Sunday, January 4, 2009

Safe Driver

Last night as I was leaving the football game I had the sudden urge for a Double Double animal style, with fries and a light lemonade. (I am an athlete after all) So I made my way through the drive-thru at In and Out and when the guy asked me if I wanted it to go or to eat in the car, I emphatically answered that I would eat in the car. I lived 30 minutes away, there is no way I could smell greasy goodness for that long and not be tempted. So they sent me on my way, complete with a lap placemat, and I proceeded to drive on streets and on the freeway, with one hand wrapped around my burger and the other occasionally leaving the wheel to grab a fry or a swig of lemonade.

And it wasn’t illegal. In fact, they encourage it at In and Out. Why else did they come up with the idea to give you your food in a nice open cardboard container that allows for full access while you drive? But you know what is illegal now in California? Texting while driving. This new law came into effect at the beginning of the year and is sure to require some getting used to by people such as myself. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s safer not to text while you are driving, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I hear that little ding and my reflexes take over.

It took me a while to buy into the whole Bluetooth thing. I had spent years cultivating my ‘driving while talking on the phone’ skill set and I just didn’t see the big deal of it all. Plus, I just despised the look of it. People on their Bluetooth are always running around the mall or grocery store trying to look important and talking entirely too loud into what seems to be thin air. You always mistakenly think they are saying something to you until you notice the blue blinking light by their ear. But once I broke down and bought one, seeing as it was the law and all once I moved back to California, I have come to appreciate it and I quite like the feeling of importance it brings me when I’m in line at the Bank or something. But there is no alternative for texting while driving. You simply must go without. I don’t know what this says about the multitude of other things I might be doing on my phone though. They were so specific with the law that I am not sure if it will preclude me from say, updating my Facebook status, or reading directions I looked up on Google maps.

But as long as there is no law preventing me from scarfing down fast food, I would suggest people on the road watch out because that is far more dangerous than me typing “I’ll be there in 5.”

This is pretty funny...


Liz said...

I sooooo wish we had an In and Out here in Indiana. *sigh*

Oh, that wasn't the point of your post?

Daniel said...

Ms. Glenn,
But what about the make-up?! Surely you can apply make-up and drive too?

BreezieGirl said...

I hear ya... I didn't really text and drive until I couldn't talk and drive. Now, it's an addiction.

P.S. You should watch this:

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is totally unrelated to your post but I just felt like thanking you for being such an inspiration & for sharing your life with us through this blog. I've been reading for a few months now and I'm continually amazed by your kindness & strength.

So screw the haters.

-A distance runner

Brianna said...

@'s ok because the post was inspired by In and Out!

@ daniel...yet another thing still not against the law that i do from time to time.

@ breezie...that is pretty hilarious! i think i'm going to embed it. thanks for sharing.

@ anonymous distance sweet! thanks for stopping by and reading my nonsense!

Anonymous said... and out. oh how i miss california.

get vlingo for the crackberry. you can speak your text takes a little getting used to. Just check before you say send, sometimes what it hears and shows on the screen is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

hey can you either remove that youtube video entirely -or- keep the video there but remove the part where you say "This is pretty funny..."

it wasnt funny at all actually.

brit_brat said...

this post made me hungry.

Bianca said...

HILARIOUS. Maybe it's just our sense of humor :)

L said...

lol.. youtube post is funny. Also, you still stand in line in a bank? use the drive through atm girl!

James Carter said...

Yeah there is so much more you can do with a bluetooth in the car LOL