crowning glory. You might get lucky...that's why it's always best to play best 3 out of 5...but I'm the real deal.

16. Last year I posed with a gigantic beer bottle and it came out in a magazine. I'm pretty sure that's one random thing I've rarely mentioned to anybody so you probably didn't know that. I happen to be very shy and reserved and I hate posing in pictures so it was crazy that I even did such a thing, especially considering that I had to wear a bikini and show off my stomach.


Slim Jackson said...

"I prefer going to the movies by myself. In fact, I just got back from doing that tonight. Some people think that's weird but it's actually quite enjoyable. You don't need people around to watch your favorite television show do you?"

I'm with you on this I can go to a movie alone, go out for food alone, or whatever. People always think it's weird, but sometimes I really enjoy just relaxin and keepin to myself.

BreezieGirl said...

Jealous of your Superbowl trips, not gunna lie...

Jon Lustig said...

#3 Agreed. But I'm almost always wearing the description headset, I've probably just gotten used to it.
#11 My normal reading speed is something north of 500 words per minute, sometimes a lot faster. People standing around think they're hearing gibberish.
#15 Number 1 air hockey player at my school for 5 years. Of course every table is a little bit different, so if we just walked into a bar and I'd never played there before I'd probably get worked.

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
What's Facebook?

Bianca said...

Beast at air hockey? Really, Bri? You haven't played the champ, so don't run your mouth just yet ; )

I've helped you move a million times--so, yes you owe me :)

Andre Rafik said...

i do the thing with the numbers as well. if it werent for track and field i'd probably remeber no ones phone number

melanie said...

but wouldn't like, 12.47 or 12.49 ALSO be really good women's hurdle times? i don't get that one. seems risky.
i use jersey numbers and random dates in history...abby's old dorm phone was 832-1066. at the time that was kobe-magic-battle of hastings. i know, i'm a super geek :o)
and if you ever get ahold of that tommy wahlquist, its leukemia. L-E-U-K-E-M-I-A. leukemia.
hahaha. you forget everything, but i remember it all!!!

melanie said...

oh and also, i'm glad you now prefer the movies solo. never again will i be dragged to some sappy chick flick! lol :o)